DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes: Using the Effects Tracker in Resolve 12.5

I’m Alexis Van Hurkman and welcome to Resolve
in a rush, where you’ll learn DaVinci Resolve grading and finishing techniques in under
5 minutes. In this lesson, we’re going to have a fast
look at how you can use Resolve 12.5’s new Resolve Effects Filters in conjunction with
the new ability to use the Effects Tracker to match move their position, to match a scene. So, in this shot right here, I’ll go ahead
and turn looping on, you can see that this fellow is being confronted by a delivery person
and I’m going to open up the Open Effects browser. I’m going to press option+s to add a node
and I’m going to drag Lens Flare onto that node. And I’m just going to position it right where
the light is coming out. I’m going to chose a different preset. I’m going to go ahead and just use this Modern
Sci-Fi preset because we just want to give this scene a little more cowbell than it really
deserves. When I play through this clip obviously the
flare doesn’t integrate because it’s not moving with anything. But this is an easy thing to fix. All I need to do is to go into the tracker
palette and from the mode pop up, which defaults to Window, I can choose FX. This is the Effects Tracker and to use it,
all I have to do is go down to the bottom corner and click this Add Tracker Point button
which puts a little tracker point crosshairs into the viewer. If I move the pointer over it, I get this
moving cursor and I can click and drag to position that crosshairs over any high contrast
detail that I know isn’t going to go off screen or be obscured in some other way. We’re just going to drop it onto that little
bit of boca up in the tree. Which actually should work. So now all I need to do is click the Track
Forward Button and let Resolve do all the work trying to figure out the motion of the
scene. And you’ll notice that as soon as I track
that in, that effect just goes ahead and starts match moving itself into the scene. So, at this point, I’m done. All I had to do was perform the track and Resolve
knows what to do. The Effects Track is going to work with any
of the filters in the Resolve effects library that are capable of being positioned. So, for example, if I were to drag the Light
Rays Resolve effects filter on here instead and I am going to customize this a little
bit. So that the light looks like it’s coming straight
out from that central area. Go ahead and lengthen those just for fun. But I can also track the position of the scene
for purposes of this other filter. So again, all I need to do is to create a
tracker, drop it on a feature that I want to track, go ahead and track forward, and
so now I can see that those light rays are following the position of the scene. If you want to learn more about Resolve’s
new features, how to get started in Resolve, or if you want to dive deep into editing and
or color grading in DaVinci Resolve, you should check out my library of different training
titles at RippleTraining.com. I’m Alexis Van Hurkman. Thanks for watching!

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