Breaking Down a 6 Color Auto in Real Time – Javelin Workhorse

Let’s see how long it takes to break
down a six color job on the auto let’s do it so I’m going to set you guys on a
camera stand and drag you guys around hopefully the light situation doesn’t go
too bad we’re gonna do a unedited and just straightforward me dragging you
guys around on the tripod and y’all watching me put stuff away all right we
got our trusty little inexpensive shop card I’ll show you guys where I got that
I’ll leave the link down in the description so I’m going to go around
station the station and essentially take the squeegee off clean out the ink put
it back into my heat quarts and gallons and then take the screen down put it in
the bottom of this job cart here and we’ll roll it back to the station we’ll
see how long that takes I really hope he’s stuck yeah nothing
he’s stuck way to go idiot you guys they’re gonna eat somebody out there
needs to sell cheap screen printing ink that is passed as a bug or fly catcher
because you guys out there know it does really well okay here we are
first thing let me scoot y’all out the way a little bit here on my legs it undo
this never my carrier get the squeegee out and I’m gonna take my ink in and
scoop it up what is left inside this finish you want to get all the trying to be as careful as I can making sure that my being two to nothing screeching Matt that’s right
ran out of gloves so just for this thing this part actually might work with
people I can wash their hands 20 times in one sitting there’s one of them and then I’m gonna
grab you guys with me I know that this is reducing how
efficient I am getting this camera that is however I can just kind of
guesstimate how long it’s taking me to drag the camera around and the cameras kind of in the way too
so it makes a little more difficult I’m just going to come over here one of the things I need to do still one
more time make sure my film is nice and centered and bring this close to me don’t forget this printer and any silkier that already was
do plan on singing it here in the near future got as much ink up as we can the trams set that towards the top hopefully you guys can see this as well
enough looks like it alright looks like we’re good to go all right on to the next station this
one’s always a little trickier slash back here alright one thing this best
this card Camus definitely getting away just a
little bit but and sure I’m gonna get the mouse way too and for this which is why I had brought me a little bit class there we go it’s nice ink off my hands that way it looks like battery in my camera is
about the night which is just perfect sounds about on car well I’m doing at this point so if you
guys can see but probably is just using my spatula here to move to eat for us this over here put this laptop and I’m trying to get every little bit
of this let’s each place this is less equal I’ll
have to use them get all this stuff off because that’s going to get on to the
next station we clean my hands here so and I can eat
all over everything all right let’s drag our cart with us so
because our compressor and chillers right there kind of hard for me to just make a
complete circular motion there and set you guys up over here on the
white excuse me if I am in the way get work done and bring you guys along
to a riot as well I understand I’m not gonna clean this white one too
too much if I am just going to leave it the way it is I sanded what’s that there that’s one thing about the auto guys is you can’t just spin your heads around get all your ink out and clean up so
it’s definitely something to take into consideration do though you’re printing
faster we tear down and your setup times our
world work time-consuming all right that one’s done aside from me getting the screen out of
course and do that real quick this is cart L right onto the black my pallet over here is like semi
fuck it on my station and I get my best not yeah
in the balance that way shirts do not okay cameras it
died on me you’re all finished put my ink on my car
I forgot to take the other stream off the station with the blue we’ll go ahead
and do that real quick the station when it’s in between
stations show you guys how setting this up so I got and it’s that way I’m able
to stick those in there otherwise they definitely would just ready see if I can’t use you guys getting each should be
and I’m normally not having to do these gestures but I long to ride one of the things you can
see is just how much you just build up in the center of anything not that big
of a deal doesn’t make it wool or difficult to
clean things however pay off you only have one pin pull out all right
putting this back in the cart with the holders knee out we’re gonna slip it in our cart here
although we’re all tore down can you put my inks away and we’re good alright so
this is how I do have my squeegees all stacked on my table here got my lids
this is where I’m keeping my inks now when I’m using a color for whatever the
job is and everything after their cleanup times for these that would be a
whole nother little segment and what I would factor in to clean up so we’ll
save that for another video and the reason I’m saving that for
another video is because I have to take a look at our jobs and see what of these
colors here that we will be using and as if I’m not going to be using any of
these colors I’ll tuck them away and clean the squeegee and have those ready
to go but I do know we have some jobs that have white and black so anyways
thanks for tuning in guys I really appreciate it if you’re new to the
channel be sure to subscribe until next time guys we’ll see you later

8 thoughts on “Breaking Down a 6 Color Auto in Real Time – Javelin Workhorse

  1. Viewer request! How long it takes to do each process. In this video I do a real time break down of the press. Manuals should take less time, but it'll give everyone an idea how long it's taking us… uh, plus filming time.

  2. Hope you don't mind recommendations. Start by taking the squeegee out and cleaning, then pull the whole screen out and clean it out. You can actually pull out all the screens out and stack them and then go through pulling the ink out. It would help so you don't have to reach through out the screen and too messy.

  3. I've found that pulling all of the screens out and stacking them up helps this along a bit. Just have an area coined as the 'ink station'. In our shop this auto would've been setup for the next job by the time it took this breakdown. I do understand you're mostly a one man show though. Something to chew on as you grow? Love the vids Matt! Congrats on the auto! They make life in this industry so much easier lol

  4. Just a thought, why not pull the screens out and clean out the ink at your wash out booth and avoid getting ink on cables or tubes or whatever, plus give yourself more room to work with.

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