BackFire SC: Improv Comedy Show — Official Trailer

Oh, no. Oh. Oh, my gosh! Your frog is huge! Backfire! Backfire!
Backfire! Backfire! Backfire! Wow, that’s a big one, dude! Yeah, he looked so cute
I just had to bring it back home! That’s the way we expect you
to dance here at this prom. Puke! Puke! Puke! Puke! You know the difference
between choir and football? -Singing.
-Yep. Keep going. I love you! Oh, don’t cry. -Reverse!
-Cry don’t, oh. We are going to be using the text messages
on your phone in the next scene. You’re like a mother to me,
and I can’t ask for a better mom. I’ll miss y’all!

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