97 thoughts on “BREE ESSRIG is IN THE OFFICE! | The Valleycast, Ep. 107

  1. You could be marked for human trafficking or alana if it was turquoise that would probably mean if there were children in your home they'd be marked because turquoise is the international color for pedos or something like that conspiracy theory…

  2. Joe, if you ever want to destroy yourself just watch Grave of the Fireflies. Grave of the Fireflies is THE SADDEST movie I have ever seen. Period.

  3. I feel bad for that reporter i genuinely have had this happen to me but it wasn't that bad lol but seriously i couldn't remember names during mine

  4. I'll be honest…I'm still holding out the hope that things will be patched up with lee and she'll end up back on the show. Selfish…because I don't know the ins and outs of the falling out but I'll never forget just how inseparable the 4 OGs were back in the sourcefed days. It would be nice to see those bridges rebuilt. Even if it's not for the sake of the show

  5. Until Joe relents and begins pronouncing the first 'r' in February, I say we all pronounce his name, "Joe Beeta!" Who's with me?!?

  6. Steve Harvey is a homophobe. He has a proven record of saying incredibly derogatory and hateful things about gay people.

  7. In NZ we have a warrant of fitness we need to pass ever year or six months in order to be able to drive a car, when my car has failed it's never been a repair under $300, the highest being a $600 repair. It's one in a blue moon that I'm ordering a package that expensive so I'm all for the car inspection being the worst

  8. Shit Happens doesn't have a misery index created by a popular vote. They had a team of psychologists/doctors/professionals come up with it based on the amount of emotional and physical harm these things would cause a person.

  9. Yay Bree! Next time have on your ex-wife Steeeeee ,
    after that have on Lee Newton! Love you ALL

  10. Can you guys PLEASE play more Shit Happens AND please bring back playing Cards Against Humanity!!! And even playing D&D. Those were my favorite Source Fed videos and I have a feeling a lot of people would agree. Love you guys, glad you guys have kept doing what you love and making me laugh every time you release a video or when I really really feel down and just need to see some familiar faces and have a laugh.

  11. Rich Cronin said the song had inside jokes bc the song was intended for a demo tape before it got leaked to a radio station and he was from the Boston area and was born in 1974 so he was talking about summers when he was a younger person sadly he passed away in 2010 from leukemia

  12. this podcast felt normal??? idk how else to describe it but it kinda felt like how it used to be?? idk but i loved it!

  13. Y'all… I definitely didn't believe that little woman would be that good but I would HIGHLY recommend it. It's just the story of sisterly love and makes you feel so happy and joyful 10/10 would recommend

  14. Awww bree and Steve reunion 😭
    I was there back then when they were together! Glad they are still friends and chilling!!

  15. syphilis can be treated true and if caught early enough isn’t that bad, the reason that syphilis is bad is it usually goes undetected, often times for years. you go insane while your internal organs shut down

  16. Gotta say much love for Steve and Bree , but god damm Joe makes me laugh from beginning to end! BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGG

  17. On the car inspection question at 48:20, here in West Virginia and in our neighbor Virginia you are required to get your vehicle inspected annually. When you pass inspection you get a sticker in the lower left corner of your windshield. You'll get a ticket if you get pulled over and it's not up to date. I didn't realize that other states don't have them, but apparently only 15 states require annual or biannual safety inspections. 31 states require at least some emissions tests, like CA, but WV isn't one of them.

  18. I love everything about this podcast, but Steve Harvey is a religious bigot. Homophobic and so old fashioned he just released a stand up special on cassette.

  19. "Bullshit."
    "No, bull heart. Eating a bull shit is a different kind of voodoo…
    …that's poodoo.


  20. In Vermont at least its a state law to have your car inspected, brakes, lights, any rust, tires, anything and everything it looked at and if your car doesn't pass you can't legally drive it and will get a pretty good fine if your caught driving it or if your sticker is out of date

  21. I understand you guys did the BWAAAAAAAAA thing because it was funny in the moment but as an audio listener, i came all the way here to say KNOCK IT OFF. That shit rattles my inner ears like sticking a Hitachi to brain stem.

  22. 1:00:33 giving the lyrics to a kid and thinking about them taking them to their class, the first song that jumped into my head is death on two legs by Queen.
    "Are you satisfied, do you feel like suicide? (I think you should). Is your conscience alright? Does it plague you at night? Do you feel good? (Feel good)"

  23. In Texas you HAVE to get a yearly car inspection before you can buy your "tags" this little sticker on your windshield. They test your horn, brakes all sorts of shit and everything that fails has to be replaced or fixed before you pass. The inspections is about $15 bucks so that plus then buying the tags which used to be $75 now I hear it's being raised to $180 plus anything you need fixed = very stressful.

  24. Well yall…. I couldn't stop thinking of stupid lines that would fit into this song so here are a couple i came up with…Hope you enjoy!
    "Sipping on Pepsi Blue has me thinkin. I'll make this Princess my Bride, Mandy Patinkin"
    "Cold shower taken, Cuz i need to relax. What they got Wesley Snipes on, evasion of tax."
    "Leopard print pants with those Keds so clean, In the movie Matilda, DeVito is mean"

  25. Wow I forget how different things are some times they talk about the smaug thing for car inspection here in ny state its break lights, breaks, alignment, check engine light or warning lights, whisper blades, tires being fine no bad bearings or anything . Your horn works and so on .

  26. I can't find the new podcast channel that you guys are talking about. Could you put a link to it in the description or comments?

  27. Friendly reminder they waited till just after winning Bring the Funny then voted Lee out of her job and burned their friendships with her Survivor style when they could have come to the fans and done a merch campaign with seasonal releases. I could easily run their business better they have no clue the power of goodwill and the wraith of misdoings. They had no reason to fire her they utilized whatever typical corporate formal reasons available to fire someone you dont like. Look if they stopped being friends say that and then talk to her about how since its like shes an outsider already why not branch off and do her own thing and care to give her time to plan it and build a fanbase they did NOT care telling her 6 days after winning bring the funny. They tore her apart emotionaly and despite their bullshit different creative directions she doesnt have anything on youtube which is where shed be monetizing content. You ruined her career and life. You lied and manipulated fans to think it was mutual when she said in her video that if she had been involved and had her way shed still be producing content with the valleyfolk. She was terminated with little notice in a way aggregious for ANY employers but your fucking friends? And Steve can eat shit for wearing sunglasses in the apology either trying to hide to hide his apathy or to hide being too high to bother caring in the apology video for firing your friend without any discussion. You guys are cunts. Only someone worse than scum leaves a friend behind like that and you didnt do it out of necessity you could have reached out and started a campaign to raise money to fund merch and advertise it to fans. But no. You fired your friend Lee. For you guys that was the "only option". Eat fucking ass.

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