Basic Rules of Sabre Fencing : Staying in the Strip in Sabre Fencing

I’m Sharol Pestotnik with Colorado Fencing
Academy. I’m Nickolay Logatchav, coach of Colorado Fencing Academy. On behalf of Expert
Village we’re here to discuss the rules of Sabre Fencing. The area of Sabre Fencing,
our strip, has lines on the sides, and on the back, and our fencers are required to
remain within those lines. If a fencer steps off the side, with one foot it’s called halt,
and they come back on. If a fencer steps off the side with both feet, again halt is called.
The fencer comes on, the fencer has lost two feet. The referee will back them up, and fencing
will start again. If a fencer is pushed off the back of the strip, once both feet have
crossed the back line, fencing stops, the fencer who has gone out of the bounds has
lost a point. Their opponent gains a point.

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