Cheap Tool Review – BeaverCraft DK2s Draw Knife

hey everyone my name is Sam and welcome
back to Sam craft today I want to do a tool review of a cheap twenty-something
dollar draw knife You any good? let’s check out So I picked up this draw knife off
of Amazon about two weeks ago it was right at $23 and I got it
total transparency as a giveaway now I still bought it and then the company
reimbursed me so I bought it still but it was something that honestly I’ve been
looking at and had in my wishlist for a while it just worked out that the
company beaver crash was doing a giveaway and it just find up perfectly
and I actually won so this draw knife was totally meant to be alright let’s go
ahead and jump into this thing unbox it and take a look at it all right guys
first impressions simple box cardboard it’s got the brand over here it is a
wood carving tools and on the back tells you about ports your camera to the QR
code his website learned some more basic packaging but I’m not one to be wooed by
packaging I don’t care what it comes in as long as it’s what I want and works
second cool thing I like is that there are two things in this box the tool and
band-aids this is one of those awesome band-aids from Beaver craft they’re
great alright first look at the tool here it smells good it smells like wood
finish to me and that’s potpourri it’s not overbearing I was doing the gouge
review a couple of months back and I said it was overbearing or acted like
that was overbearing with the finish it wasn’t it’s just me being dramatic
alright the handle looks like it is made from I want to say ash
it could be oak or the other it’s a hardwood it’s fixed on there good the
sheath is very nice it’s got the beaver craft logo stamped there on it or carved
or burned or embossed it’s not inked it’s actually some
leather it’s got 2 little snaps this is real leather that is nice it’s not some
fake stuff real leather sheath and then we have the tool right there in the
middle so a quick look this is good clicking steel I don’t see any stamps on
as far as what kind of steel it is but honestly I’m not a steel snob so it’s
not like I’m looking for special numbers or anything it has the beaver craft logo
right there on the blade that’s probably laser etched looks good
to me there’s a little bit of oil on it but
honestly that is good because it keeps this thing from rusting and in storage
and really should have it anyway let’s see how it feels it feels pretty sharp
otherwise yeah ok looks good let’s see how it works I got a couple things here
in front of me I’ve got a spoon blank that I used to dig out the inside the
cup I guess you’d call it I don’t know and I worked on it a little bit but I
was hoping to use a draw knife to help shape the handle some more so I’m gonna
be doing that and then I’ve got a couple of the pieces of wood here in the shop
that we’ll try and see how it works so let’s go ahead and check this up in my
vise and start drawing the draw knife knife in the draw draw knife it and see if my vice will hold that it’s
not the greatest thing I don’t have a good vice for this at all so hopefully
this will work and you guys be able to see what’s going on and everything that is doing awesome very very good I’m
actually actually I really need to be careful with this I don’t want to mess
the spoon up just because I’m having fun scraping it let me get a scrap piece of
wood all right here is a piece of hard maple so we’ll see how the draw knife
doesn’t miss thing look at the grain I think I should pull this towards me
we’ll see if I’m wrong let’s try pushing it I think pulling it was more correct it’s
definitely the tool is not any problem any problem that I’m running into is my
bench vise not holding or honestly I’m pulling the whole workbench check
pushing it nope alright I’m go ahead and quit there while I’ve destroyed the
piece of wood I have a lot to learn about how to use a draw knife and
honestly I’m sure this thing probably still needs final honed and probably hit
with a strop to make it razor-sharp but but right out of the box that thing is
awesome this is exactly what I was hoping for in
a draw knife I don’t need anything fancy I don’t need anything I’m trying to
think of any kind of cool tool name brands or special features but whatever
I’m a simple dude this is a simple draw knife and I like it it’s good strong
they go work right what what was that it’s a good strong tool I like it a lot
and I think it’s gonna fit good on my tool wall there when I get around to
doing that project I got something else on the test with this video is not over
yet alright this chunk of hard maple
probably not the best thing to use kiln-dried hard maple so what I want to
try next is this thing it’s a slab of beech that was cut down
from our property here the tree was cut probably four years ago now it was
sliced up I actually made some bowls out of the other parts of the log here that
are missing and I’ve had this part seen in my shop for a couple years I don’t
want to do anything drastic to it but I’m curious if this draw knife can be
used to actually split this piece to give me a smaller blank out of and see
how it works on pulling some of the outside off we’re going to hit the
outside first and then I’ll see about splitting this chunk of wood with the
draw knife all right it’s in the vise as good as it’s gonna get I’m sure I’ll be
pulling my work bitch around but let’s see how it does with some of this
outside parts nice alright so I’m noticing a little flex on the blade
which i think is honestly to be expected with the flat blade I’m having to find
myself to be conscious not to push down and curve the blade when I’m using this
tool I’m gonna try to put my thumb’s here to kind of bring my fulcrum or
whatever the thumb’s closer to the middle and not do this so much but do
more this will say I’m gonna try pushing it see if that’s
any better device is fighting me guys this is probably useless in it probably
nothing but showing you guys how not to use the tool and shown you guys how
badly my vent work bench vise is okay that was enough fun let’s try splitting
this thing now let’s totally mess it up do not try this I am honestly having
second guesses about doing this to this tool
I really shouldn’t do this I don’t want to do this but I said I would do it here
we go let’s see if it’ll split well that’s
great now let’s wedged in there but now what do I do
I’m an idiot oh I don’t wanna hit the handle that’s gonna break the handles okay good I got it out bend it still
looks good I’m sorry I’m sorry little draw knife I’m sorry you got sent to a
complete amateur it’s immediate guy that’s willing to do all sorts of crazy
stuff on camera drop test all right guys in all actuality I’m
really pleased with this tool I have completely abused it you shouldn’t do
what I just did I don’t even know why I did what I just did other than the fact
just to show you guys you could do what I just did
but then don’t do what I just did Wow the actual cutting with the blade looks
like to be four and a quarter inches wide or nope this isn’t metric so sorry
the handles itself about three and three-quarter three and three-quarter
and the overall tool length is 12 and three-quarter inches wide the blade
thickness 3/4 inch and looks like maybe an eighth inch thick steel so it suffice
to say four inch cutting with three inch handles twelve inch overall length not
bad I’m sure this tool would work so much better with green wood not this
kiln dried or four year old air dried lumber that I have my shop I do plan on
using this with green wood as well I’ve got it on my very soon to build list to
make a shaving horse in this little buddy
will be going with me I like the leather sheath it looks really nice even if I
don’t use this tool a whole lot although I really intend to that is a nice
looking tool wood and leather mmm mmm-hmm even smells like leather because
it is leather well guys I hope you enjoyed this video hopefully I was a
little entertaining but more so was informative in case you are looking for
our draw knife got 23 bucks to blow on Amazon or just one to learn more about a
little beaver craft tool there are links below to beaver crafts website as well
as this tool on Amazon and then video links below to my other video reviews of
similar products if you enjoyed this video and you’re not a subscriber go
ahead and hit that button I’d love to have you hanging out here my shop and
just subscribe because that’s about all I can do as far as an elevator pitch
otherwise appreciate everyone watching see you guys next time
in the workshop yeah you

10 thoughts on “Cheap Tool Review – BeaverCraft DK2s Draw Knife

  1. Get a BeaverCraft DK2s Draw Knife here: BeaverCraft Tools Website:

  2. Thats ok fer small work with pratice but I perfer a spokeshave or block plane fot that stuff cause they got built in depth controll.

  3. Dooood….you’re not an idiot but that was pretty idiotic. You’re gonna get yourself hurt. Build that shave horse.

  4. I agree using the draw knife too split the wood, wasn't a good idea. Thankfully you were able to remove it, with out damage.
    Looking forward to more videos of you using this tool
    Blessings to you and your family

  5. To do a review you might need another draw blade to compare it to. From this side of the camera the handles looked too narrow for your hands. Your tests seemed to suggest you have no experience with a draw knife [I could be wrong]. To learn you might want to make a dozen sample 2 x 2 boards of a wide variety of woods, find a way to clamp that is secure, potentially line your clamp system with leather or something that will not damage the wood and have a planned shape that you carve to match using calipers. If you did this kind of practice you will likely be a lay expert by the time you are done and if you have a second draw knife you will be able to make real comparisons on how each works.

  6. Shouldn't it have a bevel………in my mind a bevel would make it draw through the wood more smoothly……..I'm not sure but it would be awesome to know in case i decided to ever make one ; )

  7. Hey Sam, Use the draw knife to shave the wood, as you pull the knife towards you move it a little left to right as you pull. Try it you'll like it !

  8. Nice find on a small draw knife. Sharpening will make a big difference.
    BTY, Nothing wrong with the vise. glue sandpaper on the vise faces and it will triple the holding power of the vise. a vise doesn't have to be expensive to hold good. You might be interested in watching my video series on "OTB vise". just do a search on that phrase on my channel to find them.

  9. Nicely done Sam πŸ˜πŸ‘. Looks like I need to add one to my toolbox, or just to hang it on the wall… it just looks so…. "tooley" 😁. Love the wood / metal and leather combo, worth getting one… just to smell it (that sounds a bit weird but you know what I mean). Nice impromptu drop test… must try that with my new router πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. Thanks for the vid Sam πŸ˜πŸ‘

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