ATEZ – @BeClimateActive 2/5 #climatechange #urbanmobility #nonprofit #optimalmobility #humanpower

2,000 cyclists die in Europe every year. A cycle helmet only protects half your head. ATEZ was designed to save lives
and protects you completely. As a safe city speed solution, with a seat belt, you are protected by impact absorbing interior and exterior surfaces. The lightweight compact format ensures parity with bikes and scooters. ATEZ
fits in a cycle lane and through doorways and can be stored upright in
a 1.2 meter squared space. The electric motor powers the user to a
top speed maintained with minimal cycling effort. The phone app controls
the vehicle, its connectivity and cameras. The small battery can be removed and
charged, swapped or added to, to increase range. While roof mounted solar panels
and regenerative braking optimize efficiency I designed ATEZ to save lives, it can also save the planet. Please subscribe, follow, share, donate support, the ATEZ project @BeClimateActive

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