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hey everyone David C Andersen here
coming at you from the KnifeCenter and it’s time to take a look at some of the
best new knives that have hit our shelves in December 2019 let’s check
them out so the first is the Slim Pickins from
Alliance Designs which has been on fire since they first arrived this is a
button lock flipper and when it’s closed you can see that the flipper tab is nice
and unobtrusive it stays very much out of the way but it’s still very easy to
use the handle and blade both appear massive they have this definite presence
when open we get m390 steel with a hollow grind and a nice continuous curve
to the edge but I especially like these titanium handles they’ve got a heavy
stonewashed finish and a few different anodized colors but they fill the hand
extremely well thanks to a pretty broad contour for a folding knife at the same
time it’s milled out on the inside to remove some weight so that it’s not
super heavy despite its size it lets me get a nice meaty grip on the knife and
then you can even choke up on this broad area here for finer control of the blade
and you can use that button lock to wrist flick the blade in and out as you
please it’s got a nice satisfying sound when you do it overall it’s a very
impressive knife it certainly makes a statement when you pull it out next is
another premium folder the WE Knife Co Scoppio and the more I mess
with this knife the more I really love it it has a simple clean profile refined
down to just the essentials but thanks to the compound grinds on the blade
there’s still enough extra going on so that it’s not a completely plain looking
night we’ve got CPM-20CV blade steel with a
nice continuous curve to the edge you guys know I like that and the flippin
action is typical WE Knife excellence very nice indeed the handles are
titanium and they have a nice heavy stonewashed texture just like that
alliance we just looked at and the construction is sort of what we’re
referring to as a split integral design it has two pieces of metal but each is
milled to fit perfectly together with no back spacer or standoffs it also has a
hidden lanyard attachment point here at the back and a really interesting
looking pocket clip but despite the look of that there it’s still very
comfortable in fact the best part of this knife overall is when you hold it
in the hand it slips right into a perfect grip and you’re ready to go so
one more premium knife really stood above the rest this month and
that’s the mkm tomorrow unmistakeably designed by Jesper Voxnaes this is a
smaller drop-point design that’s easy to carry
we’ve got about 2.7 inches of M390 steel with the distinct Italian touches like
that crown spine the handles contain a liner lock on this one and they’re made
with either milled titanium with a really cool swooping design but also
available with micarta G10 or carbon fiber all with that same cool
three-dimensional shape there’s even a more premium option with a Damasteel
blade and a milled pattern on the handle that mimics the Damascus twist now the
knife comes with different pocket clip designs depending on which handles you
choose you get either a wire clip or the milled titanium clip that you see here
overall it’s a really nice tidy design and it’s further proof that Voxnaes is
is one of the top designers out there today next is a new slip joint design
from Real Steel and Ostap Hel based on their popular Metamorph flipper this
is the GSlip wearing KnifeCenter exclusive natural micarta handles you
get that great classic slip joint mechanism with modern yet still kind of
rustic handle material and you get modern steel as well
vg-10 stainless good stuff and we get nearly three and a half inches of blade
it’s got a flat grind and a fuller on each side that acts as the nail nick and
it even has about a two third stop in the action of the blade so it’s safer
when you go to close it and as if all that wasn’t enough it even has a pocket
clip it is reversible and it’s deep carry keeping it nice and unobtrusive
and thanks to the wire construction it’s got a really classy look when you have
it in your pocket so next up and probably the thing I’m most excited
about this month is a new variant of the SOG Terminus XR now sporting S35VN steel
a really nice upgrade especially considering that right now at its
introduction this is only an $80 knife it uses their XR lock which is their
competition to the AXIS lock and they’ve even managed to dial in some excellent
flipping action typically a problem area for this style of lock but it’s no
problem here the handles themselves are g10 with a carbon fiber overlay and
they’ve been milled with these diagonal lines for a nice bit of texture and it’s
got just enough length for forefinger grip on my slightly larger
hands combined with the 3 inch blade length this is a great option for EDC
and it’s great to see all the features you get that s35vn steel cross bar style
lock reversible deep carry pocket clip all for a nice low price next up is the
Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight now the Sage series exists of course to
showcase different locking mechanisms and the 5 features Spyderco’s very own
Compression lock this lightweight version trades it’s g10 duds for FRN
bi-directionally textured for all-weather traction now this knife is
similar in size to the Para 3 Lightweight but you get better steel
S30V in this case so if you’d wished that the Para 3 came in a
higher-end steel you might want to check this knife out Spyderco really nails
their EDC designs and this one really hits a lot of those greatest hits that
make them so good I’ve got a wire deep carry pocket clip full size finger choil
easy one-handed opening and efficient cutting with a full flat grind so we’re
gonna go smaller now with the Bestech Tulip a mini kiridashi available as a
frame lock or a dual detent friction folder and these are some awesome pieces
of pocket jewelry now the frames are titanium and you can get them in a
spectrum of colors including a plain grey but they’re anodization job is
really good there’s a lot of deep color going on that really even reflects and
changes a little bit as you move it in the light the blades are front flippers
made from M390 steel and you get that nice acute tip great for scoring and
piercing which makes it a great option for doing what a lot of us do all the
time it seems opening up boxes from online shopping another quick fun fact
about this knife this is a Ostap Hel design which is the same guy who
designed our GSlip you saw earlier he’s definitely making a big splash this
month so we’re gonna finish up with a couple of budget knives that I’m really
liking this month each from a budget subsidiary of one of the big Chinese
name brands the first is from ArtisanCutlery sub brand CJRB and this is the
Gobi they’re maintaining their price point of under $40 for these knives
right now and we get a d2 steel ball-bearing flipper with a liner lock
and contoured G10 handles really an awful lot for the money
it’s great to see them doing more adventurous blade shapes in this lineup
as well we get this really cool trailing point design with the curve flowing into
and inverting in the handle great for long slicing cuts with that profile and
we get a flat grind and a stonewashed finish for durability
it feels great in the hand it looks great to the eyes and it should perform
very well next up is a knife from CIVIVI, We Knife Company’s budget brand
and this is called the Hooligan this is also a liner locking D2 folder
although there’s no bearings in this case instead we get smooth bronze
washers with thumb studs for actuation we get a great blade size for EDC it’s
just under 3 inches bunch of stuff this month it actually has been under three
inches I’m a big fan of that length and this knife has a hollow grind and they
keep it nice and thin behind the edge as well should slice very well the thing
that really sets it over the top though are these micarta handle scales I’m
really liking micarta at this price point because it’s got a nice
comfortable and warm feel in the hand that G10 and plastics just can’t match
there are a few different traditional colors that you can get but the coolest
option by far is this particular material which they’re calling snakeskin
micarta so that’s it for this month and this is
actually our last best of list for 2019 be sure to let us know what you think of
our picks down in the comments and let us know if you pick something else as
well in the meantime to get your hands on any of them you can click the links
in the description to head over to and be sure to sign up
for our KnifeRewards program while you’re there cuz as I’ve said many times
the only thing better than a new knife is free money to spend on your next one
I’m David C Anderson from the knife Center signing off see you next time

22 thoughts on “Best New Knives of December 2019 Available at

  1. Big Dave you are the Gene Simmons of the knife world. I love the videos keep them coming. I am still waiting on the Big Dave personal collection video, even if it takes 3 hrs. Happy New Year buddy

  2. Hey Knife Center…just an fyi…I tried to order a Civivi Elementum in brown & CJRB Gobi in green to get the free shipping before year end… After four tries of it not taking with the provided code, I quit trying.

  3. Well done as always, David & crew.
    Some solid picks. Never thought of that phrase ‘split integral’ for that WE knife. Not unlike their model 910 aka ‘037’ or the Microtech Socom Elites (of which you just got in a couple of really cool red with carbon fiber inlays that are making me drool).
    Glad to see that SOG appears to be picking themselves up out of the mire of obscurity lately too. Some will complain about the ‘made in China’ ones though (as they plunk down money for a WE or any one of a slew of other brands). Might just find myself owning one of theirs for the first time in a couple of decades for 2020
    Happy New Year!

  4. Really like that real steel slip joint! Might have to pick one up soon.
    Also, the Tulip is really eye-catching. That small a blade would be perfect for where I work.

  5. That SOG Terminus is the Benchmade Bugout Killer. It not only looks better, everything on the entire knife is better. It comes with better steel, better handle scales, and a better version of the axis lock.

    For $80 You get an S35VN blade and Carbon Fiber Scales on the SOG Terminus as opposed to $115 – $150 for S30V and plastic handle scales on the Benchmade Bugout.

    I own the Bugout but I gotta get me one of the SOGs.

  6. The sage you compared it to para 3 and said it had better steel lol I'm guessing you ment a different knife cause both have s30v standard

  7. Been waiting to get my hands on an Alliance designs knife and the slim pickens just might be it. Trying to decide between the bronze or dark stonewash. Have got three spyderco sprints up for sale if anyone's interested. Pm2 in red g10, m390, Shaman in carbon fiber, s90v, Manix 2 in smooth g10, cruwear.

  8. There are major issues with the SOG Terminus XR pocket clip causing the knife to get trapped in people's pockets.

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