Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Almak İçin 5 Sebep

Hello friends, I’m going to talk about an interesting topic today. I will tell you about the cars you see on my left and right. So the title of this video is “Why Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is one of the most prestigious super grand-tourer cars, 5 reasons for that.” Friends, the first thing I will talk about is, of course, the engine. I will talk about the engine of this car a little bit, but lets not talk about the engine in a boring manner, let’s open the hood and talk. You don’t need to pull a handle or something to open the hood of this car. You come here, there is a button on the left side, when you press this button, the hood opens. Of course, in a different way than in a standard vehicle, the hood opens forward and the magnificent engine of the car appears. This car has a signature engine. As you can see it is a V12, twin turbo 5.2L engine. And the power it makes is really incredible. This V12 engine produces 725 HP and 900 Nm torque. This torque is not such a momentary torque, it’s already known as in these super cars or super grand tourers, So that you can use it on the long road, luxury enough, comfortable enough but also a car they call a super car Since the torque should is necessary in a very long speed band, this torque starts at 1800 rpm And the 900 Nm torque is delivered until 5000 rpm. And funny thing is that after making such a powerful engine, it’s very difficult to have a gearbox built to last. and perhaps the best transmission manufacturer in the world, ZF is producing this transmission. I’ll talk about that too. But in order to withstand that gearbox without breaking, this engine has limited torque in the 1st and 2nd gears. In other words, when you floor the gas, the vehicle does not give all ıts torque. It prolongs the life of the transmission, prevents the transmission from malfunctioning. And thanks to this, this vehicle can be used on longer roads and lifetime is lengthened. The second thing I’m talking about is another thing that makes this car so special, attention to detail. I will start here while the hood is still open. Here, the last reviewer of the vehicle, the name of the person who last examined the engine. Jordan Haynes last examined this engine, left his signature. “I have examined this engine, I guarantee that there will be no problems with the engine.” It means. There is a saying in Turkey, “that my car has my warranty” the mechanics say, Jordan Haynes is the person who guarantees this engine in its quality. I love such fine signature details. As an engineer, I wanted to be able to leave such a signature to the things I always worked on. Sometimes I have actually done it. And the second detail, for example, when we close the hood, the hood has a feature called soft close. You close the hood and you just let it go. You don’t have to do anything, a feature found on the doors in most luxury cars, they even put it in the hood. Of course, the purpose of this is that when you have such a beautiful engine, you open your hood and show it to your friends, so that you do not clutter, just put it down and locks automatically. Another feature I will talk about later is the carbon fiber panels. As you can see in the hood, it is carbon fiber and a wonderful paint. You see a very nice detail after closing the hood, although it is something that I think does not fit the general appearance of this car, but it is a very important thought, If the name of this car is to be read in Italian, Aston Martin is referred to as DBS Superleggera, and superleggera is an Italian word. This also means that the Ferrari 812 model used the name Superfast while using an English name in an Italian car. Aston Martin, however, is also beginning to use an Italian name in a British car. In fact, it is not a new beginning, because it was used on time in DB4, a word that means superlight. And they made a very nice backward reference to this name used in 1959. So they remembered the old Aston Martin. As we talk about the details, of course, this tremendous view of the car gets into the eye of the person. It now has some luxurious, beautiful, comfortable looking features that we are used to. But when we look inside, the quality of the interior really deserves the name of the grand-tourer. In other words, they did not produce anything totally uncomfortable with carbon fiber for super cars or for light cars, it ıs a car made with quality leather and soft panels everywhere. Of course, paying attention to such details makes this car one of the most prestigious cars, along with the brand. 3. And what I really like the most is that I made a separate video for it. You can also watch that video on the channel. And I recommend you to watch it, I explained it from a more scientific, more engineering point of view. They added completely hidden aerodynamic features so as not to spoil this magnificent beauty, this prestigious look of this car with a huge wing or strange stubs. And this is how the vehicle starts producing its “downforce” in this way. You see it when you first start from the front, there is a huge grill, probably just as big as the front of my MX-5. I have already mentioned the details in the other video. But the air enters here and also passes through the tunnels next to it, it passes over the wheels from here, It comes out of the air vents on the side and moreover the mirrors here are made in the form of wings, and its only purpose is to direct the air. In this way, the air comes from here to the back, passes through the body panels, and passed through something called the “air blade” at the back, goes back upwards. In this way, there is also an incredible “downforce” created with the bottom cap design. These two airs combine at the rear and produced 180 kg of downforce at maximum speed without ever increasing the air friction compared to the previous DB11 model. In the DB11 model, at the maximum speed car was producing 20 kg lift. There is 180kg of downforce this one and there is no extra drag. I can say that this is actually a highly appreciated engineering. I recommend you to watch the details from that video. 3.5. I can mention it as a feature. While there is a volante model here, the open-top model; In this vehicle, they managed to produce 177 kg of downforce, not 180 kg. A tremendous little difference for a convertible. The ability to still retain so much downforce between the top and bottom models is that it still requires very good engineering. And I am sure that it has to be tested hundreds of times by experimenting in the wind tunnel. This is very expensive in itself and is not applicable to every car. 4. feature of course when you buy such an expensive car, you expect a lot of new technologies Of course, the newest technologies used in the automotive industry are present in this. The brake discs, the first of which was used, used carbon ceramic brakes. The carbon ceramic brakes have brake discs 360 mm at the rear and 410 mm at the front, that is 41 cm in diameter. We’re already talking about brakes worth a fortune. They also have active dampers, of course. We can say that it is a must. Double wishbone suspensions are used at the front, there are multi link suspensions at the rear. I know that you care about such technical features. This vehicle is completely made of carbon fiber panels on aluminum chassis. Of course, I can say that for lightness and of course when you talk about a sports car, it is a must. This increases the value of the vehicle considerably. At the same time, engineers have made a very interesting configuration to be able to balance the weight perfectly. This car is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive car. Normally where would you expect the gearbox to be, next to the driver’s seat, a little towards the front. In this vehicle, they put the transmission between the two rear wheels to balance this heavy engine. The ZF gearbox I mentioned is located between the two rear wheels, an 8-speed gearbox by the way, and it works between the two rear wheels. It is quite a different situation, but they managed to bring the vehicle’s weight balance to a very balanced position. And the vehicle weighs about 1700 kg. Although I cannot say that it is an extremely light vehicle, although this much carbon fiber is used. But, as I said, the aim of this vehicle is to create a vehicle that you can go on the track and make amazing times and make you happy on the long road and make you smile. And according to the feedback Aston Martin got, this is the case but it has an incredible price. This car is sold in Europe at a price of around 300 thousand Euros. But frankly I do not know the prices in Turkey, I would imagine it to be higher than that. And finally, Feature 5 is combining all these features very nicely. As I said, it has a powerful enough engine, a good enough transmission, a good enough brake system for a track vehicle. You can go to the track and also have great advantages when you go on a long journey. And let me tell you a funny number. The average fuel consumption of this vehicle is 12.5 L, 12.5 L, which is almost the consumption that most standard vehicles have, the vehicles with a 4-cylinder smaller than 2 L engine. When you think of a engine with 5.2 L 725 HP vehicle, this is surprising. And they did it at the end of really great efforts because they did not manage to make such an efficient vehicle in the previous models. Of course they owe this a bit to the aerodynamics I mentioned. Of course, it is not possible not to show inside when talking about this vehicle. So now I want to show you what kind of experience you would have while inside this vehicle, and I will also show you some of the vehicle’s features. Now I’m going to talk to you a little bit from inside the car. I’ll talk about your mods first. Now in sports mode, There is such a key here. When you press the key it switches to sport +. When you press it again, it gets into GT mode, you can hear the sound already. It has a very mechanical sound. You can see that when the mode changes, it changes. And from here, you can adjust the suspension. As you can see when you press this key Puts the suspension in sport mode, since it is an active suspension, you can do that. When you look this way, this is actually a section taken from Mercedes. So it is very similar to Merdeces, but this is a touchpad. With this, you can switch between things on the screen by moving your finger. You will not be able to open it yourself, in such an expensive car, so they added such electronic details. Seat settings are here. Apart from that, everything here is electronic. But the thing that may be of interest to most of you is the transmission. As you can see, there is no gearshift, this place is empty. Instead, you press the button. If you are going to drive the car, you press D here. It is activated only by pressing the button. Apart from that, there is no need to mention leather quality anyway. It has a great quality and the seats are extremely comfortable. Seats made for the long drives but also grasp you when you go to the track. Of course, while doing this, I will show you a cold start. So let’s move on to “cold-start” shooting. Of course, I would like to thank Eindhoven Cito Motors for providing this car to us. They opened the shop early for us They arranged this place, brought the car in front of the logo. You can also access their websites and check them. They really have many amazing cars. Frankly, I was fascinated when I arrived. For these 5 reasons, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is one of the most prestigious super cars you can buy. This is everything I will tell in this video, guys. If you liked the video and want to support us you can subscribe to the channel and hit the like button. If you also follow us on our Instagram account, we put such vehicles on our story while shooting live. You also have access to these. This is all I have to say in this video, goodbye.

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