Cuckoo Tamil Movie Super Scene | Dinesh and Malavika Nair gift ring to each other | E Ramdoss

Our love was on a happy note But her brother Sekar and his friend
Jilaki had a different plan altogether Hey security!
What’s happening, man? This is a Gold card, okay Gold limit is Rs 25000 But I managed to get
only 10,000 from this ATM – How can you blame me, sir?
– Don’t act innocent, okay? Please call the branch manager
and do something about it Why are you
yelling at me, sir? You are again and again
acting innocent, please do- Son of a mongrel! What can I do
if your account doesn’t have funds? Drunk and creating trouble Stop the auto – Listen to me
– Stop fighting I’m already pissed off
You’re rubbing salt on it Let him go Praise be to Lord Shiva My daily agenda is
to uplift 2 families Lord Shiva has taken care
of one, I’m searching for- Tucker bro, election
is round the corner Ask big bro to shower
his kindness on us More than big bro,
power lies with junior bro Get updated I’ll inform his wife Go…go They won’t let me
drink in peace! Sekar, why are you dull? Because you lost your job? So what? As if it was some
glorified goddamn big post You gave Rs 300000
to the district secretary I’ve specified firmly, as soon as Kodi
finishes her studies she gets the job He is paying the interest for your loan
and willing to marry your blind sister Jilaki has a golden heart Magnanimous heart
You are ‘mass’! Why were you, Duryodhana and
Karna born in North Madras? I’ll get very emotional, bro Drink, get high and
then get emotional Drink instead of dreaming I was also worried
this will be like… …the hen sowing the grains
and fox enjoying the bread! You’ll arrange the loan and
some stranger will marry her And enjoy the fruits of your labor Thank God you’re now
family through marriage! Mass…you made your killing 1 minute Dear…? What?
Strawberry? You get it in those flavors too, huh? Tens…wow!
Can’t sleep a wink tonight I feel weepy
thinking of you Eat No one has been
such a good friend Thanks a ton I’ll get too emotional If you get drunk, bladder gets so full
gushing all the way from Kumbakonam! You handled it 100% right I’ve been hustling
from when I was 10 Nothing good has
ever happened to me She is like Kannagi who burnt down
Madurai, defending her husband Can’t trust any female these days If they make up their mind… …they’ll have a ball
before dawn breaks Much faster than
soup can boil over! How dare you! What kind of fashion dialog
is this abusing women? Every woman
is a Goddess One who gave birth to you Also one who sleeps for money smiling
despite all the pain and disgrace No man has understood 100%
the pain women go through Agreed, I work
for a commission But I keep track of my sin list If you don’t take
good care of that girl… …scoundrel, you’ll rot in hell Bro…I’ll get emotional May the Lord Jesus Christ be with us In the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen Elango’s train-mates
who are vendors are here They are volunteering to help
with Christmas preparations ‘Do good and do it now’ Late actor V.K.Ramasamy
said this long ago, Father Wonder! God has created
chemistry in their hearts Only we know this
chemistry’s potency! I see a bright future
in the faces of these boys We are 2 youngsters from
Swami Vivekananda’s group We are also 2 chosen
apostles of Jesus, Father Elango the enthu evangelist! Wonder! Wonder! Our faith on
these boys will not go amiss Wonder…wonder! I feel proud of them Jesus Christ! What bad timing
for power to pop off! We should pray that Tamilnadu also
has a clean slate like Gujarat, Father Wonder…wonder! – Michael…?
– Yes, Father? Don’t make a sound – Someone might see us?
– No one will God! God has switched off
the power just for us What’s happening? – Someone will see us
– Don’t be scared Let me go Jesus! Wonder…wonder! Buffalo! Dumbass
My dignity went for a toss Let them see
So what? Shut up If my brother gets to know
that’s it, I’m dead Thamizh, right from
when I was a kid… …whatever I wished
has never happened My father loved me so much Maybe that’s why,
God took him back very soon If I think of how much
you love me, I’m scared You won’t ditch me, no? Crazy goose Shall we get married tomorrow? You aren’t letting me
talk to your brother Don’t do all that I know him inside out He’ll go to any lengths
if he knows about us Don’t let go of me, da I’ve saved up Rs 75000 and
given it to Chandrababu bro He has also said
he’ll top it up Do you know I intend renting
a shop in Moore market? I’ve asked our Murugesan to
find us a house in Maraimalai Nagar I’m also crazy about you As if someone will
let go of his own life?! Hey wifey! Loony! Leave me
I have to go now

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