Sabre on the count of three you can take up off your blindfold one 2 THREE I have decided to start off today You legends know how I’m doing this series where I surprise each one of the kids and make one of their dreams come true well today legends and save us – It’s actually been really really hard to think of something that would surprise for saiba because the only thing she really liked since food where all she’s ended up talking about this food even though the interview was about something completely different would die to go Las Vegas and there must be a buffet and everything And even going to a buffet. It’s kind of like like gambling Because you got to eat more than what the prices that’s how you win Even if I come last, $250 prize money for loss, and I really wouldn’t want to spend on donut Like Jesus. Let’s go see if anyone’s awake here Honey sale a the legends mmm say hello these legends mmm come on I Think he’s just embarrassed cuz he’s sleeping on a pillow I’m gonna give you guys to say but and say, but he’s gonna explain. What today’s vlog is about Mom you didn’t tell us what the vlog is about so don’t know what to tell it elections, okay well Why don’t you guys get up at the breakfast bar start having breakfast, and I would tell you until everyone? In the front row kicking back old school tries like them Can’t get enough, but it’s more like I’ll need more We begin Today we’re gonna be doing part two of the series mama surprise one of the Norris nuts with their all-time favorite thing and the person Who is getting their surprise you? Everyone have it guess what would surprise sabor? Well the Norris that’s a favorite because I’m gonna go to other legends what the surprise okay? It’s gonna be Papa reacting to save a surprise are you excited? You know as excited as Papa though, so today. We are going to the Royal Easter Show oh Well Easter show is the biggest like it’s the biggest carnival Fair? theme park thingy in Australia yeah, it’s a Food coming where we go the show Sabre compete any show back she wants At the show there’s gonna be riots Show bags food Animal displays it’s like the greatest carnival in Australia, and we’re gonna drive all the way it’d knee Yeah, it’s in Sydney. Go to our Drive. Okay. Let’s go Have you guys all gone to the toilet yeah, you haven’t so if you need to go talk go talk now Did you flush the toilet god You say you love me I say you crazy with nothing more than friends It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters, baby. Do you have any clue? We had wanted yourself We control a Posh walk boys Satsangs it’s always fun to do. Oh wow. We can’t push hook We’ve just gotta, it’s Emma, we’re coming Hate being brain fog concept when he step down Sabre on the count of three you can take up off your blindfold one two But while you’re here you because you get to another show bag Hall where there is like hundreds and hundreds of show bags full of food, and you can pick whichever one you want What is it what is it? So this peak has won all those prizes. It’s like the best Pig in the world Are you ready to see the best thing in the world? What do you think People like this is so scary all I can imagine is them biting my head no way That’s one way we bought baby boy. Oh, I can’t wait come back here I’m gonna keep everybody $10 for life, so they can pick whatever they want And I got some Lebanese Frickin favorite spent $15 more wisely How much was your saver But that was the best price saber you guys the dog pavilion No way I’m going in there if I do Now we’re gonna go to my favorite part sure I’m gonna get whichever one has the most chuckling yeah, I’m gonna get the captain one I’m gonna get the lowly one Tabas triumph on the show bags But I think he’s actually lost weight doesn’t want to admit it. We keep saying ask someone for help I he wants to do it all in his eye, and be a man when he doesn’t know where he goes so he wave BB’s get to the first one he sees students Skiddo have you seen the clip where biggie eat red skittles So, please feel sorry for us for being in the car with a big lead on crazy who’s going to take all this bring on the Ladies Man back, there’s a joke that’s hanging off the wall. I’ve never seen this label is in my life As you know spectrum full of crap I’ll buy you an ice skating subway the promise even won’t that I definitely tasted, I love I Made my decision so back they has a massive happy family pack and I’m gonna get that or to myself You just said you in the Milky Bar back, and we walk I call my dad to the Milky Bar bag And it’s just there are you gonna get it? Sabre it’s been an hour, and you haven’t decided yet. Oh my god This is so painful, so these clothes ava is taking a million years today But people I’m going sabers finally decided Sure you want to Me to go you can do it Give me back those, that’s it was so pretty watching I Didn’t end up doing it. We got coupons coupons me that you can go I wanted hair We’re gonna get it great guy What’s happened who’s gonna coming it? Yeah? Why are you going in full? My weapon Yeah But on the really scary ride spun round and round just like he could be with us guys. What do you think I’m surprised? I thought like they used to share wasn’t really for me, but after having that really fun day. It was so good. I loved it oh Because he was a news channel in 15 Let’s show the leg is attached monopolize So In Christ when you switch sides with just here about you I love when you guys come over do catch us

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