California Knife Laws (a former D.A. explains)

-First of all,
there’s some knives are always illegal
to possess in public. Secondly, there’s
some types of knives that you’re allowed
to have, you’re allowed to carry in public,
but only if you do so openly and visibly. Third, there’s
categories of knives that you’re allowed to carry
either openly or concealed. And finally, fourth,
there are some places that have restrictions such
that you can never carry knives there, such as airports and
schools and courthouses. In this video, we’re going
to talk about these rules. -Under California
law, certain knives are illegal under
any circumstance. You can’t carry them
openly or concealed. Examples of these knives
are ballistic knives, switchblade knives,
spring loaded knives, belt buckle knives, cane
swords, gravity knives, lipstick case knives,
and undetectable knives, which is described as knives
that cannot be detected going through a metal detector. -There are certain
types of knives that can be carried openly
and visibly but not concealed. In California, these
types of knives are called dirks or daggers. And this is any
knife that can be ready used as a
stabbing weapon and can cause great bodily
injury or death. Examples of these
types of knives include daggers, stilettos,
chef’s knives, ice picks, knitting needles, and scissors. -There are some types
of knives that you’re allowed to carry
openly or concealed. This category generally
includes folding knives other than switch
blades, as long as they’re closed and
in a locked position. So examples would be box
cutters, pocket knives, Swiss army knives,
and utility knives. What distinguishes this
category of utility knives which are legal from switch blades,
which are always illegal, is that with utility
knives, you have to use pressure in order to
open the knife from its closed position. Whereas if the knife
opens automatically with the press of a button
or the flick of a wrist, then it would be deemed
a switch blade, again a knife that’s always
illegal to carry. -There’s also laws in California
restricting the places that you can bring a knife. They include any state
or local public building and any meetings
open to the public. It also includes any K through
12 schools or any universities or college. Other examples where you’re
precluded from bringing in a knife includes courthouses,
city halls, and airports.

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  1. What about a folding box cutter that you need to flick your wrist to open after pressing a button? Is that considered a switchblade or a utility knife?

  2. i get that but, what you show as a gravity knife was an out the front spring load, and should be illeagle , but you did not mention a folder that can open with one hand as many workers need that or a lock knife so we can accidentilly cut off our fingers, you are full of it when it comes to a knife that has a hole to help a bit more in opening. or the illegality of an old lock back for the workers protection. i get most of the knives your talking about but here in ny i cant carry a little spyderco knife because it has a hole to help open, a gravity means the knife can open with a flick of the wrist but spydercos and other high quality knives that are expensive has a screw to tighten to keep from wrist opening but in new york the law is on a manhunt for these b/c they got shit else to do. i know i need the police, but i called once and i was upset and he told me because he was alone to shut the f up. an beside that he walked in my house with out knocking when i had 2 trained military trained protection dogs and i ran down yelling at hin to get the fuck out before you get killed because my 2 dogs are faster than your guns. i told him yeah i called you but who asked you to enter, you ever heard of a knocker then you would have heard my house tremble from their bark, well thats new jersey for you, stupid state , dumb ass cops

  3. What if I have a tattoo of a knife on my arm or wrist area, is that legal? If I have long sleeves on would my tattoo knife be considered concealed? I need to know so I don't get arrested for having a concealed fixed blade tattoo knife.

  4. but I thought i could keep a gravity knife. as long as it stays in your property. they didn't say that about the first category

  5. So basically you cannot protect your own life in CA? You're expected to depend on the police while you're being robbed a gunpoint? The constitution (of America might i add) states that we have the right to bear arms. These "laws" will not hold up in court. Laws cannot override personal rights. Who the hell does the government think they are now? When did America become a Socialist/Dictatorship?

  6. That's infringement upon the 2nd. amendment! That is the bureaucratic way of telling citizens "the state has taken away your right to bear arms"! Hey California; as long as you make up laws of infringement, stay out of my state, & stay away from me, & my home. I carry my machete, guns, & knives everywhere I go. You want to be an LGBT antiFA faggot that's afraid of American rights, stay home!!!

  7. The only true "safety zone", or "safe space", is in a gun shop or gun show where everyone's carrying a loaded gun. Police obide by the exact same ccw laws as everyone else; yet they are allowed in court houses, " safe spaces", & other places because they wear a badge on a uniform that for the so-called "GOOD" guy??? PFFF!!! The 2nd. amendment clearly states that every citizen has the right to defend themselves AGAINST unruly police officers that abuse the law, & their weapons. WAKE UP AMERICA, IT'S GETTING EXTREMELY VERY LATE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So as a woodworker in a college it would be illegal to bring a marking knife and marking gages under California law?

  9. So you’re saying that if I want to take my knitting with me I have to carry it around in my hands like “hi guys. Just so you know, I have knitting needles which California considers to be deadly daggers.” I can’t just keep it in my bag and take it out when I’m ready.

  10. Yeah, thanks for the video because I always carry a what most consider a dirk/dagger (legally) here where I live in CA, which is a fixed 10" blade with handle I keep in a sheath above my clothing, it's a sort of KA-BAR style. But it's awesome to prove people wrong constantly because everyone I KNOW personally thought/thinks it's illegal in CA to EVER carry ANY blade over 3.75-4" in length (Some argue 2.5", I don't know which is true but I carry a 3.75" folding blade most times as well concealed), when really that's the law for pocket knives. But yes, living in CA kinda sucks because of our strict af Gun laws and weapons laws, it makes it almost impossible to protect yourself these days truly. It really pisses me off.
    Knowledge is power people! Stay safe, and stay protected.

  11. And tell me what’s the difference between any fixed blade knife in a sheath and a Chef knife and u put it in a sheath or even a dagger the only one I can kind of agree with would be a knife that can’t be detected in an X-ray

  12. I took my switchblade to school, and my teacher sharpened it for me, you don't break the law if you don't get caught lol

  13. Soooo… I can't carry my spring loaded pirrahnna on my hip but I can carry a 10 inch serrated dagger if it's open carry. These laws make no sense

  14. “Utility knives” are too slow to pull out when things hit the fan. California laws are so fucking stupid.

  15. Best thing to do is: Never Go to California. 😐
    If you live there and actually have a brain, Get Out as Quick as you Can!!! 😐

  16. You can carry anything in N.H.  California is such a wimpy cocksuckin state.  They have a bunch of fuckin shit heads that think this bullshit up. Fuck you law makers of California.    LIVE FREE OR DIE !

  17. I live in AZ and have a large collection of knives, including a number of switchblades. I also have a large collection of guns, including full featured AR-15s with 40 round magazines. I have no reason or desire to ever go to CA.

  18. Im About To Get A Job At A Grocery store as a Meat Cutter an i have to sometimes travel to other stores for work an have to bring my knives would i get in trouble for carrying butcher knives with me for my job ???

  19. They keep saying about cane swords but is it legal to carry a sword openly, where everyone can see it?

  20. What about workers who use knives as part of their work. Do they have to leave them home when working at job located in one of the prohibited places? If so then they can't do the job.

  21. Only fucking politicians can make something like a knife such a cluster fuck of laws. How about carry whatever the hell you want – but once you rob, assault or kill people – that is when the law comes down on you.

  22. Holly shit in Missouri the school I went to they didn't give a shit if you had a pocket knife. Ever one carried a pocket knife at my school. As long as you kept it you pocket they did care. And yes I just recently graduated in 2018. So this wasn't 30-40 year ago. Hell 30-40 years ago kids carried long guns in the truck.

  23. Did I hear that right, you can't have a pair of scissors in your pocket in California. I guess it comes down to what's in my pockets not your fucking business huh. isn't there something in the Constitution about the right to bear arms. Well they just keep pushing and pushing eventually someone's going to push back. We have the right to. I think that there's something about that in the Constitution also.

  24. So glad I live in Georgia. Everything that is illegal in Commifornia is legal here. Yet another reason why I left California.

  25. This video is highly inaccurate, it doesn’t mention the fact that balisongs are illegal. And I have direct testimony that you can in fact carry knives on some public colleges in California (because I go to one were you are encouraged to by the administration)

  26. You can have a pocket knife in your pocket with the clip on your pants and there is no length restrictions and some campus (the only one I go to) CSU Fresno State, you are allowed to carry a pocket knife. You can search it up in the Fresno police section and it says you can carry a pocket knife and it has no length restrictions. October 29, 2018

  27. You missed balisongs (aka "butterfly knives"). In California, you can own them and have them in your own home, but they are illegal to carry unless you carry them openly in a way that people can tell they are a butterfly knife.

  28. This video was all jacked up. Some of the images were inaccurate for the words they were using. They forgot this is a general state law. Some cities in California have different ordinances.

  29. So these people say that you can’t carry automatics in public. I’ve read the laws, but I still need a bit of clarification. I know spring assisted knives are legal now, but are automatics legal to keep only in your home or illegal no matter what?

  30. 75% of what these “lawyers” and “Former DA” (If they should even be called that!) said in this video is completely wrong and just straight utter lies. They said switch blades, balisongs/butterfly knives, and gravity knives are always illegal and under no circumstance are they legal in California. That is completely and utterly FALSE!. First off, you can carry a switchblade, balisong/butterfly knife, or a gravity knife LEGALLY in the state of California as long as the blade is 2” in length or shorter. Secondly, you can LEGALLY own any of these three knives in the state of California with no restrictions on blade length or any restrictions for that matter, for the purposes of collecting as long as they do not leave your property. I would expect more accurate information coming from a “former DA” and “lawyers”, but this is complete and total bullshit. How did these people get their fucking degrees in law? What a joke!!!

  31. So how does the school cook prepare food there has to be a knife in every school kitchen I’m sure. So it can’t be illegal to have a knife at a school no matter what there has to be some exceptions.

  32. Commyfornia, is what it should be called. They have gone so far off the deep end in that state ( government that is, there are some good people in the outer counties) that it isn't even recognizable as part if the USA any more.
    Worse yet. People move out of the state to escape the massive taxation and overbearing regulations and then vote the same kind of people in to government in the states they ran to, creating the same problem all over again in another state. Nothing is fixed and the cancer just spreads

  33. So they have the same laws for carrying a big ass dagger with a swastika on it as for a nitting knitting needle? Okay. How about my 4inch fixed blade can i carry that conceales? What are the blade lengths? This video told me nothing except how fucking stupid California is.

  34. Automatic knives under 2" are legal to carry. To see what is legal, check out someplace like BladeHQ or other o line retailers. They have specific categories for CA legal Automatic knives. (No. I dont work for BHQ, I just shop there)

  35. It's so backwards here in California, that they have us defending why we should have the right to hold defense weapons.

    when it really should be, them explaining to us why we shouldn't have the right to have a defense weapon…

  36. Folding knives and box cutters are even more dangerous lol. Very sharp and pointy, not to mention easily concealed. What a load of. 😌😏🙄

  37. But isn't it OUR knife in Commiefornia?

    I don't own a knife, WE own a knife.

    Therefore Commiefornia is guilty of possessing illegal weapons.

  38. Is it legal to own a switchblade as long as you only keep it for collective purposes? Like if I had a switchblade collection but I never used them is that legal or illegal

  39. B.S. Auto knives and switchblades are legal if the blade is under 2". And no, double sided blades are not illegal on the switchblades as some asshat tried to tell me lol

  40. Lmao so we can carry folding knives and certain knives with a sheath openly but we can’t carry a gun in a holster openly even though knives are responsible for more deaths than an ar-15?

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