Best S30V & S35VN Knives For Under $100 Available at

Hey everyone, today we’ll be taking a look
at our favorite knives using S30V and S35VN blade steels that you can get for under $100
at S30V is notable for being the first ever steel
designed specifically for use in cutlery, developed by Crucible using their Particle
Metallurgy process in cooperation with knifemakers like Chris Reeve and others. The result is an excellent all-around stainless
steel, hitting that sweet spot of good edge retention, relative ease of sharpening, and
exceptional corrosion resistance. S35VN is a tweaked version of the steel that
offers even higher toughness while still maintaining a great edge. They are both fan favorites and we love them
here at KnifeCenter, too. As with any premium material, over time these
steels have trickled down into more affordable products and we are seeing them show up in
knives under the $100 mark. Here are some of our favorites. First up, we have the Cold Steel Code 4 with
S35VN blade steel. We really like the spear point, but it is
also available with clip point and tanto profiles. This workhorse comes with the durable build
we’ve come to expect from Cold Steel with aluminum handle scales and their world-renowned
Tri-Ad lock. Designed by Andrew Demko to be one of the
strongest knife locks the planet, it remains as easy to use as any other lockback mechanism. The Code 4 is ideal for everyday carry with
a slim profile, but is still big enough to do some serious work. For a company that prides itself on their
overbuilt designs, it’s nice to see Cold Steel applying that same quality into a sleeker
package and offering it at such a great price. Another knife that punches above its price
point by rocking S35VN steel and aluminum handle scales is the Kizer Sliver. This member of Kizer’s Prime Series stands
out due to its sleek and lightweight build. Its narrow blade and slim frame make it an
elegant EDC that fits easily into the pocket. Add easy thumb stud deployment and a nice
liner lock and its affordable price point is all the more enticing. Now we get to see some American-made knives,
starting with the Buck Vantage Pro. Available in two sizes, we consider them to
be some of the most well-rounded EDC knives available in this range thanks to their smooth
action, versatile blade, and one of the best deep carry pocket clips in the business. These knives also features dual steel liners
for added strength and nicely contoured G10 handles, which makes it easy to put in the
outdoor work that Buck specializes in. To be able to get a knife from a legendary
company like Buck that’s made in the USA with S30V steel for less than $100 is astonishing. Out to represent the fixed blade crowd we
have the White River Knives M1 Backpacker, a great entry from a brand that doesn’t
get nearly the recognition they deserve. This S35V neck knife is extremely lightweight
and versatile… fit for almost any role thanks to its drop point blade and Kydex sheath with
multiple carry options. Unlike many skeletonized knives, the Backpacker
is actually comfortable to use thanks to a paracord wrap and rounded edges on the steel
to eliminate hot spots. Well-suited to hiking, hunting, EDC and even
tactical use, the White River Backpacker is a great addition to your kit. Rounding out the list we have the Spyderco
Native 5. Perhaps one of their best EDC designs of all
time, it is now better than ever thanks to Spyderco’s dedication to Constant Quality
Improvements. The Native 5 is the only knife on this list
that has used both S35VN and S30V steel at various points of time, with S30V now carrying
the torch due to user feedback. The features on this knife read like a list
of Spyderco’s greatest hits: flat ground leaf-shaped blade, lightweight FRN handles,
four-position pocket clip, secure lockback, integrated finger choil and, of course, the
iconic Spyder Hole for deployment. With such a high performance, American-made
knife coming in under $100, it’s no wonder the Native 5 is such a fan favorite. These are just a handful of knives that you
can find over at the KnifeCenter that feature S30V or S35VN steel for less than $100. To get your hands on any of them, click the
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