Cuckoo Movie Comedy Scene | Dinesh and Aadukalam Murugadoss become friends | Malavika Nair

Thamizh, what’s that hurt
on your forehead? I fell down
from the train, bro When he got on
to the electric train… …he got electrocuted! What are you saying? What does he think of himself? How can he reject
my recommendation?! I believe you refused to
take this boy in our troupe? Doesn’t he remind you of
our actor Ilayathalapathy Vijay? He looks like Vijay? What’s Vijay’s cousin’s name? Vikranth, bro He doesn’t even
resembles his cousin! But naming yourself Chandrababu,
you ruined that great comedian’s name! If only our MGR was alive, he would
have disfigured your face with 1 blow You claimed
she looked like Sridevi She looks like death disfigured! I’m minding my own business
Why are you spoiling for a fight? I can’t handle this Let me see you perform Move aside Move back Hey! Girl is mine
So is the gun!! You’re saying
you own everything Hereafter he is our Vijay Noted, bro Naturally you will
be so darn partial For past 3 months, the boy
I recommended is running errands My dear Sendhil, come here Doesn’t he remind you
of actor Ajith in Billa? Does he look
like Ajith to you?! What a self created mess for Tamilians?
Putting heroes on a pedestal! Let me see you perform How long will I act as a hero? That’s it! God help me What…? Oh! That’s a film dialog, huh? He is hereafter our Ajith
Ultimate star of our troupe I’ll note this also Wait…hear me out Both of you will be
paid only Rs 35 He beats Uncle Scrooge hollow! Means they are above
India’s poverty line Politics is prohibited here I like it God…don’t torture me Manjula is from a troupe in Theni,
struggling to make ends meet I knew you had a hidden agenda
when you accepted those 2 boys Kanakavalli…come inside I’ll note this also Ilaiyaraja, next is your song Our Junior Ilaiyaraja “A girl’s heart is deep, no doubt
Only a man knows this inside out” “Even the girl knows the layout” “What lies submerged…well
who can really tell?” “Who really knows
her thought process?” “A girl’s heart is deep, no doubt
Only a man knows this inside out” “Even the girl knows the layout” “What lies submerged…hell
who can really tell?” “Who can read
her mind indeed?” Immersed in Junior Ilaiyaraja’s
soul stirring song… …Gavas has donated Rs 1000 On popular request
we want to hear this song Once more Once more! Once more!! Once more!!! Radio was discovered by Marconi But our Maestro magnetized us
with his mesmerising melody I’ve never in my life heard
such a magical song I am mad about you I am crazy about you For a male voice I’ve never
seen anyone contribute… …stacks of notes like this For our ‘classical cuckoo’
this is peanuts Take…don’t refuse Omelet Ajith, did you take are of MG? He got the lion’s share! Classical cuckoo, what’s that
band-aid on your forehead? I fell down from the bus, bro But last time you said
you fell down from a train Kuberan bro, all lies He didn’t fall
from a train or a bus A girl hit him, bro Keep quiet Tell me…can a girl
hit a grown up man? Can a woman hit
a grown up man? 100% wrong Good heavens! Keep aside food for me
and go to bed, you two Which one got violent, bro? Take a loud guess
by the sound of it I think the 2nd one
by her medium fast bowling Every single man is
a growling tiger outside Back home he becomes
a close-lipped cat But whatever happens
should be within the 4 walls Image is top priority Very true That girl hit him in front
of all the passengers… …in the Arokanam train
Only he and I didn’t see Shut up Then she should really
be taught a good lesson Cuckoo, who is that girl? Shall I teach her a lesson? – Shall I?
– I’ll take care, bro She’ll learn a lesson
she’ll never forget tomorrow Waste of good liquor I’m sure that flag
will fly half mast! Wine shop shutters
will be down by now Maintain the same tempo Let her turn up
I’ll split her ears into 2 Throw your tantrums at her She is here Sumathi is captain this year too That’s not her footstep Why isn’t she picking our call?
Isn’t she back as yet? She has come You’ve memorized even the sound
of her footsteps in so short a time?! Thamizh…are you here? Who? I want to talk to you alone Will you come? Lesson is changing
to 1st gear now Sit down, Thamizh Sit down, Thamizh Mother Mary, please take him
under Your gracious fold He is a goat so lost
can’t find his way If I had sowed the seed of rage
within him yesterday… …please weed it out Please forgive me
for my ignorant deed Mary, let this case go Don’t punish him
like Sangeetha’s case Thamizh, where is the wound? Oh Lord, in the name of
the Holy spirit, amen

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