CardSharp Credit Card Knife

There’s no denying
that knives are incredibly useful
and versatile tools. For today’s prepared gentlemen,
there’s the CardSharp. This ultra light utility
knife easily collapses into its own credit card-sized
sheathe that discreetly and safely fits into a wallet. The card transitions
into an elegant cutting tool with three simple folds. Simply release the safety
catch, flip the blade upright, fold the flaps into a
handle, and lock the handle using the six security pegs. Then get to work with
your portable blade. The surgical steel blade has
a 65 millimeter cutting edge, and the polypropylene
handle is guaranteed to last a lifetime of
folding and unfolding. The well-balanced tool is
lighter than an empty aluminum cans and is engineered to the
thickness of two credit cards. It may be half the size
of a typical knife, but it’s certainly
not half as useful. From slicing produce
to opening packaging, the CardSharp tackles
every day jobs with ease. And if you want to cut through
a tennis ball for some reason, you can do that too. By the CardSharp
now at

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