Britney Spears Custody Battle!

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ How-how-how-how you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience whoops) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Hi. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Thanks for watching our show. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (deep bass music) We love you, Wendy. (audience whoops) Love you. The problem is, I don’t think Britney is all the way gathered together. (audience murmurs) Still. And I like Britney Spears. We talk about her, but the whole bit about leave Britney alone. Britney is still out here so therefore, and today, we have to talk about this. She wants more time with her sons. Not just more time, because that’s fair. One of ’em is 13 and one of them is 14, all right? And these are her sons with Kevin Federline. Kevin, who has gone off and married, Kevin has a full household with his new wife, and their six children that live there. So when the boys go over to see the Federlines, it’s like a full situation. That’s gotta be fun for kids, on one hand. On the other hand, if you’re used to growing up with just the two of you, maybe it’s not so fun for them. I don’t know. Back in September, a judge ruled that Britney would only be able to have her two sons for 30% of the time. Oh. Now why is that? I don’t know. In other words, Kevin Federline has them for 70% of the time. So Britney is insisting on going back to court to fight for 50/50 custody. Yeah. Yeah (audience applauds) I think that’s good. I think it’s good. The judge has got to hear what Britney has to say about this. Her father still has conservatorship over all of her money, which you have to wonder about that. And Britney has not been all the way gathered together since back in the day when she spiraled. So I think that the judge needs to hear what Britney says and do a full-blown investigation. Here’s how it should go. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Here’s how it should go, right? It should go like this. He interviews the 13-year-old separately from everybody. And I mean the judge should be there and a few social workers and some people. None of the Federlines, none of the family. The 13-year-old and the judge and a panel. And then separately, the 14-year-old (coughs) and the judge. (coughs) Excuse me. (coughs) And a panel. (audience murmurs) And then, (coughs) sorry, and then (coughs), oh God. (audience laughs) (Wendy coughs) And then, the two boys together with the judge and a panel. And they should really assess the boys from how they like schooling, what time do they go to bed, what do they do when they’re off hours, (coughs) how do they feel about their mom being mom, mom being Britney and the whole bit. And then ask about the father. When you go to see your father, Kevin, how is it? How do the other children treat you? How does his wife treat you? (audience murmurs) Where do you sleep? Do you sleep on a bunk bed, in a king-size bed, on the floor? I don’t know. Britney’s got this boyfriend, who I was on his side. I know, some people in our Hot Topics meeting were saying he looks too model-y for her. I thought that I trusted Sam. I mean, all right, he’s a trainer. (audience laughs) And they work out together a lot. And Britney does like to keep herself in good formation. Britney does not look all together there. Clap if you think she looks fine. (few audience applauds) (Wendy coughs) That’s all I’m saying. And to the Britney, what does she call her beehive? Her beehive? She doesn’t have a name for hers. All right, well Britney lovers, don’t come for me, I’m just analyzing this. I always feel that kids should be with their mother over the father, but in this particular case, you have to wonder why he has 70% custody still, ’cause that umbrella thing happened years ago. (audience murmurs) Right? And Britney sure can take medication. She sure can take medication to level her out to be a reasonable mother to these kids. Well, I hate to follow this story but you know I will. Mhm. (audience applauds) And maybe it’s her new boyfriend, Sam, that’s sayin’ Britney, let’s get 50% custody, because he’s looking for, hmm, if they get 50% custody, then he’s got more of an in with Britney and then he’ll get her pregnant and then they’ll be, you know what I mean? (audience murmurs) And then the 14-year-old had a fight with Britney’s father, but that’s that age when you start fighting the father. Now don’t be clownish. If you have sons then you know about the time that they’re 14, sometimes, moms, we gotta turn our backs on what’s go, you know what I’m saying, on what’s goin’ on between a father and son. (laughs) (audience applauds) Meanwhile, here in New York, Tinsley Mortimer on the Housewives, she’s 14 and she’s gonna to quit the show. 44. She’s 44. What I say, 54? 14. (laughs) (audience laughs) Sorry, that was the Spears boy. Right, right. (laughs) Okay, okay. She’s 44. She quit the show in order to keep her man. Well, she didn’t really have much of an interesting plot line on the show anyway. She met him on the show. This is all according to People Magazine. Tinsley’s fiance, Scott Kluth, has given her an ultimatum. I can’t stand an ultimatum. (audience murmurs) There a lot of ways you can pose it to somebody but don’t do or else. You know what I mean? (audience applauds) Quit the show and we’ll get engaged, or stay on the show and lose me. Now see. Now see. But all she ever talks about, this is her whole plot line, I wanna be married, I wanna have kids. I wanna be married, I wanna have kids, right, lady in the front row? I mean we don’t mind that but it becomes boring after a while. Yes. So he wants her to move to Chicago. You’re gonna give up New York? No disrespect, Chi, but I’m just saying. (audience laughs) So you’re gonna give up New York, move to Chicago and have children. But they’re rich. He’s got his own money. He’s some sorta tech guy. He’s got his own and she’s a Mortimer. There, she’s knee-deep in money, her and her family. It’s only a flight. They’ll probably have an apartment here in New York and an apartment in Chicago. They’ll probably raise the kids in Chicago. She’ll be back and forth in New York, as long as she’s not on The Housewives. And you know what, this is kinda what happened to Kenya Moore, with her Brooklyn man. Move from Atlanta and move to Brooklyn. The difference is is that Kenya is not knee deep in money. So Kenya does not have as many options (audience murmurs) as Tinsley does. Tinsley can fly back and forth. Tinsley’s mom Dale is hands on. (audience murmurs) Kenya’s mom is hands off. (audience murmurs) And Kenya’s counting on that Housewife money, and the hair line. Well, Tinsley, I like ya. I don’t much care though, good luck. Good luck. (audience applauds) So the Queen is warning Meghan Markle’s favorite jeweler stop it, stop it right now. Stop usin’ photos of Meghan to sell your stuff. (audience murmurs) So what do you guys mean, when we’re talkin’ Hot Topics this morning, what are you talking about? So apparently, Megan’s jeweler’s name is Jennifer Meyer. (clears throat) And Jennifer is the jeweler to a lot of successful women, from the Jennifer Anistons to all the girls. And she posts them on her website and she’s been very, very successful way before Meghan. But she was ordered to remove all of the images of the Duchess from her website, and I was like what? She actually had them on there? Norman was like, yeah, her and Jennifer Aniston. I said Meghan Markle is no Jennifer Aniston. (audience murmurs) Okay? Once she said I do. Yeah. No, we can be friends, Jen, and you can give me jewelry or buy jewelry or whatever, just don’t put me on your website because that puts me in the category of bein’ just another Hollywood actress. (audience murmurs) And I am the Duchess. Yeah, yeah. (audience applauds) For me, I would say this even before the Queen had to jump in. I would say this to all my friends. We’re hangin’ out together, Serena, we’re playin’ bid whist, it’s midnight. We’re drinkin’ wine and havin’ a good time. They wanna start taking selfies. Okay, you all, (coughs) don’t put me on any of you all’s websites. I mean I’m your girl but some things have changed. (audience applauds) (Wendy coughs) Maybe I should just take one to the head, I just, (audience laughs) I apologize. Ugh. Celine Dion, boy oh boy. Oh. No, it’s even worse than that. Oh. Celine has her whole team worried, and you too when I tell you what’s goin’ on. Okay, so you know she put out this new album, Courage. Has anybody in the audience participated in this album? Clap if you have it. Okay, well, this is why. (audience murmurs) Oh God. (audience laughs) Okay. (coughs) It debuted at number one, which was fantastic. She’s still got it. But it made history by falling out of the top 100. The following week, it was down to a 107. And 11. 111, in one week. (laughs) (audience murmurs) That’s a free fall. I’m not laughin’ at her but just the idea that, how do you go from number one to number 111 in one week? Well, this is what I’m thinkin’. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) I’m thinking that she was presumptuous for thinking that people care about her new music. I constantly tell these artists, a lot of you, we don’t care about the new music. We wanna see you do your old music. (audience applauds) Yeah. Because I think a lot of the original fans get stuck in their ways. You all are still singing to the “Titanic” song (audience laughs) and other stuff like that. We’re so busy adding our check books and taking care of our lives and figuring out our own lives, we don’t wanna learn new music. Even if we love the artist. (audience applauds) I mean I say the same thing for people like Mary J. Blige. Not for nothing, Jennifer Lopez. You know what I mean? It’s like just give us the oldie moldies and let us rock. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Now, according to Page Six, a lotta sources in her camp are blaming her backup dancer turned creative director, Pepe Munoz. Uh-huh. He’s gay, he’s gay, he’s not, yeah. (audience laughs) He’s like a bestie. People are saying that Pepe’s been firing a lot of people close to Celine and isolating her, and making poor decisions on her behalf. Well, Rene, her husband, is gone now, and she was, ooh. (audience murmurs) Rene is gone though and Celine had been with him since she was like eight years old. (audience murmurs) No, you laugh, but she missed a lot of being a young woman and zippin’ it and zooin’ it, so now with Rene being gone, Pepe is the one who’s telling her it’s time for you to embrace young. It’s time for you to swing your hips and have a good time. And her camp is really concerned about that. Well, you can be concerned but one man can’t be blamed for that free fall. You know what I mean? And Celine is a grown woman, and she is more than capable of making her own decisions. If she’s choosing that, I don’t believe she’s being brainwashed. If she’s choosing for this man to be her bestie, fine. I’m sure she’s not just sitting there and letting him run her empire. I refuse to believe that, I refuse. Well, Celine, good luck, but the Wendy Watchers are the taste makers and not one person clapped that they have your album, so you shouldn’t be sad because guess what, I betcha these same people have purchased your music in the past. Clap if you have. (audience applauds) There you go. R. Kelly. (audience murmurs) Okay, so R. Kelly’s other girlfriend is speaking out. (audience murmurs) Now we talked about one the other day. This one in the back. But now we’re talkin’ about the one in the front with the blue shirt. Well, she’s 21 and has reportedly moved out of R. Kelly’s condo. Don’t clap too soon. Hold on. She just launched a weekly YouTube show, documenting her daily life, showcasing her singing. She’s giving fitness tips and makeup tips. (audience laughs) But guess what, she’s still with R. Kelly. (audience murmurs) Norman, you said you were gonna watch. Absolutely I’m gonna watch this. This poor, little, dumb girl. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) No, I feel bad for her. Why? I feel bad for her. She’s 21. Well, also, she’s hypnotized by this monster still. How do you know she’s hypnotized? How do you know that she’s hypnotized? Because I saw the documentary. I know he hypnotizes girls. (audience laughs) (laughs) And I saw her on the interview, yelling at people. But if she’s gonna put it out there on YouTube, then. You’re obligated. Logging in. (laughs) (audience laughs)
(audience applauds) (Wendy laughs) Research for the show. Right, right. Thank you, Norman. Right. For not wasting the rest of ours times. (audience laughs) Right. (laughs) All right, so R. Kelly, by the way, was supposed to appear in court in Brooklyn next week. But you know she’s afraid to fly. He believes he can fly (audience laughs) but he’s afraid to fly. (audience applauds) (audience cheers) Now I remember him telling me this several times that he takes buses and things like that. He does not like to fly. So the judge is allowing him to appear via video conference. See, I wouldn’t. Like the spectacle of it all. He’s in Brooklyn, he’s in the court, paparazzi’s outside. People are sittin’ in the courtroom lookin’ at him like mhm. (audience laughs) That’d be a good one. All right, so he’s gonna be in a video conference and he’s defending himself against all the wrong that he’s been accused of. When is he goin’ to jail? (audience laughs) When can this just be over with? (audience applauds) Okay. The downward spiral of Mama June continues. Oh. Oh, she was right there, you all, at one point. She lost the weight. She’s takin’ care of her daughters. She got with Geno. People were cheering their relationship. But then something terrible has happened. A toothless Mama June (audience laughs) and her no-good boyfriend, Geno. Oh. Well, she looks good. (audience laughs) Were spotted by TMZ checking out of an Atlanta hotel last week. Now, the week before, they were spotted at a casino in North Carolina. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. June and Geno have been living from hotel to hotel for the past few months. She has not seen Honey Boo Boo or any of the family. And when she smiles, all you see is gap tooth. Gap tooth. Oh. I mean between the crack and the gambling. It’s no one’s fault but her own. And she has everything to lose. Do you think she’s been hypnotized? (audience laughs) She’s been hypnotized by something. (laughs) (Wendy laughs) Probably not someone, but something. (audience murmurs) Drugs? Allegedly. Well, Honey Boo Boo is living with her sister, and Mama June is nowhere around. And Honey Boo Boo’s seein’ all this unfold. I don’t think that there’s any way to get to Mama June. This Geno is, Geno has sucked the relationship with her kids, the relationship with her money, and the relationship with us right out of her. And her looks. Looks. (laughs) Well, no, she looks good. Right, yeah. (Wendy laughs) Anyway, everybody, get in a good spirit. We’ve got more great show for you. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Up next, The After, Aldis Hodge is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (dance music) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience whoops) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪

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    Also, Celine is finally having fun after her heartache. Let her be

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  8. The fact that Celine Dion is a 60+ year old sexual abuse victim and doesn't even know that she's a victim… SAD! That's crazy! Her husband was a paedophile!
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    Celine and many other individuals are both in debt to their fans yes, but they are also creative individuals that want to speak through their art. 
    I understand you say what you see, and it is the truth, but isn't that idea also kinda scary? That after a certain age or success level you are to just repeat what you do over and over as a drone? 
    The Rolling Stones continue to bring out records and chart, and they also play their old songs too. Celine, Jennifer and Janet Jackson should be grateful to their fans (and do their oldies but goodies): however, they are alive, young and have a voice … but I don't have a solution either.

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