Beginner Sabre Fencing : Safety Rules of Sabre Fencing

JASON SHERIDAN: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Jason Sheridan for Sheridan Fencing Academy here in New York City. Today, we’ll
be talking about beginning sabre fencing. Those sabres aren’t sharp and fencing has
some of the lowest incidents of injury in any sport. It’s important to know the safety
rules. One of the most important safety rules is that if you’re in front of somebody who’s
not wearing a mask, you should keep the weapon pointed down. You don’t want the weapon pointed
at anyone’s face; otherwise, you could risk an eye injury or other facial injury. You
have to make sure that your fencing equipment is appropriate. You will also need a mask,
one that will protect your head, your neck with the bib. You’ll need a jacket. You’ll
need a glove. These things are very straight forward. They’re not very complicated to put
on and wear, but without them, you’re increasing your risk of injury. Of course, the number
one rule is to always listen to your instructor…

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