Chasing Greatness: Exploration

I’m Madison, I’m on the Australian team and I race longer distances in wheelchair racing. “On the inside it’s McGlovern but on the outside it’s De Rozario! De Rozario is the World Champion!” I first heard about Maddie at the World Championships in 2015. That was really inspiring to me. I thought she was really cool and I still do! I first got into racing when I was four. My mum wanted to know how to get me into sport So she reached out to Kurt Fearnley on Twitter. He retweeted and said ‘why don’t you come down to Homebush and try wheelchair athletics’ and I continued doing that and haven’t stopped. ‘So like, how far do you actually wanna go in this sport? What’s the goal here?’ ‘I wanna go to the Paralympics, that’s been my goal since I started.’ We run a mentor clinic in Sydney and we just try and pair younger athletes, junior athletes with older international athletes. ‘How are my elbows?’ ‘Really good!’ ‘Okay, thanks.’ ‘I want you to stay lower and get more forward.’ It’s a unique sport, it’s a hard sport to get a hang of and so, you need that one on one and that really intense kind of teaching, how to technically learn the things. Just as a community, being a part of it is so important. Sport is gonna give Cormac so many incredible opportunities. He is gonna get to see the world from an entirely different perspective, it’s gonna give a very unique outlook. ‘I looked like such a tourist getting out of the plane… just taking photos of everything.’ We get to go to the most incredible cities and I think it’s the best way to get to experience so many different kinds of culture. You’re either in the biggest cities in the world for the marathons or you’re in these tiny little towns in Switzerland which is where the quick tracks are, so we end up in the most bizarre places. ‘You can see the Burj Khalifa. I haven’t shut up about it since I got here.’ ‘How was your flight over?’ ‘It was good. It was a bit nervewracking because it’s only my second plane trip.’ ‘Where was your first?’ ‘Errr it was to Brisbane so it was only an hour and a half. But this one was 14 hours.’ It’s a really good opportunity to be able to travel the world through sport. Not only to do what you love but to explore, meet new people and have different experiences with that sport. *cheering* Cormac is an incredibly intelligent kid. He wants to learn, he wants to grow, he’s very curious at how to be better all the time. He’s constantly trying to improve and that’s half the journey. Maddie’s done a lot of great things since I’ve met her she’s a really great and inspiring person so that’s always been a good role model base for me. Not only being a good athlete but being a good person.

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