Buying Fake Views Backfires – TradCatKnight Exposed

To see how buying fake views backfires, we’re
going to look at the shocking example of TradCatKnight, who after 3 years changed his advertising
slogan that was based almost totally on fake views, and how he had views totals of less
than 1,000 over a 4-day period recently, and more. Since at least May 5, 2014, Eric Gajewski,
or TradCatKnight, has falsely claimed to have the largest or most viewed and followed Traditional
Catholic Apostolate worldwide, based purely on his purchase of fake views and followers,
etc. However, after his false claim was thoroughly
exposed in this video, he removed this claim from his website and videos. After April 25 this year his videos show the
new slogan, “one stop website”: “This is Eric Gajewski, founder and owner of TradCatKnight,
the largest Traditional Catholic page on the internet…”; “Welcome Eagles to another episode
of TradCatKnight radio. I’m Eric Gajewski, founder and owner of TradCatKnight,
the most viewed and followed Traditional Catholic website in the world, ladies and gentlemen. We are now a top twenty-thousand website.”; “TradCatKnight,
your one stop website, for all of the day’s Church and endtime news.”; “… we are a one
stop website for all of the day’s latest Church apostasy news and endtime news.” The false business axiom upon which TradCatKnight
was basing his activity, ‘fake it till you make it’, has completely backfired. Not only has he further damaged his already
bad reputation and wasted money, but he has not significantly improved the interest in
his work. This is shown by a recent event. Over a 4 day period, he had two videos that
sat below 1000 views. Notice that the video before them is over
64,000 views. Most of TradCatKnight’s videos show a spike
in fake views either on the day or the day after they are uploaded. It wasn’t until the 5th day that there was
a sudden increase of about 5 thousand views for each of the new videos and then on the
6th day the videos had shot up to well over 10,000 views. This is further confirmed when we look closely
at the video pages. Under the statistics tab we can see that on
May 5, four days after the videos were uploaded, the views were still under 1000, but only
2 days later on May 7, when these pictures were taken, the view count had shot up to
well over 10,000 for each video. Also notice the characteristic flat line on the statistics for TradCatKnight’s videos. This flat line often indicates a lack of real interest. A choppy line, on the other hand, can be seen
with videos where there is real interest because the daily view count naturally fluctuates. We will now look at four of the related channels
to TradCatKnight and see how they compare. The top ten most popular videos on these channels
show this choppy line, but when we look at Tradcatknight’s channel, we can only see statistics
on one of the top ten videos. In fact, we can only see statistics on 14,
or less than 1% of the 196 videos in the most popular section on TradCat Knight’s channel.
TradCatKnight is hiding the statistics on his most popular videos because most of the
views on those videos are fake. Of the videos where the statistics are showing,
we can see a consistently flat line, like on a heart monitor when the heart stops beating. Many videos on Youtube show an initial spike
in daily views. This does not in itself prove they are fake
views, but when there is a spike followed by a totally flat line, as can be seen on
TradcatKnight’s videos, that is evidence of fake views, because it indicates a lack of
real interest. And when we see it as frequently as we do
on TradcatKnight’s videos it is abundantly clear that he buys fake views. The cumulative graph confirms this when there
is a flat line rather than a slanted line, and we usually see a completely flat line
on the cumulative graph on TradCatKnight’s videos. This is more clear evidence that TradCatKnight
still buys fake views, and it proves that the millions of fake views, likes, subscribers
and comments that he has paid for over the last 3 years have not produced almost any
real interest in his work, and have provided a huge opportunity to prove what a lying fraud
he is. Of course, this is a good thing because Tradcatknight’s
information is spiritually poisonous being as it is full of heresy, schism and apostasy. TradCatKnight still thinks buying fake views
is a real form of advertising. Around the same time he changed his false
advertising slogan, he actually likened the buying of fake views to distributing flyers:
“… to use an example, if you have, you know, your own Mom and Pop shop and you’re looking
to get people to your website, I mean you can pay people to put up flyers for you, if
you will, in the neighboring towns. You know, is that cheating to get people to
your website? To your business?” This is a false analogy. TradCatKnight’s buying of fake views is much
more like someone who hires millions of people or robots to visit their business, none of
whom would buy anything, and none of whom would even be interested in buying anything,
just to create the impression that a lot of people are interested in the business. A real-life example of the type of fakeness
TradCatKnight is proud of can be seen by the fake display of emotion North Koreans show
for their dictator Kim Jong Un. Real advertising produces real interest, which
will be shown by real views, likes, subscribers and comments. Buying fake views, on the other hand, produces
no real interest, as proven by the different categories of fake things that can be purchased,
i.e. fake views, likes, subscribers and comments. Here are two individuals talking about this:
“Today we’re gonna talk about the pros and cons of three things: buying views, buying
likes and buying subscribers. And before I go too far, yes, obviously, it’s
against the terms of service, so if you get banned it’s not my fault”; “This video has
60,000 views. I know because I bought ’em. You can’t get very far on the road to Youtube
success before you start hearing about bought views. Nobody in the community talks about it openly,
but the whispers are there. Not just purchased views, but purchased likes,
subscribers and shares. And if you want a viral video, there’s a service
for that, allegedly.” If any of those things were real, none of
the other categories would be necessary. For example, if someone buys 100,000 fake
views, that’s all they will get – no likes, subscribers or comments. If those 100,000 views were real, however,
then they would likely get a correspondingly proportionate amount of real likes, subscribers
and comments. To put it another way, if fake views were
real then there would be no market for fake likes, subscribers or comments: “… but even
the ones who are legitimately sending you true, actual, human people to watch each of
your videos that you submit to them, it almost never turns into engagement. I have seen this time, and time, and time
again…” Note that when sellers of fake views refer
to “real human views”, they are actually talking about views that are gotten by embedding,
incentivizing, click farms, by programming their own computer, or by using a robot to
use other people’s computers to watch the video without the users being aware of it:
“Youtube believes that a view should be something that happens when someone decides to watch
a video. If someone is tricked or forced into watching
a video that’s not ok. At the end of the day, anything that artificially
increases views either through automated means or playing videos for people who didn’t choose
to watch them, is against our terms…” In other words, “real human views” refers
to anything but real people who are genuinely interested in watching the video. TradCatKnight buys fake views to create the
illusion that his videos and other works are more important or valuable than they really
are, but as we have seen, this has completely backfired. As one Youtube marketer noted: “Buying Youtube
views… It’s only intended to make your account
look more popular…” For the full expose of TradCatKnight, see
the video, TradCatKnight Documented Con Artist and Fraud, and for critical information about
the necessity of the Traditional Catholic faith for salvation, and how modern Rome has
lost the Catholic faith, please go to Check out these other videos:

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