Cuckoo and Buffy (Click CC for captions)

The first day I brought these chicks home they were so scared They had been living in a breeder box crowded with a lot of other chicks and only a light bulb for warmth instead of a mother. They were a little skittish at first but we have been giving them a lot of love and attention We’ve had the chicks for three weeks now and a couple times a day, Allen will take them out and hold them on his lap This is Buffy. She’s a Buff Oprington. She is the sweetie She is very curious and friendly. The darker one is Cuckoo She’s a Cuckoo Maran and when she gets bigger she will have beautiful markings on her feathers like a Barred Rock Often times Buffy will try to get underneath Cuckoo sort of like a little chick would do with a mother hen and I think maybe Buffy thinks Cuckoo is her mother Cuckoo doesn’t seem to mind much but it’s kind of funny when she does that They also have this little ritual they do when they are on Allen’s lap They have to make a nest And sometimes they scuffle and peck and scratch and snuggle into their little nest for 20 minutes, until they finally settle down for a nap When the chicks are on Allen’s lap, they stay and they don’t leave the chair area They may wander to the boundary and look over the edge into what lies beyond but they never hop off. They stay even when Allen dozes off They don’t like to be separated. For example… if we put Buffy on the other side of the room It doesn’t take long before she… …flies home. Good girl! Good Girl! Eventually they will leave Allen’s lap and when they do we’ll know they are ready to go out to the chicken coop That’s what happened with Raven One day she just flew off Allen’s lap landed by the TV and became obsessed with a picture on the wall Seriously, we couldn’t let her in the house any more after that but she’s very happy in the chicken coop now Do you miss Cinder? I know

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  1. Very cute and heartfelt video. I love the disclaimers at the end. I hope I die before you so you will make a nice video of me. 🙂

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