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  1. Egyptian Hieroglyphs


    RI Lecture by Andrew Robinson



  2. Finally RI and the British Elites are confessing the TRUTH in world history. NONE OF THE SO CALLED ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WRITINGS / HIEROGLYPHS COULD BE INTERPRETED or DECIPHERED by White europeans and or their colleagues. Great work Andrew Robinson.

  3. This could be condensed to five minutes, if he just talked about the translating of the hieroglyphics, and skipped all the superfluous tangents.

  4. I rarely comment negatively on videos because there seems little point but that was shambolic and tedious. Just how does the fact that Champollion's wife's father was a glove-maker impact the deciphering of Egyptian scripts? Had less time been spent on such pointless diversions there might have been less cause to apologise (on three or four occasions?) for the lack of time…
    Given that the premise of these lectures was the cracking of ancient codes, or as Irving Finkel pointed out more prosaically but accurately the deciphering of ancient languages and scripts this 40 minutes actually seems to gloss over both Champollion's methods and the extent of his eventual achievement. Absurdly so when those very things are set out quite cogently in his _Précis_. It also seems perverse, given how instrumental the Rosetta Stone was, not to show us an example of how the texts were found to correlate or even a reasonable gimps of the inscriptions themselves, only a view of the stele. An opportunity mostly wasted.

  5. It must burn the English that it was a Frenchman who ultimately cracked the hieroglyphic code, but it must burn the French that the English kept the Rosetta Stone. And Egyptians? They're just burned.

  6. Thank you for answering that critical question that has been tearing at our minds for decades: What did Champollion's childhood street look like?

  7. Really well done. I've studied a lot about the subject and knew the basic story well. I, for one, really appreciated all the so-called tangents; they really made the context clear and the story richer. Informative and great fun. Thank you.

    Some folks, learning this for the first time without much background, could benefit from going to Wikipedia or the local library to get up to speed, then return here.

  8. This video was looking good for the first 15 mins and then it went downhill for several reasons.
    The title is `Cracking Ancient Codes: Egyptian Hieroglyphs ` when there is only some vague references to Coptic, being the last stage of the Egyptian language and still practiced by Coptic Egyptians today.

    Shouldn't you focus more on the actual Coptic language itself, the whole video was just focusing on Young, ok he is a respected scientist, the whole video seemed to be Brits vs Frechies..

    Young did not decipher the hieroglyphics, he attempted to via mathematics, but failed due to the complexities… the rest of the video seemed negative towards Champollion, considering he actually did decipher the hieroglyphics, he was taught the language by a Coptic Egyptian.

    Better video on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVKaqB8QtR4&t=18s

    Thirdly as an Egyptologist, you should protest the sale of the Christie's auction loot that recently occurred: https://www.livescience.com/65790-king-tut-statue-investigation.html

  9. its really a simple accomplishment that was going to be learned given time. it prolly wasnt a 100 people that even tried to figure it out . less than that had access ti the rosetta stone.

  10. The unsung heroes of Egyptology are the Arab scholars, whose intelligence first read Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The French and the English were ungrateful students, as usual.

  11. This video somehow began auto-playing on my laptop due to being related to another video I was watching, and my first thought was "Hmm, I'm surprised to see Bill Gates discussing Egyptian hieroglyphs!'' I'm sure I wasn't the only one :p

  12. It would be fair to say that Young began by using an Egyptian demotic alphabet of 29 letters built up by Johan David Åkerblad in 1802. Many people worked on this at that time in Europe. And only Champollion was able to find the right solution thanks to his knowledge of the coptic language used by Christians in Egypt. The fact that it hurts british pride, since the Rosetta stone was taken to the French to be sent in England, will not change History. Especially since all these discoveries came from the strong interest of Napoleon in science. Ancient Egypt had been ignored by everybody else before for 2000 years, especially by muslim rulers who hated the idea that Egypt had other gods much before.

  13. What do you think about the reconstruction of the pronunciation ? Mainstream egyptology considers it to be either impossible or not worth the trouble. But some egyptologists or linguists say , that it is possible to get a fairly plausible reconstructed pronunciation in the light of new linguistic researches. ( My primary interest is the reconstruction of the spoken language and I am very frustrated by mainstream egyptology literature that gives a consonant-only transliteration , ignoring the work of those who try to reconstruct a plausible vocalised pronunciation . )

  14. I guess it's my fault for watching on the phone without an ad blocker, but when your science lecture is interrupted by ads its quite disheartening; especially for a prestigious outfit like RI. Has everything simply devolved into a shameless money grab? Is RI that hard up now?

  15. Very interesting talk, but rather less about "deciphering" and more just biography. I was hoping for some detail there, what are the steps in actually doing this? Irving Finkel was the same on cuneiform, biography rather than details on how to translate an unknown language.

  16. Kind of like asking Vinnie if Dimebag likes my Handwriting and if He could create pictographic Books that translate Icons into French : QC

  17. I find it interesting the Egyptians could not read there own hieroglyphs and had no knowledge at all about the Giza Pyramids then came up with a the Pyramid Tomb theory that is refuted because no Pyramids in Egypt were found to be tombs ?

    The Queens and Kings chambers were fictionally named why is the big question ?

    The Physical rain erosion on the Sphinx destroys everything the Egyptians say about the Sphinx ?

    The vast erosion must have come when the heavy rain occurred 10,000 years ago before the Egyptians were there !

    All the Kings tombs are found in the Valley of the Kings yet they came up with fiction to explain why the Giza pyramids were built perhaps because they do not themselves understand why the pyramids were built for ????

    The Giza Plateu was leveled before the Pyramids were built , when this started is a good question as no one knows for sure ?

    Why were they build and who really picked the location first to carve the Sphinx is quite a mystery !

    No Hieroglyphs were in any of the 3 Giza pyramids or paintings except badly done on one spot that said King Kuafu after the Egyptians finally got inside and is suspect evidence for dating the pyramids ?

    Every bit of what the Egyptians said is suspect after so much false information was given by Egyptian authorities of Archeology !

    It 2019 and we still do not understand why the Giza Pyramids were even built and by whom is a mystery also because the dates given are not reliable and you cannot date rock yet no Giza Pyramid building information is in the Egyptian recorded works they have for other monuments of Statues ?

    The modern investigations have rendered all textbooks false as tombs and dates are not correct assumptions by the Egyptians at all !

    Not recording the Pyramid building at Giza throws doubt on who actually built the pyramids at Giza as these are by far more perfect than other Egyptian pyramids ?

  18. Trying some words only is vain for a complex meaning, there is no traduction as we think. its more like many levels of understanding. "Donnation to gods" is just the first level for example. We need to associate numerology, symbols etc…Champollion school is ending ! The knowlege about history we gain is short, and even partially wrong. Translate this in a modern langage is not very usefull in that way.

  19. Superb presentation Andrew. If you are reading this, what would be the most sacred or beautiful Hieroglyphs? For example, in English "as above so below" is considered wise and has a deep meaning, etc.

  20. This is quite a story and glad to hear it told with this much detail. Champollion's name is probably known to many people with a passing knowledge of Egyptology–but great to hear this fleshed out like this and learn what a true hero is is in deciphering one of the mysteries of the ages.

  21. Sometimes even on youtube we can find interesting speech reconstructions. One of my favorites is this : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=io0QFYxulV4

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  23. " Polishing the egos' of Royal Institution scholars that contributed a small part in the deciphering of Egyptian texts"'
    Thank you Britons' for giving us Vyse the forger. Mention should have been made of Birches work.

  24. "no one knows how to read it"????
    Speak for yourself.

    I already did…
    The spheres above there heads was what they called "god heads".
    The planets they're thought were in….

    The planets they're thought were in….

    If they had a bird head then it was that person's job to explain the sky gods.

    Everyone understood the meaning of life was to understand the meaning of life back then.
    So everyone in that kingdom was all of the smartest from all over the world.

    This is why all of today's cities in Egypt have roots from many other cultures languages.

    Egyptian is neat , you have to read it left to right, right to left, upside ward, and upside down.

    Then if you read it in a mirror….. well you know.. I am crazy so why feed any belief systems (death in life)any further?
    It is only harmful to all involved.

    There is a great secret in the great pyramid.

    "They" the "sages"/ "magi"/"divine order" /arrogant one's/selfish one's KNOW what i am talking about……….

  25. Very interesting. I didn't know the fact that Egyptian writing was forgotten for 2,000 yrs. But how can it happen that the language of the whole nation was forgotten? There sure must have been someone who kept it alive. It's like forgetting English now.

  26. Great mind, who almost does not connect to or need his body. Don't think he ever kicked a football or climbed a tree. In the future we can harvest theese minds and put them in a jar connected to the internet

  27. This guy managed to put even an Egyptology history buff to sleep. So boring. It's like he intentionally rambled on. Insisting on throwing irrelevant superfluous redundant sentences at the end of every other sentence in order to fill time. Never have I wanted to yell "get to the point" more at my computer screen. Gives scholars a bad name. Watch Irving Finkel to see how someone who's actually knowledgeable and intelligent get's it done. History can be interesting and engaging and unfortunately this man does it upmost to make it the opposite.

  28. For more on decipherment see the works of Dr. Bob Brier of LIU or Dr. Marc Zender of Tulane University. They are major scholars in this field.

  29. This report does for Viking age runes what the Rosetta stone did for Egyptian hieroglyphics. I have discovered a dictionary that allows me to read and write in Viking age runes known as Elder Futhark as an ideogram. Please look at, 'The Log of the Kensington Runestone' on 'You Tube', for an introduction to my discovery. This show has been seen in over 37 countries to date. People have been sending me inscriptions from their locals and I have found I can read a number of them. Stories from over six centuries ago are now readable. Email ([email protected]) for a copy of my report. Do you want to read the runes in your area ?

  30. Your story is unstructured, images used are very unattractive and tell hardly anything extra to your silly facts put on a shelve using archeology and early Egyptologists work means…error, error, error. While listening to an unattractive voice horsing around with facts not even scholars to this topic would find useful. Sorry to say, but you are a perfect example of a teacher or professor that will not have successful students in this field. Chaotic evidence to a chaotic way of presentation. I seriously have no good words I could hand you. TRY AGAIN or keep the stage free for people doing a better job on explaining and teaching.

  31. Well uh and uhh followed by uh and then another uh. What the Uh.
    What’s does the hieroglyph for ‘uh’ look like?

  32. western people will find it very difficult becoz of the approach to learn a African language , im Bantu speaking African and I see the similarities… I promise its in African languages

  33. That sarcophagus is a more than 'interesting' item, when you learn that the Hebrew name for ARK and COFFIN are the same word, the same word as for Moses' little 'container' which he is found in the Nile ! Also, the fact that the name Moses means "A SON", just like Tutmosis meant a son of Tut. "ARON" is that Hebrew word of ARK and Coffin, strangely like the name AARON, MOSES' own brother ! Body/Soul dualism?

  34. A lot of details about people and places but not much real content.. No real understanding of the hieroglyphs will ever be made until "science" realizes that our minds have 2 components one being synthesis and the other analysis.. as in home versus house.. fair versus equal. We have 2 states of mind. And unfortunately most people have been condition to be in one.. the lower mind!

  35. Lol they are never going to decipher the hieroglyphics correctly without people of African decent they’re studying a culture that wasn’t them.

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