16 thoughts on “Deer Decoy (Raw 02)

  1. how do you figure? driving along, see a deer, pull over and shoot from the road in your vechile?!?! that is poaching as described by MO state statute! get your lazy ass in the woods and hunt like the rest of us do!

  2. I know where they can set one of those up. I wouldn't have neighbors for long and i wouldn't want to go outside though.

  3. Ask yourself? how many times have I ever shot at a deer more than twice without it moving. What's sad is he thought he missed it after the bench made first shot.

  4. Actually its not poaching if it is in season, its road hunting (which drives me crazy when your sitting all day in rain or snow and see the same car drive around in circles all day). And you usually get to keep the deer (if its real) and just get fined. In PA if you get 25yds off of the road it is legal. You still can get it for locating wildlife with a vehicle though. The officers comment is great!!

  5. I wonder how is it poaching when they are out in the woods ?? and what if they tags ? do they still a citation for that too ?? thats what i don't get ? if its out in public then i understand but it doesn't look like its in public ??

  6. Being a hunter myself i dont hold it against the guy my great grandad always said the only time to kill a big buck is when you see it. Spotlighting or shooting them in the summer i dont agree with but this guy was just taken the opprotunity when it arose!

  7. Amazing to read the posts and see how many people don't know what "HUNTING" is. Hunters learn what the animals are doing and what time, where they eat, How do they do this? By spending time in the woods!

  8. How many time do you have to shoot a metal fake deer to figure out it is FAKE? Some of these clowns are not real bright. Hats off to the Game Wardens, dangerous job

  9. I like at 0:21 how he says "Only one passenger." as if he's weighing the option of just going over there and kicking his ass! HAHAHA!

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