Basic Rules of Sabre Fencing : Protective Equipment in Sabre Fencing

I’m Sharol Pestotnik with Colorado Fencing
Academy. I’m Nickolay Logatchov, coach of Colorado Fencing Academy. On behalf of Expert
Village we’re here to discuss the rules of Sabre Fencing. The regulation equipment required
for Sabre Fencing is as follows: knickers, are worn, long socks are required. The next
layer will be an underarm protector, which is required for the fencing arm side. After the underarm protector, the next layer
will be a jacket. This is a fencing jacket, has the little strap down here to protect
it from coming up, and it keeps your body protected. This is a very safe sport, and
this is the reason we have all these layers, is for safety. Next layer is a lami. This
is a jacket made out of metallic thread so that it is conductive, and this is required
for the score machine.
As you see, he’s got a body cord, he has a mask cord, these are all part of the score
system. Next he will put a glove on his fencing hand, one glove is required. As you see, it
has a lami portion of the glove which covers his sleeve, so if his sleeve would come up
he still has a conductive area. Next we have a sabre. This is the weapon we use for this
type of fencing. Next is his mask. So this is the protection that we have. This is another
type of mask you’ll see, it has a clear visor on it. This is required for international
fencing. This is required for competitive, recreational, national fencing. It’s an all-purpose
mask. That’s the equipment that is required.

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  1. ExpertVillage experts, please get your narrative straight! Lame is NOT a part of PROTECTIVE equipment. It's there to register a touch, but not to protect fencers bodies. Also, saber mask with a visor is NOT for international fencing. There are multiple international tournaments that fencers can participate in WITHOUT visor (North American Cup – NAC is one of them). Visor masks are only required for FIE Grand Prix events, World Championships and Olympic Games.

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