Cuckoo For You Box

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch the following video is a demonstration of me making
this box live yesterday and if you need anything or have any questions let me
know I hope you enjoy the video have a great day okay so today I posted chic
candy 41 over on my website and I announce the winner for chick candy 40
okay so all the details are over on my website
tonight we’re using cuckoo for you and tiny keepsakes so you can imagine what
I’m going to be using since we’re making a very small box although as I look at
this now I’m like I see other options I could have used but oh well okay so here
are the supplies this is a pretty pretty simple project to make but I think it’s
it’s cute and it’s fun we’re using crumb cake card stock and it measures eight
and a half by five and then we have some whisper white oh and I forgot the real
red piece so I’ll have to grab that and then we have four pieces of the designer
series paper that measure one in seven eighths by seven eighths and then two
pieces that measure one in seven eighths by three quarters and a piece of real
red okay so we’ll get the simply scored scoring tool and we will score the box
we’ll make the box first and then we’ll decorate it okay so we’re going to place
it on the 8 and a half inch side and I’m going to score it at 2 4 6 8 and then
I’m going to score it at 2 inches on the 5 inch side on both sides okay now our
Lior today I was thinking about making this box bigger and I made it so big
that it’s almost like not even the same box so I decided to save that one for
later and just go ahead and show the same project as a Christmas version
yeah because every all the measurements changed this is using box template 3b
and I was like well I could call it 3c but it doesn’t have any of the same
measurements it that was just my starting point so I scrapped it but
you’re gonna love it okay so I’m going to come over here to the half-inch side
and I’m going to cut this section off oh okay almost too much and then this one
so the Halloween version of this box uses the delightful tag topper punch
which is currently on backorder so tonight we’re going to use the scalloped
tech tag topper punch okay so I removed the 1/2 inch strip those two pieces I
angle cut those and then down here I’m going to cut up to the score line on all
three of those and the same thing on this side okay so the the piece that is
closest or that is next to this half-inch you’re gonna use the curve I
can’t talk the scalloped tag topper punch so you’re going to use it on the
first and the third when you’re starting on the half-inch side okay so I’ve got
my scallop tag topper punch and then for this one I used the delightful tag
topper punch I’m looking at I’m thinking did I I did
yeah they’re similar they’re both in the annual catalog okay now I’m gonna put
this back on the simply scored scoring tool but I move this and I’m going to
score at one inch just these two let’s see I want the white in oh I went a
little crooked there okay so here’s where we are I’m gonna fold on those
score lines now we’re going to place adhesive here I am gonna use my tearing
tape I’m gonna use to take your pick tool to remove the backing and then fold
it over and fold this over okay so that’s the back of my box cuz that’s got
the seam so that makes this the front of my box
since the seam is back here so I’m going to add my tear and tape here okay now fold these sides and fold that
down and fold that over the bottom isn’t going to look completely perfect it’s
okay not very many people look at the bottom so someone asked me earlier today
if a Ricci cut would fit in here so I was going to show you guys it will if
you shove it but if you buy the snack sized ones those fit so this is not the
snack size this is like them there’s little ones now do I have any I don’t
but I just bought a bunch of bags of candy they’re upstairs so the little
ones will fit in here the little round ones will fit and then there’s a new
there’s a new package it’s it’s like that long that long and that wide it
will fit so Laffy Taffy will fit and I think as I showed you guys earlier the
little mini KitKat will fit the charli’s will fit I have to say this candy down
here is making me want to eat it okay so I’m going to fold that over and that’s
how it’s going to close but we’re going to wait to close it in just a minute
so let’s get our designer series paper pieces okay I hated cutting up the left
that little happy snowman but it’s okay I’m going to use that paper on something
else oh goodness gracious the dog next door is barking so then there goes Ruru he sees my lights the dog next door so
they kind of freak him out it looks like Fort Knox down here or maybe like a UFO
okay so I’m using the liquid glue to add the designer series paper it’s starting to get dark now earlier I
don’t like it at all yeah it’s already like dusk outside when my sister and I
talk sometimes it’s still daylight here and it’s completely pitch black at home
where she is in Tennessee and it’s so crazy because it’s the same time we’re
both on Central Time except it’s pitch black dark there and
it’s the Sun still out here it’s like wow I don’t understand
but it’s because we’re West I guess okay so there’s those now I’m going to add
these two I wonder if I were to call her at five in the morning if it would be
light sooner there than here I don’t know I would rather not get up at 5:00
a.m. okay there’s that one and then here’s this one okay so now we can close it looks pretty
good so far right so I’m gonna take the real red cotton ribbon I don’t know if
I’ve used this lately I don’t think I have it’s really nice ribbon I have ink
on my fingers I’ve had ink on it if you’re wondering why I tossed it since I
still have to take pictures of the samples I don’t want ink on it okay I
have to say I am a little bit wiped out I’m a little tired
I cut a cut designer series paper all weekend cut and packaged it so I’m a
little lethargic okay so I’m gonna take the linen thread to tie this yeah so I
filmed with video earlier today for was it Stamp Club online I think it was for
Stamp Club online and I sounded hoarse it’s just because I’m tired I don’t have
a cold or anything thank goodness knock on wood mm-hmm I’m gonna get my
flu shot earlier this year than later I used to never get them but now I’m
terrified of getting the flu okay so there’s our cute little bow now what am i doing next oh we have to
stamp so I am using the reindeer so when I created this project when I was making
it I was thinking reindeer food so you could turn this box into a reindeer food
yeah you could little pack of oatmeal with some cookie sprinkles inside
okay so there’s him and then I’m going to take the tiny keepsakes
merry merry image and I’m going to stamp this two times because I just figured
out the greeting for this project a little bit ago and it took me a couple
times to master it so I just want to make sure that I can I did it three
times in a row so you’ll see what I mean in just a minute okay so I’m gonna take
three stamping blend markers and I’m gonna start with these these are the
frosted and clear epoxy droplets they are in our annual catalog so I’m going
to take the dark real red stamp and blend marker and I’m gonna color one of
these shiny ones you can use the frosted if you want but since I have plenty of
both of them I’m going to use the shiny this time okay now we’ll set that aside
to dry I’m gonna color so this is light soft suede light crumb cake and dark
real red and you don’t have to use the real red on his nose but just in case well I’ll show you in a minute
I’m gonna stop talking so I’m going to color the rack or antlers this is the light soft suede and then I’m going to color that inside
of its ears whoops that went out of the line oh well it’s okay
and then now light crumb cake he’s cute isn’t he and then I want to go ahead and color
its nose but we are going to be covering that up with this epoxy droplet so you
don’t have to do that but maybe if you were to see through the droplet at all
it would be helpful to have it colored okay so here’s don’t freak out on me so
I stamped this you saw me stamp it I’m taking the classic label punch and I am
cutting that part off that’s not the one we’re using will say that for something
later this is the piece I’m using okay I want this greeting really small okay so
there it is and then now I’m gonna take my scissors and I’m just just gonna cut
that at an angle is that right yeah okay here’s our greeting okay so now we’re
gonna get the dies out we’re using the ornate frames dies yes this is the the
one that’s included in the Halloween set I told people I was going to be using it
for Christmas as well and then I’m also using the stitch shapes so that’s the
stitch square so I’m going to move this stuff out of the way and get the big
shot real quick Margaret my linen thread is on our paper piercer let me get that
back so our old retired paper piercer and it is in a chick stand and I keep
our Baker’s twine and linen thread on there
it’s the perfect spool yeah so the chick stands are over on my website that was a
great question okay so I’m just going to cut this piece out and now we’ll cut this one out and yes
it is a very close fit and I mean very very very very close it was a little bit
of a struggle to find a Christmas image that was small enough to fit on this box
I could have used just a greeting the way I did with this one but I couldn’t
find a really beautiful font and we don’t have the embellishments the
snowmen ones are on backorder so that’s the reason I went in this
direction okay so he’s cute though right I don’t want to lose my frame once or
dies so let me put those back in their pocket okay here’s our box get our
little droplet here and I need to get the little pieces out of this okay what am i doing I’m gonna attach
him to the real red piece just with some liquid glue so I’m gonna add just a dab
that was a little bit more than a dab but oh if that’s lid huh I always say
that’s the great thing about the liquid glue is that you can move your your you
can move the item while it’s still dry in and then now I’m going to take a
dimensional and put that on the back we can turn him over now and pick up our
epoxy droplet it should be dry now make sure you let this dry because otherwise
you’ll get it on your finger and you’ll get it on your paper cute right okay so now where’s our
greeting so here’s our greeting I’m gonna add it with liquid glue and I went
round and round of where to add this thing to so you are welcome to change up
the greeting and the placement of it if you make this project I’m going to show
you a couple other options that I was playing with earlier today
okay so then this is gonna go here okay so there you have it it’s pretty simple
but it’s still really cute right so this is the one we just made and this is the
one I made earlier cute and then here’s the Christmas I mean the Halloween
version so today when I was playing with this I used the ornate frame dies so
instead of the if you don’t have the stitched shapes dies you could use one
of the ornate frame when you turn it around and you can see so I thought
about doing that that’s kind of cute I use the stitch circle instead of the
stitch shape that looks cute too I use the square because sometimes people tell
me I always use circles so I’m like okay let’s mix it up a little bit let’s use a
square but I was uncomfortable with that dead space right there now let me show
you another direction I went I just couldn’t pull it off though I I stamped
like 20 different greetings and I just couldn’t get it but let me turn this
over so you can see what I’m without the direction I was going I was really
trying to use that move set and I love this little raccoon on the on the log
but that don’t go like some it it’s it’s cute but it’s not it’s not right like
it’s it’s got to go back to the drawing board but and I fussy cut this out there
is no die for that one but anyway I’m gonna use this guy on
something I just got to figure out a greeting for him I’m ready I’ll just use
it on a bigger project and use a punch or a framelit yeah or a die okay I’m
gonna sign off and go have dinner with my husband you guys have a great night
and I’ll see you again on Wednesday thank you

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  1. Oh my gosh Angie. What a great idea for the linen thread spool. Love that unexpected tip. Love all your projects and I’m pretty sure I’ll be casing this one. Thank you for sharing.

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