Encapsulated Aurora Diamonds Nail – Wedding Nails Part 4

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do a gorgeous design with a brand new product. New product alert! So, we have these gorgeous beautiful things. I have no idea what they’re going to be called, but if you go in the description box, I’m sure they’ll be there. So, these are all different colours. They like, have a marble effect on them, I want to say. Let’s open them up and have a look. So, you can see, they are little diamond shapes, but they are all different colours and they have flecks of different colours on them. But these are the ones we’re going to use today. And they’re like a very vintage colour and they’ve got a Aurora coating on them as well. So, you can see that Aurora coating on them. And they’re all little diamond shaped. They’re going to be nice. So, it’s quite glitter, but not glitter. So, we could use these in different ways. You could place them on top of a nail and like cover the entire nail with them, which will be pretty cool that… We can do that in another video. But in this video, I’m going to encapsulate them. They’re like diamond shaped shells, I think. Adam: So, like shells for a really blingy lobster. Kirsty: Yes! I think they are for… what’s his name? Adam: What? Kirsty: What’s the lobster name? He’s not a lobster, is he? Adam: What you on about? Karen: Spongebob? Adam: Mr. Crab. Kirsty: No, not Mr. Crab. What’s his name? Out of the film where they’re under water. Karen: Nemo? Kirsty: Not Nemo. Adam: What? Karen: Is that the film then?
Adam: What? Kirsty: So shiny! Adam: Alright! Kirsty: You know what I’m on about, don’t you?
Adam: Moana. Kirsty: Moana. It’s a crab, ain’t it? It’s not a crab. Kirsty: Is it a crab?
Adam: It’s a hermit crab, yeah. Kirsty: Aah! For him, he would like these things. Kirsty: Whatever we’re gonna call them. These diamond shells, yeah. Gorgeous shells. So, I’m going to sculpt this out. I’ve already prepped the nail, so I’ve removed the surface shine, I’ve done a bit of cuticle work and we’re gonna go straight in with the Sculpting form. I have already wiped over the nail with Gel Residue Wipe-off solution just to make sure it’s clean. Adam: I’d love to go to a glitter factory just to see how it’s all made. Kirsty: I would, you know. Kirsty: I’m sure there must be… do you know, when you’re a kid and you watch them programs of how things were made? Adam: What do you mean when you were a kid, I watch them all the time. Kirsty: Okay then. Karen: I was just thinking that as well. Kirsty: But there was a certain program, wasn’t there? That did like how things are made. Adam: There’s like YouTube channels now when you can just watch where they just go to Adam: … productions and stuff.
Kirsty: We need to do that. Adam: That’s what I mean. Yeah, we need to go and be the YouTube channel. Kirsty: Yeah, we do. Adam: I would like literally, if you do the glitter factory one,
Kirsty: Yeah, we do. Adam: I would like literally, if you do the glitter factory one, you would get billions of views. Adam & Kirsty: Billions and billions. Donald Trump: Billions and Billions. Kirsty: Can you remember me telling you the story about the care worker with the stick-on nails. Adam: No. Kirsty: So, my cousin owns a care company and she’s quite strict on having nails on and stuff and this certain person had some stick-on nails on and she had told her many a time, you know, you can’t… It’s different if the acrylic in this is, you know, not too long. That… she was alright with that. She wasn’t, you know, too harsh with the staff but she says because they’re stick-on, you know, they come off quite easy. You know, which they do when they’re stuck on with a bit of glue. And anyway, so she’d been seeing this woman and you know, give her a bed bath and what-have-you and then, later on the other carer goes in and takes her to the toilet and finds a red nail stuck in the crevice of her backside. Adam: buttcrack nail. Kirsty: Yes! So, the moral of the story is, my cousin was right. She was right, she shouldn’t have been wearing stick-on nails. Karen: Maybe not red ones?
Kirsty: It had to be retrieved from the lady’s backside crack. Adam: Is she really innocent? Kirsty: …no! Do you know what? The lady didn’t even know it was there. Adam: Oh bless.
Kirsty: God bless! Kirsty: That’s somebody’s nan and someone’s mom with the red nail under the crack of her ass. Karen: But, it’s funny. Kirsty: I know it’s so funny, isn’t it? Well it’s great that she’s got a little story to tell people who want to have stick-on nails in her line of work. Well… Karen: Don’t do it. Kirsty: Yeah, don’t do it. However, finding glitter there would be great. Karen: Yeah, it would. Kirsty: So, I’m going to dehydrate the nail and we’re gonna put the Acid-based Primer. I’m going to be using these colours as well, so I’ve got Disco Diva. Oh my God! That is so shiny! And then we’ve got Crystal Glacia, which is a white that is a shimmery and sparkly because yeah, I can’t have enough sparkle. I’m going to use as a base Lunar Blush. You could use Clear, you could use Natural or you could use Blank Slate. Anything that’s sort of natural and has a bit of transparency to them. So, I’m just gonna do a very thin base layer making contact with the natural nail. Yeah, I am just going to take off a little bit of that. Ooh! Adam, did I tell you I have an app now? Maybe we should put the link to my app below, because I always get asked, “how could I begin with you?” or “how can I do one-to-one training with you?” So, if we link it below, then you can find me really easily. So, first of all, I’m going to put the Crystal Glacier on to the tip. You can see that’s all shimmery and sparkly. Oh my God! I love… Do you think there’s such a thing as being addicted to glitter? Like such a medical term. Karen: Glitteritis. Kirsty: Glitteritis. Yeah, I’ve got a bit of glitteritis and I just can’t help it. I need to go to any, some kind of group therapy. I’ll see you there, Karen. Karen: Yeah. In the glitter factory. Kirsty: Mm-hmm!
Karen: In the back. Kirsty: Getting told off for bathing in it. Right now, I’m going to put some of the Disco Diva. maybe not, maybe I’m just going to drop that. A little bit of Disco Diva here. Nice and thin. Then, we’re gonna pick up these gorgeous shiny diamonds and we’re going to put them into the nail quite random. And they just add another texture and dimension to the nail. Going to add a little bit more of the Disco Diva and add it down here. So, this is not just a nail, this…every single particle of this glitter has been strategically placed. Right! Now, we’re gonna cap it. So, where’s my Clear? Here’s my clear. So, we’re going to encapsulate this inside the acrylic. So, I’m going from the top. I’m letting the bead move down the nail. That saves me a lot of work. We’ve got a real glitter of pink there. We don’t want that. I’m gonna smooth it over. When we file this and topcoat it, you’ll see those little pieces all inside. So, I’m going to pinch this, make it a little bit more slender, give it a nice C-curve, test pinching it with my fingers first. As soon as the product goes matte, then that’s the point where you want to start to test pinch and see if you can pop your pinching tool on and give that a bit of a pinch. So, I’m just going to file over now and shape the nail. I’m excited to get the topcoat on to seal the sparkly bits. And I’ve never used those products before, those little sort of shell diamonds, we want to call them. So this is really interesting. We’re just going to buff over that to smooth it out. I want it really smooth, so when I put this topcoat on, you can see all those little particles of glitter and new product that I’ve used as well. Oh, I can see them already sparkling. Let’s get the topcoat on. So, this is the Tack-free Topcoat, it has no sticky layer and simply pop it in the lamp, cure it and it is done. Pop me that in the lamp. I am going to put the Pink Pineapple Cuticle Oil on. Oh my God! I love it. Karen: That’s so good. Kirsty: I know! I love all those little bits inside. Oh yes! Oh yeah, I like them. You can see like the facets and everything. Adam: You can see like, the sort of colour changes in them as well.
Karen & Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Like the marble effect in them? Kirsty: Yeah! That’s really pretty, that is. I’ll need to do more videos with those. Kirsty: I love it! There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video as much I have. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Everything I’ve used today will be listed below. I have no idea what this is even called but I’m sure it will be listed below. See you soon, guys. Bye! Karen: Is it wrong to want to jump into a vat of glitter. Kirsty: I don’t know. I think you’d need to be drunk, Karen. Adam: Get glitter everywhere.
Kirsty: I don’t know. I think you’d need to be drunk, Karen. Adam: Get glitter everywhere. Karen: Yeah. Kirsty: …I’d gladly jump in with you. We’ll have a glitter fight.
Karen: Yeah. Kirsty: …I’d gladly jump in with you. We’ll have a glitter fight. Karen: Okay! Kirsty: We’ll be finding glitter in all kinds of places for years to come. Karen: That’s fine. Kirsty: There’s worse things to find in those crevices and creases. Karen: There is.

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  1. I have to say that this nail is so lovely, it really compliments the others in this wedding set. These are my most favourite nails ever,and when I renew my wedding vows next year, I am going to make an appointment with Kirsty to do my nails and is like something similar to this set.
    It will be my 15th year of blissful marriage,and can honestly say,he’s my soulmate and best friend. He lets me practice acrylics,polygel,and gel polish,he’s definitely a keeper lol πŸ˜‚

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