20 thoughts on “Credit Repair || Where Do I Get My Account Numbers For Credit Repair Disputes? || Fix Credit Score

  1. I sent out my first round of letters, on my 26 day only reply from credit bureau was equifax saying they need an additional 15 days should I receive credit reports before 30 days?

  2. I used the 609 letter just to try out with Transunion. I followed all the steps. I had 6 derogatory marks. My score was in the low 600's a month later. I'm at 709! 4 items were removed. I did not include the account #s in my letter just the amounts owed and the names of the agencies handling collecting. I'm going to send my second letter for the other two. I think it's wise to include the account #'s but my letter still worked without them.

  3. hey brandon I went to annual credit report and when I try to look for my account numbers it just pops up with a lot of xxxxx and 2 to 4 numbers like xxxxxx35 or xxxxxx326 how can I pull the whole thing so I can file my disputes plz help..

  4. when doing the dispute letters for inquiries, do I put all the inquiry account numbers on the letter or 1 letter for each inquiry?

  5. I just got my 3 reports from annual report and some of the accounts don't have numbers just blank spaces or xxxx's with no partial numbers I just bought your e-book planning on sending the first round of letters what do I do about not having the account numbers

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