Edge returns and spears Elias: SummerSlam Kickoff 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

>>How can you forget the incredible TLC match against John Cena at
SummerSlam in this very building? Some would argue that the TLC
match was born here 19 years ago.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>One of the greatest ever,
the Rated-R Superstar.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>The Hardys, the Dudleys, Edge and Christian competed in TLC
19 years ago at SummerSlam. What a fitting return for
the hall of famer. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The emotion in Edge’s eyes, welcome home.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Spear.>>[LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>I guess that’s the end
of Elias’s performance.>>I never thought I’d see that again.>>Thank you, Edge. [MUSIC]

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