Do pansexuals use stainless steel or non stick pans? Funny Moments with Friends Part 6(OW, MC,CS)

Flex tape! *Villages noises* *hitmaker noises* Let’s go Lets drop the beat I need healing I need healing I need healing I’m corner instead of the Wi-Fi single
it was just it was just a globe the wifi single? yeah it’s just like me I’m single ladies
call me up. Do you actually know what a pansexual is? Yea You f**k a pan dong dong dong Stainless steel or non-stick? *mised_opinions.mp3* And remember no prisoners Ok why don’t we survive together and then we Molotov each other 3 times You go first You got a molotov? Just throw them both at the floor 3.2.1. Go I am throwing nade.. wait Is that enough? Oh You killed yourself You killed yourself We kinda f**ked up Mission Failed you will get them next time thank you for coming to my stand-up routine lets hope it goes better than the time at the museum What what? *Intense music* Hello Hey man Yo you better go….. Ham Dude… F**k I should’ve named it this uh oh don’t.. don’t wake him OMG you Moria Ball F**k you Nic Lets try that again! hammer down RIP I got raped by the Reinhardt He shoved his He shoved his hammer were is wasn’t supposed to go You should put on that really thick acent I just wanna sniff petrol cus It makes me feel good I f**ken sniffed petrol instead of diesel morty Raid… Sonic….Leg… Andersand no think about it harder I don’t know
who that’s not Sonic that’s someone else isn’t That’s shadow Raid Shadow …… There a stick chest by the way Please don’t tell me There’s literally a stick chest with a stack and a bit Listen. You have a one plank.
Congratulations made sticks didn’t you Yes They ask how you are and you say you’re fine you’re not really fine you
just can’t get into it because they would never understand Have you ever denied any like kids or anything Yea Did you deny kids. What. Did you kill them on a five kill killstreak No…no…no deny there rights When you say kids what do you mean? Like 10 year olds. *7 Year olds* What just looking for a big bottle? Really? Your like ahh ID mate He just pulls out his *License* and his 20 but his just a midget But he uses the same card that he uses to cut cocaine He like his f**kin pen license He just wips it out Its the guy from giraffe academy Its like 6hrs of how to install c++ Why is your dad banging his meat That right you have to use STD What are you banging Kai? Its not me It’s you Ohh Its not. Its Kellan message Kellan stop banging your
meat Message Sent I am not banging my meat Kai Anyway.. So Kai wasn’t banging my meat Georgie said she was banging her meat

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