Avery GHG Essential Series Mallard Decoys

how’s it going guys we had a customer by
the name of Tristan contact us on YouTube the other day and said hey can
you do a review on the essentials so we had done a short video before but not an
in-depth review on the essentials so today we’re going to talk about the
Avery GHG essential Mallards you saw it right off the bat here but I’m gonna go
ahead and get this in there so you can get a little bit better look at this
Drake right here and then after you get a look at this you can go head and turn
on your HD if you want so you can get an idea of kind of how this guy looks I’ll
compare this to a pro grade just as far as like a size and paint comparison so
that’s the Drake right there I’m gonna throw the hand out here for you to look
at as well so you can kind of get a look at her it’s not an overly large decoy
it’s definitely gonna be a little bit smaller than the pro grade so it’s a
little smaller than life-size but you got a lot of people who are using these
for fillers they are gonna feature a weight forward
keel it’s not a 60-40 but it is a weight forward keel the paint is for the price
it’s pretty awesome bright green head as well
solid decoy so well let me grab let’s see there’s a pro grade right there
there’s a pro grade and what you kind of see a size comparison here between the
to program the bottom the pro grade is gonna feature that 60/40 keel whereas
the essential over here does not let’s get a look here I keep moving those
around on you so you can kind of get an idea of what they look like from the top
as well it’s being pro grade this being essential a lot of guys are running pro
grade or Hunter series whether it be the oversized or life-sized but they’re
using these for fillers and you can’t go wrong with these guys they’re they’re an
awesome decoy definitely I would say they’re priced awesome for what you get
so I want you to check these out on the website again like and share our
videos and if you have any comments like you want to see a certain decoy
absolutely shoot us a message check us out on YouTube send us a message there a
Facebook message hit us up on Instagram anywhere Twitter check it out we’ll do a
video for you so Tristan thanks for the suggestion guys check out the essential
series Mallards on our website Roger sportinggoods.com and remember
everything over $100 is going to ship free thanks a lot

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