Benchmade 595 Mini Boost Knife Review and my thoughts on Assisted Axis Locks.

While my channel has been growing, my individual
videos have been getting less views over time. It’s probably been the f words. But I do know one thing other than my last
beer review did terrible… 2 of my top 3 videos this years have been
Benchmade knives. So maybe I should have made more videos about
the same knives… and done an unboxing, a first impressions, a field test, a full review,
additional thoughts, and 6 months of carry video. If a single knife doesn’t generate an hours
worth of content, what the good is it? Todays review, as the title spoils is for
the Benchmade Mini Boost, a knife that I was never really interested in- but since Journey
Wind Junk offered to loan me it, and Benchmades get the clicks why the heck not. Also I’ll make it convenient for everyone
by just making this video 45 minutes and cover the same material 5 times. Is there such thing as too much advanced knife
bro? (Checks magic 8 ball). Let’s dimension it up. Like the overall length and weight. Is a 6 months of carry video still accurate
if it’s 4 days a month? Blade size and cutting edge. What’s the best kind of field for a proper
field test. Handle size and grip area. Is the popularity of an unboxing video a reflection
on society? Spine thickness and handle thickness. What does it say about society. Tallness. Smokey Mountain Knife Works asked me to try
out a few new questions for their texted based Instagram feed. And by request Abra Kadoobie. The Benchmade 595 or mini boost is a smaller
version of their full sized boost- because the people probably asked for it. The 595 is an assisted axis lock pocket knife-
translated it’s kind of small and opens a little faster- end of review. The Mini Boost features a blade made from
s30v, and not 154cm because they’d have to charge less for it. Benchmade should really take a page from spydercos
playbook slap VG10 in it and dare people not to pay $150 for it. The blade is a drop point style with a flat
grind and a satin finish. Journey Wind junk in his review which I’ll
link in the description cut up some food and stuff with it, and it was still sharp when
I got it. So sharp it handled all different sorts of
my body hair well. Just joking Josh. The lockup is handled by an assisted axis
lock. For a while I’ve wondered how are assisted
axis locks compared to regular axis locks? Ok maybe I just thought that one time and
moved on. ITS LIKE A DANG SWITCHBLADE. ITS AMAZING. Part of the appeal of a regular axis lock…
like a good one thats been broken in on a lightweight knife like the 940-1 is how quickly
and consistently you can deploy and close it and look like a darn pro. You can can also pull back the axis lock and
deploy it too. . What about an assisted version? Ok first you have the safety switch up top
to prevent misfires. Forward position locks it, rear position unlocks
it. It’s a little bit sticky of a switch so
it seems like it does what it’s supposed to. Too easy would be not good I think. Excellent observation! Thank you! Ok so it’s unlocked. Give the thumbstud some pressure and it rockets
out. Not really that much faster than a standard
axis really. Like this demonstration demonstrates. Whereas you can close a normal axis with one
hand but pulling black the axis with a finger and flicking it backward easily. You really need two hands to close the assisted
safely, because you can’t flick the blade closed because of the spring or torsion bar
or whatever provides the action on the assisted blade. I mean you can awkwardly do this multistage
process, but I don’t want to. You can also fling the blade open with a proper
hard flick or pull back the axis on the Boost and a little lighter of a flick. So if your initial thoughts about an assisted
were like mine- sounds like it adds a few extra steps for what amounts to an almost
imperceptible faster opening- well you’d be right. Also it must be noted you can lock the blade
open with the switch on top. So it’s quote “like a fixed blade” This
is not my knife though, so I won’t beat the hell out of it seeing how well it holds
up. The handle. It’s real nice it’s half grivory and half
some rubberized shit… it keeps the knife in hand without unnecessary jimping. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It must be noted unnecessary jimping also
helps manufacturers sell you the same knife twice by removing it in the revision. The handle is about the same size as the Mini
Griptilian… And I prefer the boost handle because of the
less jimping. The liners inside have some weight saving
holes drilled. The handle is not open backed, and there’s
a lanyard hold in the back. The pocket clip. it’s a short deep carry
design like the bugout… it goes in the pocket easy and the knife doesn’t stick out. It’s configurable to the right or left side
in a tip up tactical AF configuration. Comparisons. First let’s do a size overview of other
Benchmades so you can see where the Mini Boost fits in. Just slightly bigger than the Mini Griptilian. Ok now the real comparison. First is the boost. Again not really my style of knife because
the handle is too small, blades a little short, and I don’t like the added complexity of
the assisted opening. The locking blade could be a feature if you’re
one of those dummies who treats folders like fixed blades. Now the mini griptilian. Less expensive, a less steel snob friendly
steel- I love it, some people don’t. Easier opening and closing for me… the one
handed is the key. Now the Bugout. The Bugout is a great choice for a light weight
camp or hikers knife. Very durable- you’ve seen my review right? I think it’s my biggest knife review ever. Now the Mini Crooked River. I like the Mini Crooked river because it has
a larger handle and blade, and isn’t as mini as the mini boost or mini griptilian. How about the 940-1… lighter weight bigger
blade and handle. A classic pocket knife, that deserves most
of the accolades it gets. Way more fun to fight with than the mini boost. Umm how about the Zero Tolerance 0350 date
night underwear edition. This knife while is heavy and you know kind
of ugly… is much easier to close 1 handed… because it’s a liner lock- frame locks apply
to this comparison too like a lot of the Kershaw assisted knives have… It isn’t as easy to close as a regular axis
or compression locks but it’s possible fairly easily with practice. An axis lock assisted isn’t easy, because
of where the lock is located. Again it’s possible but about 3 times as
awkward. It’s easier to just press it against your
leg to close it, than to close it one handed. Ok let’s wrap it up. I mean I don’t really need to because I
really covered it all in here. The boost is an ok knife- just not really
one for me. But I like that you like it though. If you like that I like that you like it,
then like this review by batoning that thumbs up button. Please subscribe to this channel, subscribe
to my Instagram. Also follow Journey Wind Junk on Instagram…
his blog… and his blade reviews uhh… reviews- which I will link for your convenience in
the video description. Thanks for watching!

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  19. Sorry man missed your last beer review still plan on watching it but some reason I just kept skiping over it untill it was to far on my list to see anymore. Still love your videos.

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