The car – in some ways – of the day after tomorrow, the one you take on Saturdays to go around, like the one that takes the superbike bike and uses it not to go around from one place to the other, to go to work. No.The car to go around for fun Hi friends, welcome to this new video today I am here in varano de melegari in a very very important company for me and I present to you her Exactly the dallara and today I will try the Dallara Stradale , the first jewel they created specifically for road use and there will be daniele with me who is responsible for the dallara stradale project who will explain to us quickly what kinda car we are talking about. Two numbers to explain it: the weight of the car, 855 kg dry 400 horsepower, plus 500 torque newton meters imagine them put together and together with the aerodynamics the last number that I give you is 820 kilos of downforce at the top speed of 280. I have already tried it on the track, you will find the video below but Daniele has recommended me to try it on the street because he told me it is not only the track car it is a car that also performs well on the road an incredible emotion after you have driven it on the track, you expect the performances but it is incredible the satisfaction and fun on the street. so now you will convince me to buy it: absolutely yes. and we can say that there are four cars in one absolutely yes. the car was born like a boat, therefore completely open, superlight, it is excellent for the track however by adding this object, you can have it with the windscreen so spider, with the t-frame so license plate and then you can also add the doors the act of removing the doors, it takes a few minutes, same to remove the t-frame so you can drive closed or open the car is designed to be 100% flexible. ok today we use it closed, today it’s cold ok let’s go you are already in sports map, full power full torque, yeah correct I gotta get the hang of this brake now you are in manual mode so it means paddles, you are in command of all the changes obviously there is anti-stall and anti-overrev, so no worries The question, the comment, which will be more frequent in this video here will be “does it take the time to push or not?” Let’s brace ourselves. Where to? here on the right, we enter into that narrow street we cross the town of varano by the way this is the first car in the world that has a polycarbonate windshield, we are obsessed with weight reduction for some years it has been possible to have a front glass not in crystal but polycarbonate only that nobody has had the courage to do it because it is very complicated to be able to homologate it we managed to do it, probably unaware that it was so complicated but we did it and this led us to remove weight the car is easy to drive if you wish — on the street you have to go slowly guys so I recommend — I absolutely agree – if you want to run, go to the track, I always tell you this very well it is logically a little more track than flagship But it makes you feel the direct insertion it’s a steering, in my opinion, to which many of us are no longer accustomed because with this weight you can afford to have a steering that’s completely mechanical without assistance of any kind because the car is light otherwise it would be too heavy and this puts you in complete and direct connection with the tires you feel exactly what the tire does true it feels like a single-seater. I have tried many and it’s like that what you feel on the tires you feel it on the wheel I can tell you that there is a lot of our single-seaters on this car, a lot, more than you can imagine however “dallara stradale” therefore is a name that associates two names: dallara which is excellence for racing that built so many cars up to Formula 3 and “stradale” who would like a car, wants a car for daily use. Exactly, that’s the aim we put a lot of racing in this car, together to make it road with all its aspects but of racing it takes how obsessive we have been in weight reduction, how much carbon we have used in the car, think that many components that you do not see are made of carbon, brackets, micro passages footrest, the lever to adjust the column, obsessed with weight reduction. but let’s say it you’re lucky ’cause you do it all maybe this allowed you to make a car like this really low budget for what it is and the car costs? the car has a price of €160.000 + VAT on the small boat version, obviously in the configuration initial. Another thing that catches my eye is the sensitivity of all the controls on the steering wheel The car was designed to be completely driver oriented and therefore completely on the driver have immediate access to everything there are no deviation guides, all controls on the steering wheel unfortunately or fortunately we are used to motorsport steering wheels and we have completely kept that philosophy also no the road one and also the digital dashboard that shows you The bare minimum, what you see in the race car, then the odometer rev counter very visible gears, which is important on the track rev counter with limiter water temperature oil pressure temperature and bar ’causes we’re talking about a turbo car Exactly. the other thing is that combined with weight and aerodynamics the Aerodynamic architecture of the car is that of a racing car that scared me ’cause I tried in Cremona and in the big curve — you know? I really felt a race car the car stays down the car was totally attached to the ground so much downforce and that really helps you in being very efficient in fast curves not many engine revs, but the torque — it’s ready at 2000 revs you’re practically with the maximum available torque they are 500 newton meters, it’s a number impressive, especially related to weight and this torque lasts up to 5000 revs so you are always flat, always a great acceleration then if it you combine lightness a good tire and a good suspension you always have a lot of grip on the rear, it shows I gotta say now after a few minutes of driving it I gotta say that the seat is comfortable. It’s not hard Personally I would not do Milano – Catania but 3-4hrs trips I’d do them we had fun during the development we put a little pressure on our test pilots we used the Nardò track a lot in Puglia, we asked him to make trips from Parma, Varano de Melegari, to Puglia return trips, to see the convenience and comfort and I have to tell you that we worked to improve it and in the end they managed to make the trip effortlessly yeah the seat is nice even the seating position, me being tall, I’m not so uncomfortable the car is not that big you optimized everything to have the max ease possible Good engineer THE engineer, as we call him We have used these roads a lot for development because they are full of curves, even quite rough ones that allowed us to work both on vertical comfort and on optimizing sidel performance Let’s say it’s an easy prototype right on point this surprised me on the track, it was easy it was very easy, maybe it can be a complaint by a pro who wants a hard car ’cause we all know that the hard one is the most effective on track but I gotta say something: we discovered, we worked with super pro drivers our two development pilots are two professional drivers we remember marco and loris it happens that it is a car that grows with you, if your level is a level in which you begin to approach with car with these performances it follows you enough for your level in reality just the effect of the downforce maybe, as you said before, allows you to move the bar also a level where only a professional is likely to arrive, then another detail on which we have concentrated a lot you reminded me that when I tried it in cremona, I adapt fast and quick to cars braking, reference points and it took me a while to adapt to braking points, ’cause I could not believe how much the car could brake, so late, the road car — it’s like that I was scared! Go watch the video if you haven’t yet ’cause I was shocked but before returning to the company because now we go to the company on the other side let’s talk numbers: how many cars you have produced and how many cars you plan on producing? The project was born from the beginning with the idea of building and selling only 600 cars, limited number each car has a number so there are no duplicates so those 600 are absolutely unique and exclusive. the number one is whose? what you do you think? Eng. Dallara So this is a prestigious thing for all Dallara owners 600 cars in production hard question to answer: after this project? This is the first dallara that can have a plate that is approved for the road, the first road project, and in the future we will see so we don’t know and we can’t say let’s go back Lap and test finished, so thank you very much Daniele and Logically Dallara who allowed us to make this beautiful video so let us know what you would like to see ’cause now the fun comes, we’ll talk to the engineer dallara, who you will see in the next video, so I’ll leave you all the links below bye Daniele, see you next video! Bye

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