Crows vs Kites fight for chicken bones

It’s the crows versus the kites today in Mumbai,
as they battle it out for these chicken bones leftover from my lunch. There’s the whistle, and off we go. We can see a crow there,
but oh my, a kite swoops in right away – and goes for the largest bone there. The kites take the lead almost immediately,
and the crows are just left watching. Let’s look at that one again, a beautiful
swoop-in by the kite, perfect legwork, or should I say talented talons, just a beautiful
sight, and the first score of the day. The kites lead one-nil. The match continues, and the crows make an
attempt, but nothing serious there. And again, and this time the crow goes straight
for it, right in the beak, SCORE! Another crow comes in, will this be another
one? No, he passes harmlessly. Good attempt, but the score is tied, one-all. And the crow again, another valiant effort,
hovering for a moment there, the audience loves it, but no luck. What are the kites doing? Oh my god, the crows come back in, right out
of nowhere, making this look easy with a smooth twist, and they are now in the lead,
crows lead the kites two-one, the crowd goes wild with excitement! The crows looking to press their attack further,
almost got that one there, but they have to go back empty beak this time. And its a crow again, and it’s got a better
grip, is this it, yea he’s got one, a piece flew into the balcony but it’s a SCORE all
right! And another attack from the crows, keeping
up the pace, the kites seem to have no answer to the crows strength in numbers today. Should we write off the kite? That is the question now, as the crows lead
three to one, and absolutely dominate the playing field. Hold that thought – a classic raptor swoop,
oh the beauty, the grace, the kite strikes again, making no mistake as it picks up its
second bone of the match, the spectator pigeons scattering in fear there, the kites are back
in the game for now. The score is three-two, it’s time for the
kites to step up if they want to win today. A crow, coming in fast, almost had it there,
but maybe too fast, fumbles, but a brave attempt there nevertheless. The tension rises, the crows try an unorthodox
move, bouncing off the side there, but no, they have to call it off. But that leaves the forward open, and the
other crow smoothly lands there, what will he do? Yes! The crow finds the bone from inside the balcony,
reaches in and backflips out, he’s done it again! What an exciting match, what a show of abilities
and intelligence from both sides here in Mumbai. And there’s the death blow, the crows finish
this off, with the final bone, there’s the kite in the distance, but it’s too late, the game is over, the crows have it, they are the victors here today.

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