Cold Steel Recon Tanto Knife Unboxing Review

Uh oh, look what we got here! It finally came in the mail. We’ve been wanting one of these for a long
time. Folks, this is the Cold Steel Recon Tanto. High performance. Let’s check this out. This is the unboxing of (the knife). Give ya the tech specs in a minute. Thanks for watching Survival Bros. Let’s see this! We’re not getting paid to do this product
review. We are just checking it out for the first
time for fun. That’s a nice sheath with it. And…ahhhh! Oh man, let me back up. That is pretty bad to the bone man. Tell me what you are thinking. You just bought this. Yeah, I think it looks mean, and I saw the
tests on Cold Steel for it, read some reviews…It’s slowly becoming a real popular knife, it’s
been steadily popular for awhile but from what I’ve read online the sales are taking
off. A lot of guys from the Military are starting
to like this because it’s a hardcore combat knife. It’s badass! That’s one of the reasons I got it. I’m taking this bad unit with me to Afghanistan. We’ll see what happens with this thing. I’m sure it will be a loyal friend man. I want one. The weight on this guy is 9 ounces. It is 11 and 3/4 inches (in length) overall. 7 inch blade. 4 3/4 inch handle. Blade thickness on this thing is 3/16ths,
and it’s made of Japanese AUS 8A Metal. Steel. I feel you. You can bend this thing, and we’ve seen the
videos on this. It’s cutting pigs up, slicing watermelon,
they were going to town on water bottles. It was crazy, so check out Cold Steel dot
com. But yeah, we just got our hands on this. So what do you think about his handle? It’s got a hole too. You could put a lanyard on there, if you want. Sure. It feels sturdy. It feels like, even if you got it wet it would
give you some good grip. It’s got got this good little lip here, your
can tuck your hand up under. Protect your hand a little bit. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. It feels rubberized, you’d say? Yeah. No serration. Just a straight up slicer. Let’s check out this sheath. Yeah. Tell the folks at home what you paid for it. First cut test. I actually picked it up off Amazon, and paid
like $70 plus shipping and handling. They call this their Secure-Ex sheath. From what I’ve heard from reviews I’ve read
online, it’s actually pretty good. Let’s see it. How am I suppose to film this? Oh, sorry. Come on, Vanna White it for me. lol Ok, here we go. Let’s see if it rattles around. Is it secure? No rattle. Nice. Nice little button. Feels good to you? Yeah. Put it on your backpack, your side, something. It looks like you could 550 cord it to whatever
you wanted. It’s got these other one inch slots where
you could actually put some one inch webbing through it if you want. For sure. Velcro, button for extra security. Well made for sure. Very cool. The Recon Tanto from Cold Steel. What up? Let’s see that thing. So, damn! Seven inches. Yeah. Whoo! Very cool. Thanks for watching Survival Bros. Like the video, and SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t
already. Thanks. Peace.

16 thoughts on “Cold Steel Recon Tanto Knife Unboxing Review

  1. I have wanted one of these for like 2 or 3 years… I almost bought a San Mia III version last year for like $105… now I can't find one for under $135. I still plan on buying one, but college is a money sucking pain in the butt. 

    I hope it serves you well! 

  2. Love the video. I am about to order mine and i cant wait. If you can, i know with going to Afghanistan you obviously have a lot goin on, when you get back and you have time i would love to see a follow up review on the knife to see how it held up to combat and the environment, no doubt it will do well, take care of yourself.

  3. I own this knife. My dad gave it to me for my 18th birthday! I didn't realize it was that sought after. Great review thanks!

  4. The sheaths are actually nice. I own the SRK and UWK. I need this to be the last leg of my tripod. A neighbor found one and showed us and I knew exactly what he had. He let me use it for a few days and I returned it completely Resharpened and honed. I want this knife

  5. This video will never get old!  Check out our other product reviews, & SUBSCRIBE NOW!  Plus, Tactical Gypsy is finally back in the states.  Stay tuned to #survivalbros

  6. Former Army here and great video! I was researching this knife but after watching this vid im definitely buying this one! Thanks guys!

  7. Say Heah Brother, Yeah, I have the Tanto in the three steels. Although I got ripped off on e-bay by a Fukka that sold me a 2nd in carbonV it works but on one side the lines are terribly off. Last week I took my Ka-Bar U.S.M.C. and my MK-1 soon to check out my other Tactical Knives to use in the bush and how they do, my C S Recon Tanto in AUS8 and my S.O.G. Seal Pup Elite also in AUS8, actually it's a very nice set, the edge retention on both is pretty good and the knives should compliment eachother, can't wait to use them.

  8. Say Heah, I offer you the Power of the Blessed Mother on you in Afghanistan, God Bless, We have alot of teachers here on YouTube, William Collins is one Aaron Gideon Tactical offered alot of great knife reviews and on and on, W. C. pointed out that a curve cuts great. Even though the Recon Tango is considered a Tactical Knife, I use mine in the bush, My Era and taking Randall Made model #1 and the model #14 is behind me. But right now, I like using my R T teamed up with my Seal Pup Elite, For most camp tasks, like even making handles for a baton or removing the Bark off a walking stuck, notches and lite batoning, The curve on the R T is great, The shorter S P E, has a little better control on the finer tasks, and if the best survival knife is the knife that's on you, Then I'll have two because I like my BK-14 as my neck knife but with scales because it puts it in another demention as a knife. Again, I wish you a Safe Term, and Thank You, I Salute You.

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