Cuckoo Tamil Movie | Dinesh and Malavika Nair decide to get married | Vairabalan | Ambed

I called Kuberan bro yesterday Even he said he has
the money ready for us Do you know he is like
Godfather to all of us? That man with 2 wives? He is the only big shot we know You call yourself a big shot, huh? When you packed us off this morning
I knew you had a hidden agenda If you dare step
into our house… …you’ll be limbless! Try it! Wouldn’t I have felt this way
when you stepped into my territory! All my curses You come in, dear Give it to me Go to hell and rot – I’ll get even with you
– Ignore her Thanks Come in, dear Place your right foot forward
That’s an auspicious omen First wife has a generous heart! I’ve kept sugar and
milk, make a pudding – Which temple?
– Thiruverkadu This man doesn’t change the venue,
even if he changes the woman! We are too young to bless you
We wish you with folded hands Haven’t you given
this news to the media, bro? All this happened
in the wink of an eye! That’s why I couldn’t inform you Is that so? Thamizh, ask my wife to
hand over the money to you Hers is a lucky hand Okay, bro Give him the money Sudhandhirakodi? Thamizh has praised you sky high Don’t worry at all I’ll perform your wedding
in grand style and splendor – What say, MG?
– Hahn…hah! And you believe him?! Give him the money Thamizh, think of our village
guardian deity and take this You’ll have a rosy path
ahead of you without thorns Let’s pray for your happiness Get up God Karuppusamy! Please protect these 2 children
And be with them in their journey Let’s take his blessings Hey Thamizh! Why are
you falling at my feet? Get up You’ll lead a happy life together
Trust me, you’ll be fine Thank you so much Sudhandhiram…? Father Go in and call your mother Mother Sudhandhiram, show me your hand Stretch your hand Not this hand
Show your left hand I went for my regular checkup
Everything is fine Look at that! Perfect fit
as if you measured it He’s calling me
I’ll talk to you later Green sari is for Sudhandhiram
The purple is for you, okay? Sudhandhiram, you are really lucky I was so perturbed how I will
find the right husband for you My friend Jilaki volunteered willingly Who will do this?
He’ll treat you like royalty I’ve informed the church 10th of this month
is the engagement You’ll be married only after
you complete your studies You’ll finish soon, right? What are you
day dreaming for? Go in and get dinner ready
for our son-in-law-to-be Hurry up Come in Elango, wait For past 3 days
you’ve been missing I don’t even have cash Only then I can think
of doing business! Keep this I don’t take money
from strangers Am I a stranger to you? Of course I will return
this with interest, okay? See you Elango…? What, PM? That honey bunny
was wowwww! – PM, how does the girl look?
– Special Eye catching love
Earmarked to fit like a glove Too much
This is too much But I can’t trust you though You claimed the Arakkonam girl was chic
And clubbed me with a broom stick Thank God
Guna told me in time I’ve evaluated so many Like a jury in a reality show
I’m ‘grading king’ of Tamil Nadu Terrific!
You rock Thamizh…? Kodi…Kodi? – Thamizh
– Kodi? – Very good morning
– Come here Thamizh, I need to talk to you Wait! We are discussing
an important matter here Yov PM…what is
your grade for my girl? Why are you silent? Thamizh, keep quiet Will she pass or not? She’s gold, da – PM, tell me
– Shut up, you idiot! Kodi, will you at least pass? She is walking off
Call her back, da Wait…we’ll try to make up! Will you come with me to
the library in the evening? I need to copy the syllabus Okay, let’s go Kodi…? Thamizh? Kodi- Kodi, what happened? Kodi is not here
She just left Like brother like sister
Peas in the same pod! What big crime did I do? Kodi…waaaait! Talk to me Leave me alone…please What did I do
to deserve this? You want to know
how I look, no? If I look ugly
you’ll ditch me? Chee! Shame on you Don’t be dumb Hey Kodi!
You won’t talk to me, huh? Your voice brings back
memories of Rosy sister to me That’s you You hit me, right?
I was bleeding That’s you! I don’t want anything You understood me? Go…go away from me This is me…Thamizh Go Hey! You have no sense? Why are you simply
standing there… …watching him and
not saying anything? Loony fellow
Crackpot What about you? This hurt is also you
I don’t feel any pain What do you think of
my feelings for you? You and your brainlessness! I came to tell you
something very important I got mad with you
for asking PM to grade me My brother wants me to get
engaged to his friend on 10th I don’t know what will happen I am scared Why should you be scared? I knew this I already thought about it
Let’s get married on 9th! Why are you quiet? We’ll register our marriage
Not the usual wedding I’ll get everything organized You just land up You’ll come, won’t you? I’ll be there Kodi, you’ll be there, right? Of course I’ll take care Let’s go
It’s getting late Kodi, one minute – Come, get up
– Kodi…? Kodi, 1 minute, please wait Shall I see just once
how you look…? Shall I…? What- Let me see What are you do-

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