Britney Spears Will Never Perform Again #FreeBritney

According to Britney spears’ manager, Britney
Spears will never perform again. This is allegedly because she is going through
a lot, but there actually might be more to the story. Concerned fans on Social media has launched
the free Britney spears campaign because some people think that Britney is being held against
her will in a mental health facility and being forced to take medication. But is that the truth? Find out right now on IO
Welcome back to informoverload we do the news and spill the tea, my name is charlotte dobre
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so get a following, so we can get a giving, theres a 75 dollar visa gift card at stake. I’ve never actually been to las vegas, but
if I did ever go, the first resident performer I would want to cross off my bucket list would
be Britney spears. If you’re like me, you grew up with pop
stars like Britney spears, the backstreet boys and N sync, and many of us never got
the chance to see them live. Actually I saw the backstreet boys live twice
but that’s besides the point. The point is, if you’ve never had the pleasure
of seeing Britney spears live, you probably wont ever get that chance again. Britney spears’ long time manager Larry
Rudolf told TMZ that Britney Spears might never be physically, mentally and passionately
ready to return to las vegas for another concert residency.. He was quoted saying. “As the person who guides her career – based
on the information I and all of the professionals who work with her are being told on a need-to-know
basis – from what I have gathered it’s clear to me she should not be going back to
do this Vegas residency, not in the near future and possibly never again”. Britney was actually just about to start another
series of Vegas shows in February, The Domination residency, but she was unable to go through
with it and cancelled because she was dealing with mental health issues. Her father Jamie Spears is very ill right
now, last November, Britney’s father almost died from a ruptured colon. He had to undergo a life threatening surgery
but thankfully he survived. Britney Spears checked herself into a mental
health facility last month after claiming she was suffering from emotional distress. Britney’s manager also said her medication
stopped working and she was distraught over her dads illness. Britney spears then claimed during a closed
door court session in las Vegas that she was being held in this mental health facility
against her will by her father and was forced to take drugs. A lawyer who was repping britneys mother Lynne
spears, backed up the claims. The judged ordered an expert evaluation of
the conservatorship, which is a type of guardianship managed by her father. This conservatorship does not give britney’s
father Jamie spears the power to forcibly commit his daughter to a mental health facility,
or force her to take drugs, but her legal guardian is her father. This dates back to britney’s mental breakdown
in 2007 and 2009, and at the time, many people credited Jamie spears for saving britney’s
life. I know you all remember when the world watched
in horror and disbelief as Britney shaved her head, attacked a paparazzi car with an
umbrella and seemingly lost her marbles. It was a very difficult thing to witness,
especially since so many of us grew up with Britney spears’ music and were influenced
by her as teenagers. This has obviously caused a ton of concern
on social media for Britney spears, the hashtag freebritney has been started. Here’s a post from twitter. It says things like. Britneys father is in charge of all her personal
and professional decisions under the conservatorship since 11 years. She’s supposedly mentally unfit to be in
charge of her own life, but deemed to be in perfect health to be touring non stop, releasing
albums perfumes merchandise etc. Whenever Britney tries to protest against
the conservatorship, her father threatens to take her kids away. Britney is not allowed to drive, have a smartphone,
to talk to friends, to get married, to go unsupervised anywhere even the bathroom. Basically living the life of a prisoner. She is forced to make medication for bipolar
disorder, despite not having it. Recently she stopped taking the meds so her
father put her in the mental health facility against her will where she was administered
the meds. Her sole task is to generate millions of dollars
and fill the pockets of her corrupt father and management and she has no access to her
hard earned money. Through medications they keep her in a mindless
zombie state, they are treating her like a product/puppet/ robot and violating her human
rights. They don’t care about her well being. Its freebritney in the comments folder. But according to two people close to her,
who are in regular contact with her, there is no need to worry. One of the sources told CNN, there is an impression
that shes in a jail cell, she has an amazing life. These sources wanted to remain anonymous because
of ongoing court proceedings, but they wanted to clear up any misconceptions about britneys
current state. The sources are in favour of the conservationship,
stating that Britney is not in the right mental state to understand her issues. They were quoted saying ‘she has a mental
illness and that doesn’t mean she needs to be locked up. It puts her somewhere in the middle. She’s working on it. It’s a struggle on a daily basis. One of the sources maintains entering the
mental health facility was her idea. She spent 30 days there voluntarily, regularily
sharing on social media that she was having me time. People were even rallying outside the LA superior
court with freebritney signs. She also posted a video to instagram on april
23rd where she said that she was fine and everything have just gotten out of control. She urges people not to believe everything
you read and hear. But it gets a lot more complicated than that. Ending the conservationship could leave Britney
vulnerable to people like Sam Lufti, who Britney had a restraining order against in 2009 for
contributing to her mental breakdown, and another temporary restraining order again
last week after she and her family accused him of harassment. After she entered treatment in march, Lufti
started sending fake emails impersonating Britney to her team. Lufti was ordered to stay at least 200 yards
away from Britney spears at all times and is not allowed to make disparaging public
statements about Britney spears, her family, her conservator or her manager. The restraining order also protects her sons
sean and jayden. Wrapping up here with one final statement
from britney’s manager, who said, I have no desire or ability to make her work again. I am only here for her when she wants to work. And fi she does want to work again, I’m
here to tell her if it’s a good idea or a bad idea. Comments folder. Well guys, this is a lot to take in, do you
feel like Britney is being held against her will? Or do you feel as though she might not be
in the best mental state to run her own life? Let me know down there in the comments, for
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100 thoughts on “Britney Spears Will Never Perform Again #FreeBritney

  1. Hey potato queen 👩🏻‍🦰 u r gr8 and ur me favorite host, Johnny if ur reading this ur a VERY close second! I ❤️ u guys

  2. "[Britney is] forced to take Bipolar medications, despite not having it"? I thought she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? :-/ I don't agree with anything else they are doing, BUT I thought she was diagnosed, and therefore needs to be treated for it.

  3. Why does she have a legal guardian? I mean she gotta be 40 at this point. Mental health issues perhaps?

  4. My favorite Brittany song is hit me baby one more time. Iconic for my childhood. I used to dress up like her and dance arond with a feather boa! I also begged my parents to shave my head right after she did. (obviously they didn't let me)

  5. people also think that her voice is strained and they are making her sing in that weird voice. I think Shane dawson covered it

  6. She should NOT be on a conservatorship. She is a grown ass woman who has been sober for almost a decade. She must make an appeal.

  7. First, we lose Grumpy Cat and now they've taken Brit Brit prisoner?! What have we done to deserve this, potato queen? Were we bad boys and girls? Please tell karma to calm them tata's! I cant take anymore bad news today.

  8. My favorite song is Gasoline by her I also love Circus. I’m going to listen to those songs now! Lol

  9. I saw backstreet boys(front row) on December and met AJ at comic Con….I also met and hug Joey from NSYNC at comic Con.My favorite Brittany Spears song is Lucky and Oops I Did It Again
    Sometimes "being held against their will" in a mental institution is best for their safety as well as the safety of others

  10. I now have an Instagram and I hope I did the contest entry correctly. I liked the photo and followed your acc. So I hope I did that right. Here's to hoping I win. Yay, Charlotte. lol

  11. I just hope she finds her happiness. She deserves peace and love. I really, really hope she’s okay

  12. We'all memed her, basically harassed her on social media …. literally spoiled her career and her mental health ….the least we can do for her now is to let her recover .

  13. poor Britney ….. i remember the 1st time i seen her on telly she seemed so fresh n vibrant…i don't see that now in her 🤷‍♀️i dont see no spark in her eyes…i FEEL the dad thinks hes doing right by her not realising the damage he is actually causing her…..i swear being famous eventually strips you of YOU the person you was b4 being famous is not the person you end up to be once the fame and money lands in ya lap…but so does mental health issues depression self harming suicide attempts the lot! its all fun and games being famous but then it's not only you who wants the fame the famo get involved and "mates" get involved that havent been on scene for time! vultures mate just pure scavengers…. I hope Britney makes a speedy recovery not just for her fans and music for herself and her kids! if gettinf better in body and mind means leaving the music scene so be it! i hooe it all works out in the end….

  14. AGAIN great video charlotte DOBRE (love to say your surname 😆) dobrrrrreeeee……i roll the R it sounds so….sooooo not posh but exquisite and unusual i just love it! we love the potatoe queen! do you love all spuds charl my fav is maris pipers they are small baby ones like salad spuds…im sure u no….

  15. She needs to recover so these fans are being very selfish. Her health is very important and these fans need to accept that. Doctors has approved the treatment.

  16. Say someonestolemysisterspotatoteaandimsadvecauseisteppedonanomelleteonthefloor

  17. It be best to wait and see if there be more info, if any, comes out first. right now, i think it be best if she stays out the spot light
    for the time being.

  18. PLEASE Charlotte! Talk about the possible release of the new movies for the Twilight saga for 2019 and 2020!!! Called Midnight Sun!!!! In your next video!

  19. I prey for miss. Spears she is one of the lucky ones able to get the help and support she obviously needs. Unfortunately mental health has a negative stigma and a lack of awareness. Change is in need. Millions are unable to get the help and support so desperately needed. Just so sad.

  20. I think Britney should take a year away from all music related things— to get her life back on track. Maybe write a few songs during that time.

  21. It's legally impossible to force to do all the things she's allegedly being forced to do.

    It would be a GROSS violation of her human rights and medically unconscionable that she could be forced to take medication she didn't need and she could easily have both stopped.

  22. She's probably got MH issues due to crappy diet, meds she's on and not enough fresh air and exercise. I think she would do better not working and resting having fun and seeing her BF. The claim over her father IS VERY LIKELY TO be true. She needs some decent counciing and be Sans drugs. I bet you within six months she will be fine.

  23. From what I heard; Britney cancelled her Domination tour because her father was sick. NOT because of mental health issues.

  24. So the Free Britney people know exactly what's going on with her private medical history? They just can't handle not having her perform for them.

  25. You guys know that there are judges and mental health professionals that evaluate people like Britney. Her father is appointment by those judges and mental health professionals. Her father doesn't decide he gets to be conservator. Even though he has taken responsibility for his daughter. I just think people need to look into the process before speaking on this matter. It's not an easy thing to get someone declared incompetent. Especially someone like Britney. I feel for everyone involved. I'm sure it's a very difficult situation. Creatives need to create. It might be better for her to perform because she needs to be creative.

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