Do NOT Try This At Home! (Unless You’re Using OFFICIAL Archery Tag Equipment)

Hey guys, this is Paul with Archery Tag! Y’know, we’ve gotten some comments of people
wondering if we actually just put a piece of foam on a regular arrow. Well, that’s actually not the case. We
have an engineering and design firm behind us for safety. We have a blunt that is custom made. and uh… So for demonstration purposes we’re
actually going to stick to the foam on a regular arrow and we’re going to
see what happens to this poor little guy just to prove that you should only use
official Archery Tag equipment. So as you can see, the need for official
Archery Tag equipment. Please only use our equipment. If not… …this could happen.

100 thoughts on “Do NOT Try This At Home! (Unless You’re Using OFFICIAL Archery Tag Equipment)

  1. how come it said the title was "0:34 LOL WTF" when i clicked on it but then changed in the actual video? am i the only one having that problem?

  2. LOL! Nope, you just have impeccable timing! We just changed the title. You must have clicked on the video at the exact same time. We called it 0:34 LOL because most people seem to be more interested in figuring out what that strange creature in the background is than learning a safety tip about not killing yourself with a homemade arrow. Who knew? šŸ™‚ Thanks for watching, and have a great day.

  3. That was very kind of him. We'll have to send him a thank you card. šŸ™‚ Thanks for watching!

  4. 28 pounds. My bow goes from 70 to 40. I like 60. It gives a nice trajectory. I have a video of me shooting a playing card in half with one arrow. Check it out on my channel.

  5. Excellent question! Our founder recently hit a nickel from about half that distance (see the video on our channel), and he has shot dozens of apples off of people's heads (videos on our channel) but we haven't done anything with a peanut. We'll have to give it a try. Thanks!

  6. If that special tag arrow or whatever you call it fails you're dead, you're risking you're life on an official archery manufacturers claim.

  7. We stand behind the safety of our arrows 100% and have found Archery Tag to be a far safer sport than paintball, which can cause cuts and massive bruising. You can check out more details on the safety of our arrows at archerytag . com / safety.

  8. Haha, nope! Imagine if you were shooting that at a person and not a fruit. It'd be very bad. Official Archery Tag arrows, however are completely safe. Check out some of our other videos to see more of them in action!

  9. Great question! A compound bow uses a system of pulleys to bend back the limbs and pull back the arrow. Traditional bows don't use pulleys of any kind and include recurve bows (bows with tips that curve away from the archer) and longbows. Archery Tag bows are recurve bows, designed to be durable yet simple and easy for first-time archers to use. Thanks for the question!

  10. Probably not a good idea; marshmallow arrows have not been tested as thoroughlyļ»æ as our foam-tipped arrows. šŸ™‚

  11. That depends. If you want to play Archery Tag (highly recommended!), all our bows are simple recurve bows that first-time archers find easy to learn and use. The beauty of traditional bows (recurve or longbow) really is in their simplicity, and many archers prefer them for that reason. (Full disclosure: our parent company, Instinct Archery, makes and sells traditional bows.) Compound bows certainly have their uses, but tend to get complicated with sights, counter weights and assorted gadgets.

  12. If she lets you do it, get ready for a TON of fun. I started archery when I was 10 and now I'm 21 and love it just as much as when I started

  13. If you're talking about our foam-tipped arrows, yes they are our personal design! But if you like, you can buy them from our online store at store . archerytag . com!

  14. That's correct! Archery Tag is like paintball with bows and foam-tipped arrows, but without the mess or the pain. Be sure to check out some of our other videos to see the game in action!

  15. We're there! Our Alabama affiliate is Archery Connection in Phenix City. You can give them a call at 334-480-9997 to find out more about what they offer. But if you're not in the Phenix City area, talk to your local archery, hunting, or combat sports store and tell them about us! We're always looking to set up new affiliates!

  16. Not sure what you mean by "a fair test." The foam on our arrows is indeed supported by a circular plastic blunt, and that design is what makes them safer to use than merely sticking foam on the end of a regular arrow. That's all we're trying to demonstrate with this video.

  17. You're right; that does matter! That's why Archery Tag bows have a maximum poundage of 28 lbs.; using anything heavier is NOT recommended. Thanks for the great question!

  18. you're sorry? how is this not a fair test? its archery tag vs a regular home modified arrow. you should delete your comment

  19. You can also glue a coin or a soda cap or any similar round metal object to the top of your arrow before applying the foam. This method is recognized by every roleplay/wargame association that i've ever been in contact with, and works fine up to abut 30 lbs. The rule is usually that the metal blunt should be slightly larger in diameter than a human eyesocket. This way your arrows are completely safe to shoot at your friends and family. xD

  20. can you buy the archery tag ones because i don't have a target for real arrows and i want something i can shoot without putting a hole in anything and everything

  21. Absolutely! Our online store features some basic Archery Tag bow and arrow sets that are designed for safe shooting at home. Just visit store . archerytag . com ! (YouTube doesn't allow links to be included in comments, so just remove the spaces when you copy & paste that address.) Thanks for the great question!

  22. I mean like what does the marshmellow thing prove i dont understand i just got here from some idiot that shot himself in the nuts

  23. Gotcha! We're just trying to show that there's more to our arrow design than sticking a marshmallow or piece of foam on the end of a regular arrow. If that's all our arrows did, they could still pierce and cause serious damage. But our engineers have designed a special blunt and foam tip that absorb the impact and make our arrow completely safe for combat play. Hope that helps answer your question!

  24. How much dumb person should be to put only foam on arrow head? These "TAG"arrows are super easy to make and they are not so "special".

  25. No we didn't, but that would have been a great idea! The spray of that impact is quite spectacular in slomo!

  26. Really? Hmm, I'd not heard of that. I thought he was asking if we'd measured the speed of the melon fragments spewing out. ^^ Thanks for the heads-up!

  27. Funny title…Do NOT Try This At Home! I would have to agree if your gonna let your pet run into the background as you release the arrow..!

  28. "Please, don't easily make your own, or purchase pre-made from another source.Buy OUR product and give US the money (in the name of safety!)"

  29. Because we are *very* concerned with safety, we actually do not have Archery Tag arrows currently available for retail purchase. We don't want anyone buying our arrows and using them in an unsafe manner (like with a compound bow or heavy-pound recurve), so we now make our arrows exclusively for licensed affiliates who run supervised Archery Tag games. Safety comes first and, as this video demonstrates, our arrows are 100% safe when used properly. Thanks for your comment!

  30. So if i add a plastic plate to the back of the foam and and then melt that to the shaft of the arrow I would have came up with the same solution your engineers did

  31. I've seen game arrows like this made from wooden blunts covered with a tennis ball and foam Nerf footballs, then wrapped in cloth. I have not tried to make any yet, and figure they would be too heavy to shoot accurately. What is the weight of your arrows?

  32. As long as it's a screw on foam tip (like a small game rubber blunt) your fine, just match your arrow spine with your bow poundage and have at it… wouldn't use my dream season but a 40 pound? Any traditional bow? Not one problem I can see other then sales loss haha

  33. Do you sell the tips to screw to any arrow or is the it one unit? I've seen safe tips that look like tennis balls but softer… this seems like it would hurt a little less but I'm not changing out all my arrows just for a slightly less noticeable hit

  34. Easily bypassed, I just don't fire my arrows at melons, it'll be fiiiine xD
    But yes, if you could furnish me with a list of UK stockists that'd be grand. For er, backup purposes.

  35. Looks like hell of fun! I am an experienced paint ball player and I love the sport! I can't believe I have not heard of this new game of "archery tag" until now!! I really want to give it a try. I can not find any equipment for sale however. If I have to rent the equipment at a field, that would be for the first outing. But I would want my own gear. If also like to practice and check out how the arrow flies with such a blunt end…

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