Carving a Giant Utility Knife (entirely out of wood)

so Padauk is not going to work it’s not
quite dense enough to be able to hold the threads mahogany didn’t even have a
chance but Chechen is showing some promise here I’m pretty sure this is
Chechen it’s a super dense hardwood so it’s holding the threads it’s just a
matter of turning one without blowing the head off but I think I got one this time hey thank you no problem
I’m going to go ahead and open this up man that’s nice and on the inside it’s like
the same thing so you got a regular sized knife in their instead man oh man and a little one too? good grief man I
say I’d buy that in a heart beat, with all the packages we get at home without a doubt man that’s nice you can open some big boxes
man that’s a it’s nice So I made a giant utility knife it’s about time this
channel had a practical project on it I saw my buddy Jimmy Diresta making
a giant utility knife blade oh I’m sorry I just
let’s drop a name down there but as soon as I saw that post I knew that as
soon as I could get my hand on one of these blades this was gonna happen now
this is an exact scale replica of the original Stanley utility knife except
this one is made entirely out of wood including the sliding mechanism and even
the screw but I really need to thank Arbortech for supporting this build in
total I used four or their tools I’ll link them all down below so you can check
them out for yourself the TURBO Plane was used to create the curved shape of
the knife the Mini Grinder actually cut the slots in the head of the screw the
Turbo Shaft hollowed out the blade holder or utility knife holder on the
inside of the knife and then the Contour Sander did all of the finished sanding
on the outside now Arbortech is a huge supporter of everything that I do here
so go show them some love so that I can keep throwing chips and making stuff
like this and now something I think I can finally share with you guys I’m
gonna be at Maker Faire in New York City in September so my buddies over at
Arbortech and Carolina Shoe are teaming up on a booth and I’m gonna be
at that booth the entire weekend power carving something now I’m not a
hundred percent set on a project yet all I know is it’s gonna be Carolina
related and probably Jackman sized that being said if you have any ideas for any
cool crazy power carving project you’d like to see me make let me know down below in
the comments and if I’m gonna be lucky enough to meet you there drop a comment
down below and let me know but I think that’s all I got for you for now check those
links down below until next time

100 thoughts on “Carving a Giant Utility Knife (entirely out of wood)

  1. ► Check out all of the amazing Arbortech tools I used on this project, it wouldn't have been possible without them:
    – TURBO Plane
    – Mini Grinder
    – TURBO Shaft
    – Contour Sander

    ► My exclusive solution for hearing protection in the shop, ISOtunes PRO, get your own here –

    See the DIRESTA build that inspired this whole thing:

    Full tools and materials list (affiliate links, thanks for supporting what I do!)
    > Maple countertop scrap
    > Padauk scrap for handle
    > Chechen scrap for screw
    > Giant utility knife blade ​
    > Double sided tape
    > Carbon paper
    > Wood glue
    > Tung oil finish
    > Stanley utility knife
    > Bandsaw
    > Disk sander
    > Angle grinder
    > Drill press
    > Random orbital sander
    > Palm router
    > Chisels
    > Screw clamps
    > Router table
    > Wood lathe
    > Turning tools
    > Tap & die set
    > Step bit
    > Giant screwdriver

  2. I'm a new subscriber coming in from Jimmy's channel. I loved this video- the pacing was great, and the humor was spot on. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is awesome….I wonder if you could have single point threaded that screw in paduk with a metal lathe and had better results?

  4. Good job man! I fully expected this to be the usual CNC everything but the cardboard box, but some people still know how to use tools!

  5. Why… Just why. ZNA Productions did this on August 9th. Why U copying people man? I'm sure you can find creative things to build that are your own ideas as well !

  6. I'm a new supporter 🙂 + 1 like. Awesome video! Just found your channel. Keep making the great videos my friend!

  7. That thing is pointless, it's hugely impractical, it's difficult to use, and you can't just put it in your pocket and carry it around. It's fantastic, and I want one.

  8. Recently bought the first band saw Metabo, please tell me, should there be a light vibration or did I set something up incorrectly?

  9. New fav YouTube Craftsman, talented creative work, awesome music and editing and subtle hilarities. Thanks for the awesome entertainment

  10. I scrolled down a bit and no one is talking about the reaction from the delivery man. it is perfect.

    edit: only after I comment this I find comments about the delivery man

  11. You should checkout the superglue and masking tape as used by the Crimson Guitars channel. Other guys probably use it too I would imagine, it’s just I first saw it at Crimson Guitars

  12. wow what are the odds of two similar videos coming out around the same time? This video came out around the same time as ZNA's "regular sized" utility knife.

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