Beginner Soccer Exercises – Jump And Stick – Renegade Soccer Training

Vertical jumps with a stick landing is a great
way to teach a beginner athlete how to absorb force. Most important part of jumping is always
landing and absorbing force without causing trauma to any of your ligaments. Begin by
getting into an athletic stance, you are going to initiate the movement by going into a quarter
squat, with chest up and booty back. Throw your arms back and then counter movement with
throwing your arms up and creating a triple extension in your hips, knees, and ankles.
As you land, you want to absorb the force quickly with your feet still at shoulder width,
but you should not make noise when you land. As you progress, with jumps and sticks and
all of your plyometric movements, they will help you increase your power output by teaching
you to absorb more and more force. Your ability to absorb force is countered in your ability
to display force.

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