hey everybody thanks for tuning in today
so today I have some very important updates that I wanted to share with you
so I really needed to make this video so right now I am just getting ready to
leave social in I am actually leaving a lot sooner than I expected I am leaving
August 15th so that is exactly 14 days away that’s
two weeks away this week I’ve just been packing a ton packing up everything
because I am just leaving with a backpack so I’m not taking anything with
me so I’m getting stuff ready to donate getting stuff ready to give to friends
and I am keeping some stuff but I’ll show you guys right now what I’m doing
yeah right now I am packing like so many different things right now so this is
everything that I am donating I just can’t keep everything and I need to get
rid of just everything so I’m starting to make these donation bags they’re not
done yet I still have clothes that I need to pack up and then this is a
suitcase of my winter clothes and also just keepsakes that I want to keep the
high probability that I will come back to Switzerland so I want to be prepared
for the winter I don’t want to have to rebuy everything because I already had
to rebuy everything when I got here in the first place and
this is just a bunch of beauty products that I can no longer okay I cannot have
because I’m only taking it carry on with me so I’m just going to give all these
beauty products to my friends because there’s no point I can’t take them and I
don’t want to throw them away that’s just wasteful so she’s getting this
whole big old bag a bunch of goodies and still not done she’s gonna get so much
more but lastly I’m packing this separate suitcase as well I have like so
many different things this my parents don’t know this yet but this
is going home with my parents because I’m gonna come home for Christmas
but then I won’t have any winter clothes because I’m gonna be coming from
Thailand and all I’ll have is like bikinis and crop tops so then I’ve just
pretty much packed a suitcase full of some winter a few winter clothes items
so I can wear when I’m home on the holiday break so it’s like I have so
much to pack it’s ridiculous but I’m getting there slowly but surely so yeah
that is what I’m currently doing so I’ve been stuck in this room all week and I’m
done with it I’m done with this room but I really need to get this done because
that deadline is coming up very quickly and I need to find another person for
this room so that is kind of what’s been going on so in lieu of my departure I
wanted to have a goodbye party and I’m of course inviting all of you guys to
come so if you live in Switzerland please come it would be really fun so
it’s going to be August 12th that is a Sunday it’s gonna be edge pinna visa I
think it’s white pronounce it and that’s yeah that’s in Zurich and it’s just
gonna be drinks food swimming fun it’s outside let’s have a barbecue bring food
be like a potluck type of thing everybody brings a dish and we’ll share
it and I’ll have some drinks and music and just kind of hang out and then it’s
going to be 3 p.m. and please follow my social media accounts because that’s
where I’m going to post all of the information and update on the goodbye
party so I hope to see you guys all there
a few other things that I needed to talk to you guys about so mainly I wanted to
talk to you guys about the redirection of this channel and the new things that
I’m going to implement I wanted to talk to you guys about that as you guys know
I started this channel talking about sisal in my move to Switzerland but now
I’m leaving Switzerland and so this channel is gonna turn into my Travel
Channel and talking about my new adventure which is traveling full-time
and starting off in Thailand and moving my way around Southeast Asia so that is
going to be the main that is gonna be the theme of this channel I have just
been doing a lot of thinking like I really want to restructure the channel
or actually add a structure because there wasn’t really a structure it was
just random videos here and there so I am gonna take this slowly I don’t want
to just roll out all these new things because honestly I probably won’t keep
up but one thing that I really want to start is travel tip Tuesdays so every
Tuesday I’m gonna upload a video sharing a travel tip just something that I’ve
picked up something that I can share with you I just feel like I want to add
more value to this channel and I feel like if I’m going to spend all this time
on YouTube and Instagram on snapchat that I want it to be more purposeful I
want it to be productive so I’m gonna be doing travel tip Tuesdays and I hope
that you guys are really excited for that because yes I’m gonna share with
you tips every single week and they’ll be uploaded every single Tuesday that is
something consistent that you guys can look forward to me uploading so I’m just
gonna start there I don’t want to I eventually will add different things
that I will be uploading throughout the week and come up with a more structured
schedule but for now that is going to be the beginning so every Tuesday there’ll
be a travel tip Tuesday video and then throughout the week of course there’ll
be other videos um so I also want to engage more with you guys as far as my
channel I want to I’m kind of rebranding everything so if you guys noticed my
channel name is now travel Lia also my channel URL is also travel Lea and my
snapchat is now traveling at my Instagram is now travel Lea so
everything is now travel Lea so that is like the brand of me I guess and my
journey is now travel Lea so if you’re looking for me anywhere on any social
media just type in travel Lea and I will pop up so that being said I want to I
want to engage more with you guys I want to see your guys’s journeys I know that
I’ve gotten a few messages from people saying that I have inspired them to
travel and then they just did their first solo trip or whatnot and but I
want to see this so I came up with my idea just to use the hashtag travel Lea
since this is now gonna be like this brand for this channel so if you’re
taking a trip or something use the hashtag travel Lea and then I
will go through those hashtags and then I will actually do a shout out every
week on my travel tip Tuesday video and I will shout you out I’ll show share
your picture from your travel and your username and yeah I just thought that
would be a good idea let me know what you guys think I think that would be so
much fun so if you want a shout out with your travel pictures then make sure not
to forget to tag me hashtag travel Lea in your travel
pictures so that’s pretty much it it’s just kind of short and sweet a little
update so just to recap I am leaving Switzerland August 15th that is my last
day here August 12th I’m having a goodbye party in Zurich so please follow
my social media accounts Instagram and snapchat for more details about the
party there’s gonna be a new direction for this channel more valuable content
starting with travel tip Tuesdays also make sure to tag hashtag travel Lea on
Instagram whenever you’re traveling so you can get a shout up on my videos and
then yeah that’s it and then I just want to give some special thanks to some
people I want to give a huge shout out to Louise Sorel
she has then comment number one on almost all of
my videos um awesome she’s part of that notification
gang if you guys are not a part of that click the bell so you can get
notifications every time I upload so thank you girl that’s really awesome I
really appreciate the support and the enthusiasm and it just makes me happy
every time I see a notification like that so thank you I also want to give a
shout out to one of my subscribers who made a very generous donation to my
travels I don’t want to share her name because I’m not sure if she wants to
remain anonymous or not but you know who you are thank you so much from the
bottom of my heart like that is such a generous thing to do to want to help
support me and that’s it’s gonna help me so much and it’s just I don’t know I got
a loss of words I’m still speechless about it and it’s such a beautiful thing
that you did so thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart and I really
appreciate you I didn’t ask this donation it was just given to me don’t
think I would ever ask for donations from you guys because that’s not who I
am and I don’t like I don’t think that’s that’s just not me morally to just take
money without giving something in return so if you also feel like that you want
to donate or something like that sign up for patron because that’s a really good
idea because then you won’t get something from it as well it’s not just
you’re not just gonna be giving me money you’ll be a patron which you will
receive exclusive access to videos pictures you will receive postcards you
could also receive travel consultation stuff like that so I would actually
prefer you to do that because then I could give something back to you so that
is it guys thank you guys for tuning in I hope that you guys really enjoy these
changes and if you have any ideas I love suggestions a lot of these videos that
I’ve made recently are from suggestions of my subscribers so if you have ideas
of content you’d like me to make you can always drop them in
comments-section and I’ll do my best to do that but thank you guys so much the
countdown to get out of here is real and I’m so excited to get out and to travel
and I will see you guys in the next video


  1. My goodness I can't wait for Travel tip Tuesdays!!!!! Yaaaassssss!👏👏 I had my first solo trip last year to Portugal from South Africa and it was such a disaster lol…but I think your channel(as well as your travel business) will help me alot in my future travels!

  2. May you please make a "holiday make up look" video, that will give us ideas on how to look cute without having foundation melt of your face😂?

  3. Just, somewhat, like you, I'm on the curvy side of life lol! So a holiday look book would be awsome! Especially on how to style shorts and swimwear.

  4. One last suggested video😂🙈…You could also give styling ideas for when we want to leave out our natural hair on holiday. I always keep my hair in braids, but I want to keep my hair out next time lol, but I have no clue how I would wear it😧

  5. Soooooo happy for you & can’t wait to see you work that melanin magic in Thailand! 😉 Many blessings, happiness & safety wherever life takes you!

  6. I wonder if you'll still travel all over from Thailand after you're a native there. I'd be curious to see you cover food transitions you go through. Cant wait for whatever you put together.

  7. Happy for the new journey and your always so positive attitude! I will continue to watch as I refuse to get on social media lol. You tube is my only outlet for these types of things. Best of luck to you Leah and I hope I run into you on my next trip across the seas 🙂

  8. Am coming to swiss specialy for meet to you but you are saying you gone a leave Swiss am awwwww am 19 and really like you and really want to meet you am Pakistani guy

  9. Soooo happy you leaving for the next journey…wish you happiness and all your followers are with you all the way..god bless

  10. i wish you good luck, im also planning to go thailand i dont know yet exactly when, i got friends in BKK, the i rent a house near the sea, the advice i can give you, live here and now, but do not forget the future as years do pass fast xxooo, i can afford to make my living where ever i want , i can only repeat , think about your future

  11. I really like where you are taking your channel and helping others with TIPS and ideas to get them started on their travel journey. Happy to see you smiling and moving on to your next BIG Adventure…travel SAFE.

  12. Great video. I'm proud of u for being courageous enough to chase your dreams and enjoy every moment in life. I wish you safe travels…. And I'll always be here to support u👍😊

  13. Happy for you Leah and hope your experience in Thailand is a lot better then Switzerland. Happy travels sweetheart 🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸

  14. IN LOVE with the idea of TRAVEL TRIP TUESDAYS! I'm so nervous to go to some places and it would be kol to keep your tips in my little journal. I think I have so much in common with you so this is why I trust your tips and ways of travel then I would some others on here. Definitely enjoy following you and i'm always down to fight with some of these assholes in the comments so you don't have too lol ! #Traveleahgang!

  15. Hi Travel Leah, you stated you will let us know what happen at work etc. please make that video before you leave so that you can leave it behind. 🙂

  16. Yay!! Glad you’re moving on. Looking forward to your future adventures. Love love love your videos.

    P.S. Love your hair (as usual).

  17. Gosh, you must have heard me talking to you in your head. I was telling a friend about you and was telling her you need to do all the things you just stated you are about to do and will be doing. Looking forward to seeing how your brand develops and what partnerships materialize for you as a result of it.

  18. Buy a strand of cultured pearls in Thailand, but try not to get gipped. Tell us all about Thailand and Vietnam.
    Good travels.

  19. Just so that you know with your Swiss passport you can work and live anywhere in the eu including the U.K. even though Switzerland isn’t in the EU. . You don’t need a work permit.

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