99 thoughts on “Emergency Declaration Could Backfire, Force Republican Opposition | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. With a National Emergency the Anti – Christ has our military to enforce MARTIAL LAW and begin arresting all his detractors and putting them in a military detention facility, that is, until the executions that soon will follow…… The courts will be hamstrung and the Supreme Court is already packed with Politically Prejudiced Judges as shown by passage of Citizens United.
    Law will be suspended, but your wishful thinking will work against taking extreme and definitive measures to Remove The Abomination From Office !!! Never underrate the designs of a meglomanic and his cadre of fanatical devotees ! This is how Adolph Hitler took control of Germany !

  2. NOTICE – RACHEL MADDOW FIRE YOUR RESEARCHERS – The National Emergencies Act of 1976 allows Congress to vote to block a national emergency. Under a Supreme Court ruling in 1983, the President has the right veto Congress from blocking. At which point, Congress would need a 2/3rd vote to overrule the Presidents veto. You left out half of the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Trump needs to push this into a vote. Then he can maintain his own illusion that everybody is stopping him from being the greatest president the U.S.A. ever had. Taking no blame for his idiotic mistakes. Every time this fool falls into a black hole (that he dug himself) he hangs curtains and brags about getting another piece of real estate.

  4. The Republicans know EXACTLY what they are doing, watch this guy self-destruct, and say he did so by him own hand. Well played, Republicans, well played…

  5. According to trump the free press is the enemy of the people, so if he is not stopped now. . . What's to stop him from declaring the free press as a national emergency and shutting them down?

  6. The key word in the video description is "could". Nancy Pelosi "could" pass a referendum, but we all know that she won't. Why? Because she's a member of the Doormat party. Everyone knows that they let everyone just walk all over them.

    In the week leading up to this, I kept hearing about how senate republicans were terrified that Trump would declare a national emergency and that Pelosi would immediately pass a referendum and force them to vote. Well, the emergency declaration is here, where's the referendum? Is it coming next week? Next month? A year from now? Never?

    There will be some court challenges, a bunch of bills that will go nowhere, but in the end, the Doormats will roll over and do nothing, like they always do.

  7. How can we let this ORANGE IMBECILE keep coming up with DISTRACTIONS to make us forget his TAXES, ETC., while trying to DESTROY THE USA???? Who will step up and get rid of the ORANGE IMBECILE????

  8. Please, please I hope both houses of legislators gain enough backbone to answer this threat to our constitution. Success here could lead to canceling voting and establishing a dictatorship he so admires.

  9. oh trump announced his made up emergency. the military could turn down illegal orders, right, i wonder how far up the chain that feeling would go?

  10. Rachel’s commentary is valid, but she tends to repeat herself and explain to the ‘nth degree, sometimes it’s just too much🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. So if both sides of Congress vote against the POTUS, can POTUS then Veto Congress and still try building his wall? Or will it go to the Courts if POTUS vetoes Congress?

  12. It's clear that Trump was expecting and had planned for a legal challenge to his declaration, and that it will thus go through the court system – all the way to the Supreme Court he says. Now it is known that Trump is entirely ignorant about any aspect of government and the Constitution, and that he is remarkably simple-minded. This causes me to suspect that his "plan" might be simply to fight the legal challenges all the way up to the Supreme Court, where he can confidently expect his lackeys Kavanuagh along with the other Conservative judges to rule in his favour. If that is how he is thinking, then he's in for a big shock; these guys are in for life, they don't actually need his patronage any more – and no matter what waffle they've spoken of Fox & Friends, I can't see conservative constructionist Justices taking a hatchet to the Constitution and ruling to obliterate the powe rand authority of Congress in order to empower a president with autocratic powers.


  14. This narrow-faced tramp isn't weathering well. Why are we still looking at her? She can't sing or dance. She's not good to look at. Even when she was young there was never enough room for a brain in that skinny skull. What is she good for really?

    Check out her outrageously crooked mouth? Thats vaccine damage right there.

  15. The House is a slam dunk to override the declaration, but the Senate needs a little nudge to get them over that wall. What we need is a Democrat or heck, even a Republican with great storytelling skills. 
    The Senator gets up to the podium, asks everyone to close their eyes, and says, "Imagine the President. Can everyone picture him? Now, imagine him saying we need to build a wall covering the U.S.-Mexican border stretching from California to Texas. I know it'll cost billions and billions of dollars and take years and years to build, but it's going to be beautiful. I'll have to take away land from U.S. citizens, so they'll have to move from their homes they may have had for generations. It's okay because I think, and many, many people agree with me, including those landowners, it's a national emergency. I mean, I don't need to do this. I just need to do this faster. Can everyone see the President saying this? Can you see him? Now, imagine it's President Obama saying this." 

    I'm sure all the Republicans would snap out of their reveries in a panic and vote to override the declaration.

  16. The president has six in the half billion dollars for the wall. The country is wondering why the democrats are fighting so hard to keep human trafficking and drugs and illegal immigration coming into the country. The Democratic Party is the political wing of the drug cartels.

  17. He says he cares about the military and wants to take the money they just got. If he does this his big red button will not work for long.

  18. Y'all did't catch that little wink McConnell threw Trump's way? When Mitch said the President will decalare an emergency he and Trump knew that even the Republicans in the Senate will shoot it down. Trump will cry how the Dems and a handful of Traitor Republicans betrayed him. He will shrug it off as out of his control and move on. He will then keep telling the public that his wall is almost built. Ridiculous.

  19. Putting the Office of the President of the United States in a position vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by a hostile foreign government is TREASON. That is exactly what Trump did with his Russia lies. Why won't the media just report it. Rock the god danmed boat, and call it what it is.
    What Trump did is a direct assault on the constitution, the office he occupies, and a violation of his oath and duties, and it provides aid to the enemy in achieving their stated goals. Putting his office under that threat also made him a national security threat of the highest order, with the ability to severely damage every aspect of life in this country.
    All of that is beyond what is required by the constitution to charge a person, including the president with treason.
    TreasonousTrumpDump – 2019 Make it happen

  20. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-signed-h-j-res-31-law/ The National Emergency being issued the same day but not as a part of the spending agreement with Dems.

  21. On Friday, February 15, 2019, the President signed into law:

    H.J.Res. 31, the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019,”  Divisions A through G of the enrolled bill provide full-year funding for fiscal year (FY) 2019 through September 30, 2019, for projects and activities of all Federal Government agencies and programs not yet included in enacted appropriations bills.  Division H extends certain expiring immigration authorities, provides for the budgetary treatment of the bill, and makes other technical corrections to existing law.   

    No shut down until October 1 2019 at earliest yippee! Good job

  22. The most generous dispatch of this part of our history may involve elections and their authority and how they saved us. Take that dictators, it dovetails nicely with the new anti-Socialist Communist theme. ie Cuba & Venezuela in a speech to Miami Cubanos today. Legal action between individuals & the state make the news but the law itself as a governing factor in society. It remains as is until changed by people. Legislative, Administrative and Judicial review laws are growing and changing. The two forces R & D competing for new ideas and empowering votes. We have no slaves now, what were we thinking? Girls voting was illegal 100 years ago. And now we get our first female POTUS. Thanks Trump

  23. The worm is turning..so the Republicans in the Senate do have a brain….10 Republicans say no..and more will come….there seat in the Senate is more important then the wall….lol….😆🤔

  24. May 21st & November 5th, 2019 is our next election date. Make sure you vote and do everything you can to generate votes!!! GOP must go at every level of government!!! No apologies.

  25. Oh those Republicans will say they are opposing but when the vote comes they will turn coat and go with Trump…I think that is in the constitution? Called the Flake Syndrome!

  26. Haha, now that the national emergency has, indeed, been declared, just watch those same Republican senators who all say it would be unnecessary (at around 2:20-240) suddenly argue why it was necessary and so the right deicsion 🙂
    Wonder if there's a separate area for spines in the congress cloakroom…

  27. Thanks, Dr. Maddow, and team. Here’s the thing. Negation of his attempt to misuse Emergency Powers, unconstitutionally, for his central campaign “promise”?
    That would underscore the fact he’s a traitorous fraud, setting the stage for what I maintain is the way of choice: full annulment if this travesty, and everything he’s done. I suggest Robert Mueller III as interim caretaker, pending a redo of the 2016 Election!

  28. Wouldn't it be a lot more cost efficient to just hire more Border patrol men and women to properly guard the border? You give Americans jobs and ensure the safety of your nation all at once. I am astounded that no one in the US has proposed this. A wall can't move and react, as it is stationary. Armed guards at strategic positions, seems like something way more feasible. Just an outside opinion don't mind me 😉

  29. For a second I thought Marco Rubio changed his party affiliation. I was like uh oh welcome to the winning team Marco. It was a Typo tho.

  30. Every GOOD American should be praising this POTUS for securing our borders and ridding our beautiful Nation of ILLEGAL ALIENS. ILLEGALS are costing the rest of us hard working law abiding citizens Billions of our dollars per year, not to mention the additional crimes they commit. Look at these so called caravan people, not a one of these people carry the flag of the U.S. the country that they seek to enter, instead they carry the flags of their failed corrupt country while dressed nicely and using iphones, most of these people are phonies and lazy, they want to exploit our weak immigration laws. Don't be fooled, support this POTUS on this immigration issue, your life or the life of someone you love may depend on it.

  31. Nah! Democrats do not have guts to stop Trump.
    Alexandria Cortez Ocasio is busy shopping for expensive dresses in the guise of socialism, Ilhan Omar is busy passing antisemitic comments, Nancy Polosi is greedy for the speaker's gavel and the rest of the white-pant-suit sisters are not counted. They are just there to make money. Trump has very intelligently placed his two pawns, Gorsich and Kavanaugh in the supreme court who would always tip the scale to his favor in case it goes to supreme court.

  32. National Emergency, more homeless people in our cities, inner cities not border cities with high rate crime. Obviously Mister Trump is not doing his job right.

  33. SO the next time the Executive Breach changes party if said Congress doesn't want to pass the next new President's plans just take allocated money from projects previously approved of from the reformer President's initiatives and reallocate those funds to new Presidents plans under-guise of NATIONAL EMERGENCY? Sounds fair right? Healthcare for all, Homelessness, poor education NATIONAL EMERGENCIES!!!

  34. The GOP are cowards. They are afraid of losing their jobs by going against the President, no matter what it is for, or about. They have to realize that a stand against Tre45on will win them some Independent votes. Sad.

  35. Well they talk a good show but now that he's actually done it , let's see how they waffle and backpedal to distance themselves from their statements ON VIDEO !!

  36. So funny (and tiring) to hear Repubbootlicker Senators talk about how it's so wrong for Trump to declare an (imaginary) national emergency and how against it that they are …. only to stand silent and kiss his a** now that he has actually done it.

  37. This is what I want, a protest vote, and now. I want each and every one of these cowardly Republicans to put their VOTES where there lying mouths are. We need to shut down this errant would-be king, and without wandering through courts for ages. And we need to know, of the remaining Republicans, which are patriots and which are collaborators. ACT NOW AND BE DONE!

  38. Obama gave a trillion dollars to the Paris climate Accords without ever going to Congress the Democrats are worried about 5 billion

  39. 😡🇱🇷😡🚨🚨🚨🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🚓👎🏻🚓👎🏻🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓👎🏻😭😭😭😭🇱🇷🇱🇷

  40. It will come down to SCOTUS on this one. The outcome on that decision is tough for me to predict on this one. But whatever their decision is it will have to be accepted by both sides. I support The President on this one. As should any rational and fair minded American. To fight against border security, which IS a serious problem (just ask any border patrol agent…any of them) is treasonous, in my view.

  41. Trump has always been a snake his entire miserable life. "Art of the Deal" – wasn't even written by Trump. So let's start there. He lacks business smarts to become successful doing an honest days work. His wealth is derived from the same tactics El Chapo and any street thug uses.

  42. What really went on in Mexico when Nancy Pelosi went there in 2013 ,we now know El chapo bought the president of Mexico, he received 100 million from the drug cartels. Was the Mexican president a middle man for the drug cartels. Did Nancy make a deal with the drug cartels. As hard as she is fighting for the boarder to stay open it's possible. In 2014 Nancy Pelosi had a networth of 29 million, by 2017 it jumped to over 180 million. That's a 150 million in three years. Funny how that happened shortly after her trip there. You don't make a 150 million in three years on a 200k a year salary.

  43. The National Emergencies Act grants the President broad authority to declare emergencies, and several federal laws could then clear a path for the White House to move ahead with building a wall. One statute, 33 U.S. Code § 2293 and another law, 10 U.S. Code § 2808 – "Construction authority in the event of a declaration of war or national emergency," permits the secretary of defense, in a Presidential declared emergency.

    Republicans have pointed out a crisis at the Southwestern border where hundreds of thousands of illegal, criminal and terrorist migrants from foreign Central America, Mexico, and Muslim countries pour through the gap and/or the lack of border walls, entering illegally into U.S. territory to extend their criminal actions of smuggling human cargo (illegal migrants, child traffic and prostitution) drugs and weapons traffic; unlawful crimes which are fostered, harbored, and supported by the corrupt Democratic Political Party and its so-called leaders such Nancy Pelosi who is involved in 1996 and 2013 in millionaires $250,000,000 bribes received from Mexican government and its drugs cartels to pass amnesty legislation, DACA and Deferred Action for Parents (DAPA). The legislation never passed, its pending of decision on the U.S. Supreme Court, but PELOSI and accomplices Dianne FEISTEIN and Kamala HARRIS kept the dirty money, while CNN mainstreaming media hidden this incident and details.

  44. Furthermore, El Paso Region is ‘Freeway’ for Drug/Human Trafficking & Terrorism. On February 11, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network to discuss a ‘sophisticated narco-terror network’ in El Paso, TX. A top official with ICE is speaking out against a new Democratic proposal that would limit the number of beds available to ICE agents to house detained border crossers. The deputy director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Monday slammed a Democratic proposal to limit the number of beds at immigration detention centers, calling the idea “extremely damaging to public safety.”“If we are forced to live with a cap, we will be forced to release criminal aliens in our custody.” Albence said on Monday. “We will be limited in our ability to respond to state and local law enforcement agencies making arrests for these crimes.” Senator Mitch McConnell joined in slamming the idea stating that the Democrats proposal is not realistic.

  45. Moreover, Central American Countries are helping Middle Easterners criminals and terrorists illegally enter The United States. In March 2017 the federal Costa Rican police arrested Ibrahim Qoordheen of Somalia as a suspected al Shabaab terrorist operative on his way to the U.S. southern border. Qoordheen had been smuggled from Zambia to Brazil, passed through Panama and was making his way north through Costa Rica. The governments of Panama and Costa Rica register and help move through northward to Nicaragua which helps Qoordheen and 200 Muslims and Palestinians on their way to the U.S., mixing in Central American invaders migrant’s caravans.

  46. Propelling the crisis at the border the Mexican Country is helping Central Americans to enter illegally into U.S., transporting hundreds of them in buses and trucks and dropped them off throughout the night on a nearby Mexican highway running parallel to the border and they entered the U.S. together to wait for agents to find them. There were nearly 150 children, including 32 who were traveling alone. A group of 325 Central American migrants surrendered to agents late last week near Lukeville-Arizona. It is unclear what's driving the sudden up tick of large groups in remote areas, but families, many of them Central American economic asylum seekers, make up a large and growing percentage of arrests across the border.

  47. Therefore, is unrealistic, stupid, and treacherous how the obstructionist Democratic Political Party and its so-called leaders Nancy PELOSI, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, and the treacherous misguided pariah California Governor Gavin NEWSOM are irrationally qualifying and screaming “that the crisis at the border is manufactured;” consequently, these so-called Democrats are accountable and responsible of any and all crime perpetrated by illegal and terrorist migrants against U.S. national and U.S. Citizens, mainly in California State which former governor BROWN declared “Sanctuary State;” so, the also misguide San Diego City Votes should file a lawsuit against California Governor, not against the Trump Administration, for releasing asylum seekers into this community which belong to a “Sanctuary State.”

  48. Lastly, National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) head Tom Emmer said in a statement that, under the circumstances, the bill was the best available option. "I applaud President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress for securing the best deal anyone could hope to get with these socialist Democrats running the House of Representatives," Emmer said. “We could have gotten a much better deal if Democrats weren’t so blinded by their quest for open borders and their hatred of ICE that they were willing to jeopardize the safety of our law enforcement personnel on the southern border," support on building the border walls for effective effects on stop illegal immigration: As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Monday, Townhall spoke with Zoltán Kovács, the Hungarian State Secretary for International Communications, about the country’s border fence system, its foreign aid efforts for Middle East Christians, and the talks with Pompeo. When the country was overwhelmed by illegal immigrants in 2015, they built a fence along their border with Serbia that Kovács said is very effective. “Since we’ve built the double fence system at the Hungarian border with Serbia at that border section we were able to reduce the number of illegal migrants to zero, basically zero.”

  49. it's hard not to generalize liberals. How can I not generalize millions of liberals? Speaking by definition conservatives are more libertarian than liberals.. so it's by nature difficult to get conservatives to be on the same team or think alike, but for liberals this character comes as a default. Liberals lack the ability entirely to think as an individual. The ideology itself is a conglomerate of globalists that cannot formulate thier own thought process. All they can do is regurgitate anything presented to them with theatrical flair and drama

  50. SAD SACK LIBERALS THAT WANT NATIONAL HEALTHCARE WITHOUT NATIONAL BORDERS COMMENT BELOW USING LOGIC. -that is sarcasm, please only reply if you are conservative. -youtube

  51. Trump and McConnell have made every American unsafe everywhere. Hope your happy America on your way to becoming the poorest third world nation on earth.

  52. I think Democrats should stay out of it. There are so many reasons that this will fail miserably, so they should just stay out and let him take the full blame.

  53. BUILD The WALL….!!!!
    America For AMERICA.
    REMOVE Corrupt Democrat

  54. National emergency is that the people cannot see through the fog of deception , like Lindsey flipped from conservative to COLLUSIONIST must have sucked up some of that Russian Money distributed by The NRA . I plead our Representatives wake up and stand for America and not the values of Putin !!

  55. We have Emergency With Trump &His Family. Throw Them out Voter's. Trump Should Put A Wall For The Corona Virus. "VOTE BLUE ALL AROUND" 🇺🇸💙

  56. Common sense will tell you that if the country is not attack by a foreign country, you cannot declare an emergency, period

  57. Hey,
    Blacks for tRump
    Hispanic's for tRump
    Young Black Leaderships for tRump
    Run, run
    Mexican's are at it again.
    They're killing and rapping White Nationalist and White Supremacists in America starting 2020, now!
    Help, help, help them you Fool's!
    All Colors for the 🌊🌊🌊

  58. Susan Collins you voted to acquit Trump there's nothing you can say or do that will change that fact please everybody register to vote and vote

  59. These are the same senators and congressmen that acquitted Trump I'm getting the feeling that Trump knows he's probably going to lose his election and he is such a childish screwed up in the head person I think he's trying to do as much damage as he can while he's still in office please everybody register to vote and vote

  60. I predict Trump is not going to sign that bill had he will let the government shutdown just to show I'm sure that he can do it how dare anybody defyer Almighty King Trump our self-appointed Messiah we have the Republican Senators and congressmen and women to thank for all this nonsense they are directly responsible because they acquitted Trump trump needs to go they need to go everybody needs to register to vote and vote your vote matters make America groovy again

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