Britney Spears is stepping back for now, but her diehard fans remain devoted

-Britney Spears shared a message
with her fans on April 23. -My family has been going
through a lot of stress and anxiety lately,
so I just needed time to deal. But don’t worry,
I’ll be back very soon. -The singer announced a pause
in her music career in January. Her father, Jamie,
was experiencing health issues following a colon rupture. She checked into a wellness
center to handle the stress
of her father’s health and to focus
on her own mental health. She wrote on Instagram that
she was taking time for herself. She said she needed
“a little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things
that life is throwing her way.” But the reason for her latest
Instagram update — fans were growing worried. Supporters started a
#FreeBritney hashtag and showed up
at West Hollywood City Hall to demand her release. Spears’ hardcore fans have remained at her side
for decades. -Britney needs to know
that she still has her fans. -I guess I was introduced
to Britney Spears the way a lot of folks
my age were — via MTV and the
“Baby One More Time” video. I remember seeing it
in my living room. I mean, it was memorable. And I just really
was into the song. I was into the imagery. I was into her being a young
person, as well. And I just kind of took
my first hit and have been addicted
ever since. Growing up was a really
difficult time for me. My mom was sick
with breast cancer. She passed away
when she was 16. I was dealing with coming out, and then I got diagnosed with
a disease in high school, and there were just a lot
of things going on that weren’t necessarily rosy
and picture-perfect. And to be able to have
her music, put it on, be transported,
kind of let loose and have fun. There’s really nothing
better to me than being able to listen
to Britney Spears in my room,
shut the door, and after 10 minutes have my dad
tell me to turn it down. -Britney made us treat
celebrities like they’re people and I think made us
remember that. Like, it doesn’t matter
how much money you make. It doesn’t matter what
you’re doing for a living. You’re still a person,
and you still go through things, and that we should
give them that support. I think that’s really what
she overall represents is how to be a celebrity,
how to have grace, and how to rebuild yourself,
how to survive in, you know, a world that’s not
always nice to women, and it’s not always
nice to young women, and it’s not always
nice to people who we think
shouldn’t have problems, that, you know,
they’re still human. -I think Britney Spears to me
just defines perseverance and at the same time, also,
you know, she’s a legend. I think that early on
in her career, Britney defined the American
dream, the pop princess. I think now she defines
a survivor. I think that her music
really embodies somebody who has come into their own,
who knows exactly who they are. She’s given me so much, it almost feels greedy
to ask for more. -It’s an artist who has made
such a big impact on our world, on our society,
on our culture, but still at heart, she’s like
that girl from Louisiana.

24 thoughts on “Britney Spears is stepping back for now, but her diehard fans remain devoted

  1. These "fans" who think they know better than her medical professionals need to calm down. They are not mental health specialists. Not everything is a conspiracy theory. Put your energy into social movements or something benefiting people who actually need the attention brought to their cause. smdh

  2. You may learn a bit from a brief history (from 2007 to current time)…on our girl Britney Spears..I know so sorry for this plug, but it does matter! The video is on my channel. Let me know if you learn anything new. I'm such a big fan of hers and all of this is disturbing.

  3. As a long time Britney fan for me she represents more than anything the false prophecy that is pop culture – I support her until the last day, because she paid the price for all of us to realize that the dream is supposed to stay a dream. We built her up and we tore her to shreds as if she wasn't human. She paid for our lust as a collective and she deserves our gratitude, support and respect for living through that with as much grace and cultural impact as she has.

  4. We aren't giving up until they release her from her conservatorship prison. She deserves this after all the years she's had this with her. She needs that chance to be free once again, that way she's able to get her children back or make her own decisions in life, why not? She's human just like us we all make mistakes, she clearly has made multiple attempts to break free from this conservatorship but they will not let her. It's time and it's up to us to stay strong for her, at least focus on helping her get this straightened out. Let's not give up on her guys. They will never give her a chance so let's step in. Wat do y'all think?

  5. Can someone at least explain why her mom never mentioned once why she was liking these comments ppl were making about her being held against her will? Strange, huh? Something to think about. Everyone else come out and responded, the ones in control but the mother nowhere to be heard from. 🤷‍♂️🤔

  6. She needs to be FREE from her conservatorship! We need to keep fighting for her! Especially cause now we know the truth

  7. The queen of pop Britney Spears has been through a lot illuminati has controlled her used her abused her made more clones of her without her knowledge mind controlled her and won't let her stop. She deserves Love and respect she is a LEGEND I Love her with all my Heart

  8. She needs long long long long vocation she is tired she needs her privacy with her kids and family live her alone evribary

  9. Britney needs to be Free period these people Pressure her Daily her Parents etc and that fkd up Conservatorship is BS she needs a Legal Team etc to get her out F them she does not need them BRITNEY NEEDS TO BE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HER CAREER & HER LIFE! PRAYING FOR BRITNEY!

  10. I love Britney but I think a judge should somehow find a way to break her record deal and allow her to go to a mental health facility, get the help she needs, and then allow her to live a seren life away from the public eye.

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