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  1. Hey #BuzyBeez! We were a little under the weather this week so this Chicken Congee was an amazing recipe to help heal ourselves! What do you think of this Cuckoo Multi-Cooker?

  2. you look so beautiful this epppp… not that u don't other eps 😅💕 but you're like glowing in this one!!

  3. Looks soooo comforting..as an Asian, congee is a must during sick days and your chicken congee looks absolutely inviting! 2 suggestions of my congee preference for you to try: using short grain rice to make a creamier texture; drizzling a bit of sesame oil and white pepper before serving:) ooooh you make me so hungry now!!!

  4. If this cooker is a pressure cooker, why does it take an hour to make congee? I have a pressure cooker and I can make anything that is usually a long cook time in about a third of the time. Isn’t that the point of a pressure cooker? Just curious. Also, I would have used a bone in chicken thigh or leg. I’m in the dark meat club.

  5. ahaha what a friendly sound..! coocoo! she is the friend of every Korean..:P I guess I would have porridge for this week since it's rainy all weekend..! thanx for idea :D!

  6. This made me hungry! Love all of your stories! Also can you make a video on how to make homemade yogurt with the cooker? 😇

  7. Just made this in my Dutch oven. It’s perfect! Looked just like your video.
    Have you ever heard/tried a Japanese fluffy pancake? Looks good but I don’t trust other recipes 😟

  8. Wow it’s $200. I guess I’ll be continuing to cook my porridge and other dishes in the stove like normal. Hahaha. Very cute item though.

  9. Last night I watched a scary show on Netflix: Requiem. I knew I couldn't go to sleep with that fresh on my mind, so I watched this video about chicken congee. Your soothing voice and that cuckoo chime chased all the ghosts away.

  10. This was awesome!!! Totally comfort food for sure. I just cook it on the stove usually, but now I'll have to try it in the cooker!thank u for sharing!

  11. I've not been on youtube due to work, but I had to watch this recipe as I love chao! I never get sick so it's not something I eat when feeling ill, I just love eating it. 🙂 I don't think my parents ever made this with ginger, even though I see all other Vietnamese folks doing it on youtube. Also, we don't use the green onions while cooking, only as a garnish. I love that you used the fried shallots on it since it's great on many things savory. One thing that takes it to the next level is to make home made garlic chile oil/sauce…it's delicious in chao or in the Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (easy to make by just heating oil, add a ton of minced garlic until it is lightly golden, turn off the heat and toss in a ton of pepper flakes…put in all things soupy/brothy, including lentil soup, pea soup, and Vietnamese soups!) If you want real depth to your chao, use rotisserie chicken bones and skin to make the broth (don't use any crazy flavor rotisserie, plain is fine) then add rice and continue to cook until the rice soaks up all the broth. Happy birth month, Erisy!

  12. This is my favorite way to eat congee! My only drawback is the unseasoned chicken and it’s normal super tough. How ever I only eat chicken breast… how would you marinate the chicken before so it could have mor flavors but match the congee?

  13. I prefer using onion shallot instead of spring onion in the first step of stir fry with ginger because when you cook slowly with high heat in long time it can change the color of spring onion from green to yellow and its taste is a little bit sour. By the way, thanks for sharing your recipe and I love Cháo Gà just like you 😉

  14. I’ve always wanted to try congee and tried making it today using this recipe but I added I added more ginger cause I chopped up too much lol. needless to say wish I tried congee earlier, it’s so good. Thank you for this!

  15. This is like the ideal video for recipes. You put in like several minutes of jargon of ppl and personal experience, and a lil touch of instagram. The recipe itself looks fantastic, but honestly i would be watching some other video for the same content.

  16. Thank you I do not have a cuckoo so my question is will a power pressure cooker work? I was introduce to this dish by a Vietnamese friend and I love it. I watch your YouTube video to learn how to make my own. Thank you for sharing your recipe.!

  17. Amazing recipe. I don’t usually like chao but when I am sick, chao is the number one food for me. Super comforting and friendly to my stomach when I am sick. When I sick, I would love to have chao thit bam (minced pork porridge) with pepper and spring onion. Guarantee the best food for you are sick. I also love chao nam (mushrooms porridge) with minced shrimp, this is my mom best recipe but only when I ask her to do it, other time when I too sick, I am tired to ask her so chao thit bam is beside me, most of the time.

  18. Can you show more recipes using this cuckoo multicooker? I just got one and would find it so helpful! Love your videos

  19. I’m from the north eastern part of India.
    There’s a dish in my tribe that we cook for every occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations etc.
    its called “Amin” here. And its my favorite dish 🙂
    We eat it as a side dish with our local, self made rice alcohol ( known as “Apong”) 🙂

  20. I make this every time the bf or I am sick. I love it so much though I wouldn't mind it on an average day! I like to use dark meat chicken however

  21. My whole life I've always called it Chao Ga because that's what my family says, so when I saw "congee" I did a double take and was like what's that?

  22. Just found this channel when I am in a rush to cook congee for my wife for the first time when she got fever. Thank you 🙂

  23. love, love, LOVE! Reminds me of when my grandmother used to make it for me when I was a child. Will use this recipe for congee for now on

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