Emily Middlemas gets Toxic with Britney Spears cover | Live Show 8 Full | The X Factor UK 2016

Doing one of Louie’s favorite songs but differently it’s emily when Ryan was in the bottle – I was heartbroken The name of the Act. I am sending home is Ryan [I] Was so upset for [him], and then I realized that I’m gonna be on my own in the house with her and her boyfriend Don’t Forget Rosie That’s why I’m putting her in last We don’t want you to I don’t want to go even Got that [Spa] I’m so proud of you Ryan to me is like my best friend and the [person] who [Bears] some Confidence and the person who just is always by my side Don’t cry Ryan Levin has made me realize. I [really] have to focus on keeping my eye on the prize I want to make [keeping] only me but Ryan wrote With Louie loves, I thought maybe would have been singing a bit of Westley for some boys on but here new murray loves [Britney] and less toxic [Yeah], I Am believe me. Hi, Simon. [I] think this is the week where we’ve got to remind people Why it went so well at your first audition? [I] had my guitar with me for all of the editions I’m really happy that playing an instrument again. I really really love toxic like and playing the ukulele will be amazing My [Sparrin] is kind of done in an emily. Wait really really excited for people to hear what I’ve done with it my baby, can’t you see I’m calling I got like you should wear a warning. It’s dangerous, I’m falling Losing my head spinning round. Do you feel me now? Fuck your boy. [yeah] Gettin late to give you [up] Duke asleep from my devils car It’s taking over to Lose in my head spinning [around] Do you feel me? That you taxi Should fetch me for you [than] you would do to voice. I love the ukulele. I love the arrangement I [liked] everything, but I still want to see you down some week. Are you gonna dance? Okay, glad you played the ukulele for Louie because it’s his favorite never been oh It’s great so can you make that song again [you] managed to do this emily? I mean
It’s about the third time that you’ve made Songs that are older so current it was Edgy was young I really enjoyed it Emily beautiful job Simon I’m so glad that you finally listened to me and took my advice [because] I said she needs to be back doing her thing doing her quirky little thing playing an instrument She’s got her [ooka] lele love the song Lulu it was – it was Sassy it was quirky and it was you and it’s nice [to] see you Personality up on that stage. I thought [we] [cannot] go fine. Yeah. I was a little scared those little [fairies] sad – you’re scary So this is all old [out] here. Yeah of course Yeah, Emily. I love that I love the ukulele and then look that’s why I think this works so well tonight it reminded everybody why we loved your first audition It was cute. It was quirky and importantly like I said before I can recognize your voice I now know and Emily [song] right. Thank you judges now Isn’t it good to stand there and see one tonight, but with you know getting anything back in your head Yeah, really messed having like an instrument there with me I feel It’s autumn with me because this is what I play all the gags and this is what a play like in my hometown so I’m really happy that I brought something back, just sub L live music, so The vote is open for all the x for now one more time. It’s emily

100 thoughts on “Emily Middlemas gets Toxic with Britney Spears cover | Live Show 8 Full | The X Factor UK 2016

  1. Can all you pubescent 10 year old shut up about Melanie Martinez like seriously Melanie didn't even write the song! Plus she didn't choose the song or plan out how to sing it so JUST SHUT UP and praise Emily's wonderful voice!

  2. um, sorry to be a party pooper, but trying to rip off Melanie was a bad choice for her, she did good. but she will never be able to be as close to perfect as Melanie.

  3. I'm not mad that she sang it the same way Melanie but when she said that she arranged it herself it did get me a little upset cause even though they don't have the same voice the way it was sang or "arranged" was how Melanie did it not her

  4. dont know why people are saying its like melanie cause it dont even sound the same shes using a ukulele and melanie used a guitar this more jazz like melanie had more of this soft tone to the cover

  5. Is it only me who SLEEPS after her singing ??????
    Such a BORING performance like the others . Her voice is shaking too much . If there wasn't the echo effect nobody heard her :))) In my opinion she shouldn't be there her place diserved to be taken by ANYONE who has a better voice and personality.

  6. HEY BITCHES, STOP COMPARING HER TO MELANIE! She's being true to her and what she wants to do and it looks similar to Melanie because they both want the same thing. They both agree on a style so it's not Emily TRYING to be Melanie. It's Emily being Emily.

  7. i know people think her cover sounds like melanie martinez but honestly is doesnt like the background music is completely different yeah she frases the words similar but melanie doesnt own this song and even if she did look at the title its a cover okay the she only put her little twist on it with the music like common

  8. I'm digging her addition to these versions of the song. Of course, arranging the song acoustically like this draws many similarities to other artists, but there is an element of it that is undeniably unique to her. Great job, girl.

  9. I don't think its a question as to whether someone else has done this before, have they done it THIS well? I don't think so! None of the ones I have seen so far! Yo go Emily, I can't wait to hear an album from you

  10. Everyone's saying this sounds like Melanie M version, I don't listen to her but this sounds more like Alex and Sierra's version

  11. They played out their relationship too much, it was so cringe and nobody cared about teenager's love lives. Felt sorry for them, they were probably told to be public about it by the producers

  12. When u sing something, your not supposed to mom the singer voices. You gotta use your own voice and mold it into something spectacular.

  13. I know love this version! Emily keep singing girl! In my opinion this is better than Melanie’s arrangement in my opinion, so for anyone who is critiquing her on it, she ain’t listening to you, she’s being her!

  14. I loved Melanie Martinez's cover on the voice, but Emily does not sound the same. She has her own unique voice.

  15. She didn't choose the song, and she tried to be unique in the way she presented it, as well as emphasize her voice.

  16. Honestly can't believe Ryan lost to Honey G. He was by far one of the best voices on the show and he lost to that

  17. A lot better at any low rate Karaoke bar. Sorry but true. Deserves an audience of five. She must be a related to a Simon or something.

  18. You Melanie Martinez fans needs to shut up because it is not a law to copy another singers version! You guys are like little “I wanna Kill her so badlyyyy.” I’m getting tired of you Melanie Martinez Fans.

  19. When I read the title and saw the thumbnail I imagined her spraying everyone with some kind of drug so they all fall asleep

  20. I mean shut up!! There’s only so many ways to sing the song, you think nobody else before Melanie sang it acoustic to a ukulele? Bye

  21. This reminds me of the voice performance. Melanie Martinez. No, not comparing but hey there’s a ukulele and it’s similar ok.

  22. She wasn't actually playing the uke, that kinda put me off, but nobody plays instruments live anymore anyway, such a shame…

  23. Y’all all act like people can’t sing songs a different way. Like everyone sings covers and someone changed this song to be slower and it’s not anyone fault even hers if she falls in love with that version. She told herself “hey I sound good in this song”. It’s okay to sing other covers lol y’all all fake

  24. who cares if its similar to Alex and Seirra's or Melanie's version. Its literally just a song…
    maybe she took inspiration from their performances and there isnt anything wrong with that. She does sing it differently than all three of them anyways

  25. Boring! Yawn… No power in her voice!! She whispers most of the time.. don’t know how she got to the finals…. Olivia Garcia could really sing… she should be there instead!!

  26. even tho i am a big fan of mel, but y do her other fans said that emily stole mel's cover? When listened to this song, the similar is only when she sing one by one(u know what i mean).. but the sound isn't like mel's cover..

  27. Everyone saying it sounds like Melanie’s cover, but in actuality it’s a lot closer to being Alex & Sierra’s version. Lol shut up anyhow..

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