Britney Spears Check-In to Mental Health Facility for 30-Day Program | Billboard News

(“Everytime” by Britney Spears) (lighthearted music) – Britney Spears has checked herself into a mental health
facility according to TMZ, and Billboard can independently confirm that she is in a 30 day program. TMZ reports the pop
star has been distraught over her dad, Jamie’s illness, and reportedly checked into the facility after sources told him her dad’s condition is quite serious, and not getting better. Jamie Spears has had two surgeries, and problems began after
he ruptured his colon. You may remember Britney her
biggest residency on hold to be there for her dad. “I’ve been looking forward to this show “and seeing all of you this year, “so doing this breaks my heart. “However, it’s important to
always put your family first.” Fans have been waiting for
her return to the spotlight, and earlier today she got everyone excited when she Instagrammed for the
first time in three months. “We all need to take time
for a little me time.” There may have been more meaning to that than we thought. TMZ sources say Britney checked herself into the facility about a week ago. I love you Britney, we
all do, we’ll be here. From Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly.

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