Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 187 “Cuckoo”

Hello, everyone and welcome to this week’s Bizmates for Beginners. And for our video lesson this week, everyone, we are going to learn the expression “cuckoo” and it’s a pretty interesting and funny sounding word, so let’s find out how to use it and what it means, but first let’s do a quick review of last week’s class. Okay, everyone, so imagine this situation: The boss said we won’t get bonuses this year! Is everyone okay? And of course everyone is really upset, everyone’s really angry. So how do you respond, everyone? You’ve got five seconds, okay? Go. Alright, time is up. If you said “No. Everyone is up in arms” then good job, and thanks for remembering last week’s expression. OK, so moving on to “cuckoo.”
This is what I sometimes hear: OK, I’m talking to my colleague, Taro and in our section, there’s a guy named Todd. And Todd is a really, really hard worker. He loves work, okay? So I say: Taro, you know Todd? Todd works until midnight every day! Weekends too! He says he likes it! And Taro, he’s really surprised, so he says: Really, weekends too! He is a crazy man! And yes, I agree anybody that can work until twelve o’clock every day — and weekends too — yeah, is definitely a little bit crazy. But although this expression is okay, a more unique or more colorful way to say this is… that’s right. He’s cuckoo! OK, so anybody that’s crazy, whose head really maybe isn’t in the right spot or in the right place, okay? They’re cuckoo. Alright, so the pronunciation is very simple, okay, it’s “koo-koo” but be careful it’s written C-U-C-K… so some people might be inclined to say “kuh-koo” okay? But the pronunciation is “koo-koo,” okay? Alright, everyone so please repeat after me: He’s cuckoo. Your turn. Alright, very good! OK, now after me: So Todd works until midnight every day! Weekends too! He says he likes it! That’s right. He’s definitely a little bit cuckoo, I think. But I mean of course working hard isn’t such a bad thing, but you know if you can do that for such a long time and no break, yeah that is a little bit crazy — a little bit cuckoo, right? OK, so hopefully all of you don’t need to work that hard, but please remember this for next week, okay? Alright, so our bonus question, everyone this week is another way to say: “Rest” I think Todd maybe needs to take a rest too. Okay, but if you know how to say this in a more natural way, leave it in the comments below; I’ll get back to you. If you don’t know, see if you can find the answer in one of our previous Bizmates for Beginners video lessons, okay? Alright, everyone that is it for me this week, thank you so much for watching. Enjoy your weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing you next Friday. See you later.

1 thought on “Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 187 “Cuckoo”

  1. Hello, Justin. Bosses who don't give bonuses are cuckoo.

    Another way to say "I need to rest" is "I need a breather." This is what you want your viewers to answer, isn't it? I think these sentences mean slightly different things. Let's move on to the Point 166 video.

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