Dragons Lair Update (HCC-TV) Lacrosse Rivalries Renewed

Welcome to Dragons Lair Update. This month.
Region 20 Lacrosse gets underway, Coach Henlon talks Track and Field, and Coach Carey’s Dragons
get ready for the playoffs. We’ll start with Men’s Lacrosse. Howard takes on arch-rival
CCBC Essex. Mark Zinno anchors our coverage. Thanks Diane, Lacrosse analyst Chris Carey
is here to help set the stage. The Dragons are five days removed from a devastating trip
to Harford. Howard trailed by four goals with six minutes left when an altercation occurred,
inciting several coaches and players to step onto the field. The game was ended early,
14 Howard players were suspended, three coaches also suspended, and by the way, six-time defending
Region 20 champ Essex is in town. Chris, Howard’s going to dress 16 players, how can the Dragons
beat Essex? It’s always tough when you can’t field
your whole team. Howard is going to have to play very smart and hold on to the ball to
keep the game from turning into a foot race, which Essex will probably look to make the
game. CCBC Essex enters the game ranked second in
the nation. The Knights are 7-1; they have won 10 straight against Howard dating back
to 2008. Over the last five years Essex is undefeated against all of Region 20. Essex
is averaging 16 goals per game, Chris, what can we expect to see from the Knights’ high-powered
offense? The Knights are going to try and run a high
tempo offense. They are going to want to get the ball to either Marcus Dietz or Cameron
Stone, Essex’s two leading point scorers. Howard and Essex face-off next. Let’s go
to the Dragons Lair. First half, here’s Matt Gray operating from
behind, gets to the crease, hammered by long pole Andrew Cormode. Brock Wendt gets the
ball, goes to Cody Martin on the run, jump shot, he scores. This is a great job of sticking with the play
to find the open man for the goal. The defense does a great job sliding to the attackman
to double team the ball and get the strip. Zach McElroy yard sales him, what a play from
Howard’s long stick midfielder. Essex gets it to Marcus Dietz, three step release; Matt
Hood breaks it up. Dylan Bruce gets the ground ball and finishes up high. Essex is on the
board. Heads up play from the freshman out of Bellingham, Washington. Tajee Mobley attacks
the short stick, spin move. Mobley with the jump shot, he’s turned away by Andrew Sileo.
Here’s Marcus Dietz. Essex is trying to clear space so that Marcus
Dietz can get the room he needs to score the goal. It works, Dietz puts it away, terrific effort
from the sophomore out of St. Francis DeSales High School in Columbus, Ohio. Howard just
turned it over, and here come the Knights. Jervon Speller dodges, back to Parker Jones. Essex is taking advantage of the unsettled
situation by moving the ball fast to find the man for the open goal. Jake Brown to Ben Linkous, dodges, stops on
a dime, Linkous, high to low, denied by Sileo. The Knights extra man offense takes the field.
Essex moves it up top, over to Bruce. Dietz is open on the doorstep. Essex closes the
first quarter with five unanswered. Down four goals and missing 14 players, Howard needs
a play. Dragons go to Dan Kaplan, he gets to the crease, absorbs the push, and he scores.
Tough goal from the Howard High School grad. Third quarter, after 30 minutes of lacrosse
with only 16 players Howard continues to fight. Ben Linkous scores the man-up tally. Essex moves the ball quickly and Howard’s
second slide was late. Dietz operating from behind the cage, goes
to Joel Linkous. He fires, off the shin of Hood. The ball is in the air; Bruce gets it,
and finds the back of the net. 16-4 Essex. Fourth quarter, here’s Dietz, moves it to
Brown, connects with Stone right on the crease, and he scores. Unfortunately, the shorthanded Howard couldn’t
handle the high powered offense of Essex. The Knights win big; let’s send it down to
Matt Stovall. Alright Tom, what did coach Foust say to you
and the team after this game? Just that, you know, great job. I mean, that’s
really all that can be said to a group of 16 guys who yesterday found out that we would
be a group of 16. So really, positivity is the only thing that we can address at this
point. I mean there are things that we will bring to practice from the film that we’ll
hope to fix from this, because there’s always an opportunity to get better, but for the
16 guys that are out here today, I don’t have any doubt that every single one of us put
all that we could into the game, and played the roles that we tried to play. So to be
negative of any sense is counter productive, so very positive and just congratulating us
for committing to the program and doing what we had to do. Alright Dan, so you’re only going to have
sixteen for the next game also, what’s your mindset going into the Catonsville game? Well going into Catonsville you know, we’re
going to have to prepare really well. We now know exactly who we’re going to have and how
we’re gonna have those people, and what we’re gonna be able to do, so we gotta prepare for
the next one, we gotta move on from what just happened, and get those 16 guys that we’re
gonna have ready and get them as most prepared as possible. Howard gets three players back for a crucial
Region 20 matchup against CCBC Catonsville. 11 Dragons are still suspended, Howard’s record
stands at 1-2 in the region.. A loss to Catonsville would likely result in a first round assignment
at Essex or Anne Arundel in the Region Tournament. Chris, how does Howard get past Catonsville? Howard needs to keep possession of the ball
out of Catonsville’s high powered offense. The Cardinals have six players on their team
with double digit goals this season. If Howard doesn’t keep possession, this game could
turn ugly. CCBC Catonsville enters the game ranked 10th
in the nation. The Cardinals are 7-4 thanks in part to a strong defense. Only three schools
have scored 10 or more goals against Catonsville. Chris, describe the Cardinals defense. Catonsville has a defense that plays very
smart and in control. They slide very well and rarely allow any easy goals. Howard and Catonsville take the field next;
let’s go to the Dragons Lair. First quarter, the Cardinals’ extra man unit
goes to work. Tanner Gerace with a bullet Great ball movement and a late slide lead
to this wide open goal for Catonsville. After a Cardinals failed clear here come the
Dragons. Howard keeps the ball moving. Dan Kaplan finds the corner. Kaplan does a great job to taking the extra
step to increase his angle to score the goal. 11 minutes to play in the half, 3-2 Catonsville.
Jackson Fleming fights his way to the cage and converts the point-blank finish. Two unanswered
goals from the Cardinals. Howard doubles Fleming behind the goal, James Garrett sneaks in front,
Sileo goes for the interception, allowing Garret to score the empty netter. 5-3 Catonsville.
Four minutes till the half. Quick restart in the corner. James Garrett, willing to pay
the price, he takes it to the crease, stuffs it in, and draws the flag. Big time play from
the freshman out of Frederick Douglas High School. One minute till the half. Tom Klotz
connects with Jack Farrall, he takes it into the heart of Catonsville’s defense, steps
back, overhand rip. He scores. Farrall cuts the lead to two. Anthony Pagnotta won the
ensuing face-off, giving Howard one last first half possession. Klotz makes the most of it.
Well placed bouncer from the Wilde Lake grad. We have a one goal game. Third quarter, Daquan
Dixon goes to Fleming, he gets above goal line extended. The defense has to slide much earlier; you
can’t allow a player that much time that close to the goal. Other end of the field, Ryan Hudson, to Cody
Martin, he fires a haymaker. We have a one goal game. Officials have called nine penalties
on Howard, zero on Catonsville so far. Extra man opportunity for Catonsville. Sileo with
the save. Man down defensive stand for the Dragons. Five minutes remaining in the third.
Corbin Schmucker dodges, prepares to shoot, Justin Brown makes the save. Grant Evans wins
the ground ball for Catonsville. Here come the Cardinals in transition, Christopher LaVek
is on the run. Cardinals attack the unsettled situation. Fleming side arms it in. 19 in
red makes it a two goal game. Here’s Schumucker, top of the box, gets some room. Schmucker
from long range, he finds the back of the net. Gerace has it for Catonsville, good defense
from Geron Brooks, knocks him off balance, Gerace fires. Sileo with the save, he controls
the rebound. After the defensive stand, Howard can tie it. Brock Wendt, inside to Kaplan.
Bounce pass up top to Wendt, he keeps his head up, goes to Martin behind the cage, terrific
feed to Kaplan. And Howard ties the game Great ball movement by Howard gets the defense
out of position and ball watching, leaving a man open to score. Fourth quarter, the suspensions have forced
Howard’s defenders to play nearly 120 minutes in a four day period. Right now they are playing
their heart out. Prosper Odilatu fights for the ground ball, Tyler Workman backs him up
and wins it for Howard. Dragons looking to capitalize, Klotz goes to Martin. Catonsville
puts the pole on him, Martin to Ryan Kevan, turned away by Brown, that’s his 13th save.
Howard gives Gerace a cushion; he gives Catonsville the lead late in the fourth. The Dragons are
in trouble. 2:50 to play, Matt Gray draws 3 defenders, finds Kaplan behind the cage.
He gives it up to Wendt. He walks down the short stick, and he scores. Howard ties the
game. Clutch shot from the Dragons sophomore. Eight seconds remaining in regulation, Kaplan
draws the pole, switches the field, here’s Farrall for the win. Brown comes up with another
save. We’re going to overtime. First team to score wins, Catonsville won the face-off,
they’re taking their time, looking to end it here. Garrett takes it behind the cage;
Zach McElroy is there defensively for Howard. Travis Harrison beats him to his spot, loose
ball. Sileo vacates the crease and wins it for Howard. Aggressive play from the Dragons
goalie. Gray passes to Hudson, he rushes the shot and the ball is out. The officials call
a push on Catonsville, then a second flag on the Cardinals bench. Howard is up two men
for 30 seconds. Gray goes to Klotz, overhand right, blocked. Kaplan with the rebound, Howard
wins and the celebration is on. Matt Stovall is with Dan Kaplan and Geron Brooks. So what was the first thing that popped into
your head when that ball, you had a shot at it? Um, well I mean it wasn’t, it’s not like that
was my first garbage goal, so I knew that as soon as Tom was backing up to shoot to
try and find it, and it just popped right up to me and I was able to scrap it and like
I said, just put it right in. And like I said, you know, working for the best goal or getting
lucky, either way works. Geron, you and the whole team played tremendous
defense the whole game. How did you force that turnover late in- or in the beginning
of overtime? We knew we had their number throughout the
game. Most of their goals were scored on man down, so we knew we had their number, and
we just, all we had to do was put our defenders on them and they would get the job done. And
we just knew we needed a stop so someone like Dan or Tom can get the game winning goal. So how were you able to come up with so many
man-down defensive stands in this game? That’s something we work on a lot in practice.
Lately we’ve been doing that almost as much as we do six-on-six, and I think that really
shows in our rotation, picking up ground balls, clearing, and things like that. It’s just
the little things: playing it, playing five more minutes in practice or talking about
it five more minutes in the classroom is really, I think that put us over the top today. Congratulations on the win gentlemen. Thank you very much. For Dragons Lair Update, I’m Matt Stovall. Welcome back to Dragon Sports Radio, I’m Louis
Garcia along with Mike Gambino and we’re joined today by Coach Eric Foust of the HCC Men’s
Lacrosse team. Welcome Coach. Thanks for having me again. Coming out of the Harford game, what did you
tell the players at the end of that game? I really, I had to reiterate the rules as
far as whether you can step onto the field or not. But again, I also, I stressed to them
that it was still, you know, in effect early in the season, and we still had a lot of games
to play, and that everyone makes the playoffs, and that, you know, we’re going to have to
battle and we’re going to have to fight until we get our full squad back and our full staff
back. And, you know, there really wasn’t any kind of magic word or magic, you know, there
wasn’t anything I could really do other than put them in positions on the field where they
could be successful um, you know and going into Essex, and we’re down 14 guys and three
coaches, and Essex being the number two team in the country, um, we went up in that game
2-0 pretty quickly, and you know I was happy that that happened but at the same time I
knew it would be next to impossible to sustain that with the numbers that we had so, you
know I was in the same, I was in the position as well as the guys. I’d never been in that
position before as a coach and most likely none of the players had been in a similar
position so it was kind of a learning experience for all of us. I think my main theme, you
know as far as when I was addressing the players and the team and staff was just to stay positive,
and be as positive as you can about the situation and only worry about things you can control. Throughout this whole stretch, through the
end of the Harford games, suspensions, and the losses after that, and the three game
win streak, what is, what have the players told you? What have they said to you about
everything going on? Well, I have regular communication with our
captains, um, and I like to think that I can read players, my players really well. I can
tell by their body language how they’re feeling, facial expressions, you know, non-verbal communication.
And they have really responded well to positive reinforcement during this time. You know I-
I have a quick trigger to be loud, animated, and almost, I’ve been called by former players
almost bipolar where I’ll be, you know, very happy and excited about something, and when
someone drops a ball or whatnot I’ll change my tone significantly, but my approach to
it personally and and management- managing the team has been trying to keep the same
tone, and keep the same tone of my voice, tone with my attitude, and maintain a positive
outlook on everything. Let’s talk about Dan Kaplan for a second.
He’s had three highlight goals in the last two games, two with people draped all over
his back, the one against Anne Arundel was just sick.Talk about Dan and what he’s brought to this
team this year, and his 40 goals. Yeah, Dan has 40 goals. He’s arguably the
MVP of the team, him or Anthony Pagnotta. Um, Dan is very calm, he’s cool collected,
he’s a tremendous leader on the field and off. I coached Dan when he was a sophomore
in High School, and you know, he’s the same kid, just taller and weighs more. But um,
he has a very, very, very high IQ for the game, and so he makes very good decisions,
he rarely has a turnover, he knows what he can do physically and from a skill standpoint,
so he never tries to do to much and with his style of play, just about everybody on the
offensive end has adapted to it, and we’ve been successful with that. The great thing
about Dan is it’s not just his offense. You could look at the scores or stats from the
last three games and just about everyone’s contributing, and I think Dan being out on
the field all the time as an attackman has really allowed that to happen. Making sure
everyone gets involved, and so with that being said he’s a very valuable part of our team. Hey coach, one last question before we let
you go um, you know it’s your first season, how do you think the team has evolved over
the season? Well, I think, I mean the season is a bunch
of peaks and valleys. You know, we had a tough couple games against Genesee and Nassau, you
know, two top-five teams in the country, and then we went out to Suffolk and played and
we won that game in overtime, and at that time I think we were, even with those two
losses we were playing really well but we hadn’t even scratched the surface yet, and
we hit, we played the Harford game and struggled, you know, in all areas, and that really was
a wake up call, I think for everyone, including the coaching staff. And you know, being able
to come out of those two games following the Harford game with going one on one, you know
winning one and losing one and then getting our entire team back was really a strong,
or good thing or us to happen because to go through that phase or that, you could say
valley in the middle of the season like that, and then to come out with three straight wins
says a lot about our character, and says a lot about who we are as a team and what’s
important to us. Good luck in the post-season coach. Thank you very much. Thanks for coming into the studio. Thanks a lot. It’s time for Track and Field. My next guest
brought home Howard Community College’s first National Championship. Co-Head Coach Errick
Henlon joins me now, welcome Coach. Hey, thank you Diane, I’m happy to be here
with you. How excited are you about this year’s team? I’m, I’m very much, I’m very excited about
the team. I’m looking forward to a great championship, um, we’ll see what happen. Our boys, I’m trying
to rev up our boys and I think they’ll be okay. What impact has last year’s national championship
had on this year’s team? Well, first thing, it has allowed us to get
more quality athletes in the school. It makes recruiting much better, peak kids walk through
the door. When we talk to students outside, they are pretty much receptive to our conversation
and our attempt to get them at Howard Community College, so it has been a good reception from
students. Talk to us a little bit about your standout
athletes this year. Well this year, for me I have two good standout
athletes I’m working with, and it’s a coincidence they’re both named Miles. We have Ian Miles
and Jonte Miles. Ian is a 110 hurdler, and he will be doing the 110 hurdle along with
the 200, the 4X1, and the long jump. And then we have Jonte Miles, he will be doing the
200 and the 400. Both of these two athletes right now, they are number one rank in the
division for Junior College. So what do you think will be the keys to winning
a back to back national title for our men? The key will be on our student athlete. Honestly,
if they make that commitment and they have that desire, and that burning desire really
to, to repeat championship, I don’t see any reason why they can’t do it, but it’s going
to be on them. They gotta really want to defend this, but um, we are working towards it, and
we have not revved them up yet because I am a coach who, I like to take it step at a time.
I don’t want to rev them up too early and then they start to lose the interest, so we
rev them up when it’s important. Well I wish you a lot of luck for the rest
of the season. Coach, I thank you very much for having me,
and we are going to do the best we can to make Howard Community College proud. Thank you. You’re welcome. Women’s Lacrosse closes the show with a match
against Harford. Mark Zinno anchors our coverage. Thanks Diane, Lacrosse analyst Chris Carey
back for more Region 20 Lacrosse action. Howard enters the game with a 3-3 record. Coach Carey’s
Dragons made history in April, beating defending district champion Anne Arundel for the first
time. The Dragons are averaging 16 goals per game in their last four matches, Chris, what
does Howard like to do on offense? Howard likes to capitalize on the fast breaks.
Their potent offense can challenge 1v1 and has players with great shots. Once settled
however, Coach Carey has been working hard to teach her offense how to take care of the
ball and not rush their shots. Harford enters the game ranked fourth in the
nation. The Fighting Owls are 6- 4, they made it to Nationals last year, Chris, how can
Howard shut them down? Howard can shut them down by keeping possession
of the ball. The longer Howard has the ball, the better chance they have of limiting Harford’s
equally high powered offense. Howard and Harford square-off next. Let’s
go to the Dragons Lair. First half, Jamie Twardowicz scans the field, connects with
Michelle Sparling and she puts it away. Howard opens the game with three quick goals. Dragons
are getting it done on both ends of the field. Katia Randazzo times her check perfectly to
disrupt the shot. Excellent defense from the freshman out of Ellicott City. Here’s Kristy
Barringham on the clear, nice pass catches Lisa Bianchini in stride. She turns it up
field, finds Sparling all alone in transition. Sparling draws two defenders, freeing up Charlotte
Wilkinson on the right side. Great transition and unselfish ball movement
creates the goal. Erica Heaphy gives it to Sparling The team clears out to provide the 1v1 opportunity
and a great finish with her left. Sparling introduces herself with two goals
in the first eight minutes. A 5-0 lead for Howard. Wilkinson gives it back to Sparling,
she looks to take it inside, retreats, goes behind the cage to Twardowicz. She feeds it
to Wilkinson, terrific execution from Coach Carey’s Dragons. A good look for the inside player. Howard is outclassing Harford, and frustration
is building. Ugly foul from the Harford defender, the officials give her a yellow card. Randazzo
feeds it inside to Katie Brooks, she makes ’em pay. 7-0 Dragons. Sparling scans the field,
gets above goal line extended, smokes her defender, and comes up with a first half hat
trick. Harford looks to generate some offense, loose ball in front. Randazzo wins the ground
ball. Number six in blue with the foul. Harford has 20 fouls in the first 30 minutes. Here’s
Lisa Donn, she dodges, goes right, gets her hands free and pulls the trigger. Free position
for Howard. Charlotte Wilkinson sticks it past the keeper. 10-4 Dragons. Failed clear
for Harford, Bianchini gets it back for Howard, passes ahead to Heaphy. She fakes left, goes
right. Harford with another ugly foul. These hits to the head are a cause for concern.
Ensuing free position, Heaphy extends the lead to seven goals. Tremendous effort from
the Centennial High School grad. Second half, Harford is looking to clear it. Wilkinson
is all over Brittany Bowman, Wilkinson knocks it loose, wins the ground ball, overhand left,
and she finds the back of the net. A great ride creates a turnover and a goal
for the Lady Dragons. 13-5 Howard, Twardowicz gets above goal line
extended, lowers her shoulder, another ugly foul from Harford. Ensuing free position,
Twardowicz gets to the crease, absorbs the contact and beats the keeper low. Harford
lands another stick to the head in the process. 12 minutes, five goal lead for the Dragons,
Alex Moser goes to Erica Heaphy, she fakes right, blows by her defender, Heaphy’s on
the run and she buries it high. Harford’s overly aggressive play lead to
numerous yellow cards resulting in man up situations for the dragons. Final seconds, Heaphy catches Wilkinson in
transition. She goes to Sparling. Howard wins. Great ball movement and unselfish play was
key to the Dragons victory. Lets send it down to Matt Stovall. Charlotte, this was a great team win, what
are your thoughts after this game here? I think we played hard. I mean we, under pressure
we tend to throw the ball away, but we definitely stayed together as a team, that’s our thing
, but I think overall we played really well. Better than the last game against them
I think. Charlotte, you seem to be dominating draws
this year. What’s your- tell us a little bit about your technique. I mean, I don’t really know, I guess I’ve
just done them for a while so I just got the hang of it and I- You draw to yourself. Yeah,. I don’t know, it’s kind of
like, all in your legs and your wrist, so if you have good reaction, it’s just a lot
of coaching and practice. Erica, what do you feel was the deciding factor
in this game? How did you get the win? I feel like we took better care of the ball
than they did. We did awesome on defense, we doubled like, even when we weren’t man
down, and our transitions were pretty good, but we still have to work on, um, not throwing
the ball away. So Erica, what do you think this team needs
to do, right now you have a very good record, what’s it going to take to get to Nationals? I think we just have to keep improving, go
100% every day at practice, um, get our injured players healthy again, and yeah, just keep
improvin g and we can win, yeah. Hard fought win ladies. For Dragon’s Lair
Update, I’m Matt Stovall. Go to youtube.com/DragonSports for the latest
HCC highlights. Tune in Friday, June 13th for an all new Dragons Lair Update. Thanks
for watching, and remember, Go Dragons!

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