hi guys I’m doing this again I know Sunday brunch oh there’s just one is the coffee oh hey guys I got a surprise for you today he’s coming on the bus right now hold on where is he should we change the lock code Scott’s back there’s the outline right there this fingers super detective over there hunters like oh is that a shoe on the window please got vans I do you got fans well they’re for bikes and they’re four of us right now did we win a contest I think so far it’s gonna be a gonna be a big day tuck and roll who wants to go first what you doing what you doing do you see him this is what my dog is going after a baby Dino oh you gonna get him you tell who’s boss your tongue was boss so he has no idea what she’s looking for yeah you seems oh now you see him oh yeah Oh baby are you okay holy you poor little pooper don’t get mad at me you’re the one who jumped right in there you know what though you did exactly what you were supposed to do and you went right to the edge good job we taught them the way out of the pool just in case anything like that ever happened she’s so embarrassed she’s like don’t film me don’t film me right now mom that was probably one of the funniest things ever on vlog though high-five Marley yeah now they communicate with the mighty megissogwon gone silly dude it worked it’s gonna happen it’s gonna break that cars had a few cool rings you lost it already let’s try take two and it’s was this that was really close actually Oh God that’s gonna kill someone shit-shit at a 45-degree angle since how you make friends guys you always hit their car heavy ironic if you hit your own car now okay that was that was awesome oh you all just did holy crap hey guys they’re guys that’s gonna take your hand right off no leave that in that’s amazing and that’s how you almost killed take mix na in the use Danny almost killed your childhood you can’t have anyone in melon she’s like she sees my mom cutting and she’s like trying to get up on it Hey oh well Coco’s your profession is pole dancer are you helping me upload the video oh boy I don’t think you’re supposed to be up there go go go all right nope you’re going we are not allowed on the table this is people table okay Oh Coco is watching the golf ball on ya Coco Coco go what’s that what’s that Coco what’s that what’s on the TV what’s on the TV huh sensory overload finger trap when I was little I could never get out of these knots this tedious rip on top oh man I’m kind of bummed right now the entire we’ve been a month on tour I’ve showered every single day and today I think it’s gonna be the first day that I’m not going to be able to and so grossed out wow that fits way too well shake speed a lot with different around here now time back so my stupid pass is starting to break already so I have to try to figure out like a way to like rig it so it because there we go oh yes you should be doing this before just one hand my clothes they show me the tactics dude accuracy factors – just ain’t bride-to-be perfectionist on this night that is that all that is if you lose it’s like a hundred dollars so we got to make sure not to lose that job well done around me for days yes you do those areas Monnett sleepyhead we have a back-up plan if our singer crashes Yoji good you saying yeah well cut his hair off we lift my head I sing better than it is check yes Juliet a 17 or show 17 17 for 17 Danny and Kohli actually found some shower stuff so I’m still clean so happy so some amazing viewer gave these to Charles to give to Coco and I’m pretty sure he’s always going to end up eating them but let’s just see if she’ll take one like that hell yeah excuse me no this is not you so I was like isn’t mine because I think it looks like something I would eat didn’t cake on my face makes me extra happy I like shampoo bottle of the sit on my lap ii-era area Andy Milonakis remix I cannot wrap or be box welcome to today quit all right we’re going to get some Chum fool condition called he’s not is better we’re gonna get some puppy snacks I’m leaving for Hawaii in two days and great news my brother is actually coming with us so that is fantastic well I’m doing happy dance oh boy oh boy and the punk rock migration begins as tens of thousands of sweaty stinky young adults leave the walk toward Minnesota look at this I’m watching an old school bass just gotta be from look Robin there’s Rodman this is Jordan oh my so old there’s Pippen crazy in this Karl Malone oh man I can just imagine somebody like that completely hammered like just turn into like the channels and be like thinking that I’m warped look at that somehow my mom restrained the dogs I made a giant pile of all the toys that we’ve gotten so far from call of you guys at I’m like all the events and stuff so I’m gonna hide them under a blanket and then just show them and let them pick whatever they want it’s ridiculous All Right girls come here c’mere what’s under there what’s under here Zoey what’s under here Miley what’s that oh boy look at all those presents what do you see my hope she got one where’d you get Zoey what oh there it is that’s my least favorite get ones L like that one all right they’re so ridiculous what are you trying to do right now go on the other bed Marly Marly go on your bed Marly so I was just sleeping basically through the whole sleeping quarters but hey hey everyone we’re at a truck stop it is it’s almost pathetic how excited we all just jump out of our bunks the second we see a truck stop just it’s like the hunter says like it’s a world we haven’t seen in days you generally feel like a kid in a candy store literally you just want to buy everything that’s bad for you hi-yah I don’t know why I’m necessities oh yeah it’s the number two combo yeah your entree side of Cheetos and your appetizer get your protein your water your carbs what’s nerd rock out over here cinnamon rolls orange juice fruit snacks for vitamins well there goes our bus we’re gonna be second Minnesota I’ll see you guys tomorrow good it’s coming over later which all tripping we’re Cynthia with charity

100 thoughts on “DEADLY BOOMERANG LESSONS (7.8.12 – Day 1165)

  1. what was Charles talking about while he was in the skateboard? i didnt understand what he said :/

  2. LMAO awwwww Marleyyyyyy! That was so funny I'm sorry but she did a great job swimming out! I love her reaction after like 'F YOU ALL I'M GOING INSIDE' hahaha aww

  3. Put this image in ur head macanicley seprated chicken is 1 of the ingrendents in slimjims I swear read the lable

  4. Charles! My dad does boomerang shows! Watch this video if you wanna learn a little more. Its from the 90's so its a little outdated but its still good information! Just search "tom fitzgerald boomerangs" and its the first video with boomerangs on the grass in the picture.

  5. I know your comment was a month ago.. But i just have to say.. I have missed about 2 month worth of vlogs and im now catching up… Imagine how great that is.. =D

  6. DAMMIT!!! im like a month late but… I DIDNT KNOW THEY CAME TO MINNESOTA ugh stupid getting ready for college clouded my mind…. DAMMIT!

  7. I wish he just walked around St Paul and Minneapolis he would really like it and I hate when people think its a frozen tundra. -_-. 110 degrees!!

  8. Don't know if you heard her say "We taught them how to swim to the other side incase something like that happens."? Le hurr. Listen.

  9. i like the way how danny screams charles when the boomerang is about to come at him. it's good to know that he has your back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. That is so cool that people send things for all the other pets like the cats. So cool of everyone who does it!

  11. 7:31 umm… that umm… im just going to come right out and say it, it looks like Alli's shit

  12. I don't even know why, but when Danny like saved Charles from the boomerang he yelled his name. It was adorable I don't even know how but it's cute

  13. hey charles and alli! very rare to comment but the first time i did on this vlog you replied! haha

    well you know the story about couples writing good things their partner did so when shit happens they can look back and remind them why they loved them and picked them as life partners
    you have years worth of vlogs to cherish! they've been a blessing to us in an inspiring way and hopefully be a blessing to you in that kind of way too.
    you both had more than enough time off of each other, all you need is a time off together – HONEYMOON c'mon
    I'm married young (sept 12, 2012, age 20) myself and i know it's not always easy and happy all the time
    gotta choose to love each other even if you hate each other haha
    please win each other back! <3

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