Cuckoo – S02E02 – Potato Party (2014): 0:45 – 2:10

– Ha.
– Hey, mom. Oh, please, don’t call me that. Check this out. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I learned a song too. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna… …Rama Rama Hare Rama Meet anyone interesting today? Yes. I did Ken. These
really super sweet guys. Bald headed guys? Yes! Were they in the shopping
center giving out leaflets? You know them too? The nicest folk I’ve met
since I’ve been here. Well, aside from those super friendly
Jehovah’s Witness guys last Wednesday. Yes. This also happened. Yeah. Ken said I should
stop talking to them. After all, I just got
out of some cult myself. I’m not going to dive back
into another one any time soon. – Oh, Dale.
– What? – No.
– Yes. Are you serious? You gotta be kidding me. Oh, look. It’s the Delai Lama. Delai Lama, Ken. This is the woman I married. Very nice. Ha, ha. Change now.

5 thoughts on “Cuckoo – S02E02 – Potato Party (2014): 0:45 – 2:10

  1. Iskcon-Hare Krishna "cult" the religion of pedophiles, criminals, excuses and victims,
    come join our dysfunctional religious enterprise and chant Hare Krishna. It's a
    race to the bottom, and we’ll help you get there. Guru’s, Swami’s need not
    apply, find your own cult, there is only so much victim money to go around.

  2. omg !!!! it's pleasure to listen hare rama hare krishna from Taylor… I m glad he said it nicely… Love n respect from INDIA….

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