Cutco Knives: #USWMade

My name is Linda Peckham. I’ve worked at Cutco for 21 years. And what I’m doing here is, I’m putting the cutting edge on
all of our straight edge knives. not everybody can do, so I take pride in
doing that. Each person takes a little pride and because they all touch
the knife throughout the whole process from the beginning to the end to make it
our Cutco knife. Quality here is really good. We’ve got a Forever Guarantee. It really shows on our quality and our parts here. We’ve got a real good
relationship here, we’re like family. Everybody seems to get along really good. It’s a really good place to work. We make the best knives in the world. They’re the sharpest. You can take your picture inside of it. It’s an awesome place to work. Every blade, piece of wood, customized product, is touched by an individual. The end product is a knife that you
can hand down to your children. It makes me have a lot of pride in what I
do. Obviously Cutco creates a product that’s made to last a lifetime. And, so not only does our customers see it, but we’re hoping that their great great grandkids will see it. And knowing that
I’m gonna put the name the face of the company on that blade, I
want to make sure that when I send that blade out that it is the best the
Cutco has to offer. The emphasis here at Cutco is the people. Think about when you go to work, if you’re a happier person, you feel more fulfilled. And so when you come to work you take greater pride in what you do. When you
have a voice in the job you do the safety and the operation of what you do, there’s a direct connection to the quality of the work that you put out.
We are very proud of what we do and the product that we make.

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