Avery GHG Fully Flocked Decoys

what’s up water fellers and shout out to
the Guntersville Alabama these guys called up said they wanted to see a
decoy video another one they loved the decoy video so hey we just got FFD’s in so that’s what we’re doing is a decoy video yeah make sure to comment
give us a call anything and that’s so ask for us to do a review because we’ll
definitely do it going on ghg FF d fully flocked floating decoys awesome it’s
this big they’re in now all models are in if you’ve been waiting on them it’s a
great looking geek let’s start over here there’s an active pack for mallards
this guy right here as an active pack fully flocked floating 94 99 on the
website so active pack comes with this two of these decoys which is just an
active Drake they have two swivel head Drake’s
and to swivel head hints so and ghg is flocking the hands also
that is a unique deal we got here this is a feeder hen surface feeder hen part
of the feeder pack of mallards so the mallards come in an active pack and a
feeder pack look at that head turn on uhd make sure
you definitely do it on this video because all these are full of fluff
we’re going to be looking at here awesome looking decoy I like to have a
dozen just of the hints great looking decoy so on then on that feeder pack of
mallards it’s gotta this is a skimmer it’s got one of these it’s got two of
the feeder head Drake’s that look like this it’s also got one of the snow head
right here they even flock the no head feeder look at that and then it’s uh
it’s coming with two of these in the back so mallards
at 50 floors you have active pack and a fear pack 94.9 on either one check them
out on our website remember everything over 100 bucks ships free so you get one
pack of these and you get your rigs you’re at free shipping or a bag
whatever you need to do to get yourself over $100 more
next I’m going to go onto the pintails look at there this is a fully flock pin
tail awesome looking great looking sprig right there so this is a variety pack
there’s not an active and feeder so it’s going to come with some feeders and some
actives to the total out that six pack great looking decoy will so we’ve
already selling a bunch of these here same price 94 99 you get a bagger rigs
on that equal your free shipping next I got the gadwal’s I think the gadwal’s
are awesome and they feel cool too because they got all this design right
here so same thing on the gadwal’s variety pack look at that guy right here
this is the feeder you got to uh I think you got one of these and then you get
two of these actives here look at that and they also they got the the hinge
flop same thing with the pintails they also got those flock the hens are
flocked right here look at that I don’t see you don’t see a flock gadwall hen
very often do you 94 99 also same price and then the black ducks I think these
are awesome check it out the same thing it’s a variety pack it’s got a it’s got
multiple head positions with feeders and actives and and and on this black duck
it’s not pitch I mean it’s not dark black and no no detail you can actually
see the detail on the duck here you probably see that on that camera on your
screen so hey you check them out our website ninety four ninety nine on all
these six packs so yeah anything else you get if you’re getting beanies or
anything else you get 100 the $100 mark you get free shipping so hey make sure
you like our page subscribe to our YouTube page thanks for watching guys

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